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  1. After the war was completed and every Death Eater was rounded up the Unspeakables approached 22 year old Auror First Class Harry Potter for a mission of great importance. Years before the start of even the first Blood war against Voldemort, the Unspeakables made an astounding discovery, a secret dimension, that once started out as a Arch-Mage's Pocket Dimension but expanded from the strong Magics and weak protections, this pocket dimensions now equaled earth in size. The Researchers have sent dozens of crews through out the years, only a handful of people have ever returned, those that do speak of a wild world covered in magical fauna, flora and people. Beastpeople, Veela, Leprechauns, Goblins, Orcs, Giants even Wild Dragons. New Avalon was a world of Mysticism Harry's Duty would be to protect and guide a crew of Unspeakables, Cursebreakers, Ritualist and even some dignitaries. While Harry would be the sole Auror or Hit wizard on the mission his role would be exponentially more important. He was the only person they could entrust with their plan. Rituals, Potions, Bondings. They would make Harry into a SuperMage, a man that could cast spells with one hand and a horse in the other, a man that could Apparate across 1000s of Kilometers in a second before running back in just a few hours time. Harry would be the hammer of the expedition, it's shield. Can Harry guide the crew to taming a portion of New Avalon? Requirements - 1) Harry undergoes some magical experiments to become a Superhuman, it won't only effect his magic but his physical abilities as well 2) Harry is the only person to receive these rituals and the like, due to the recency of the War there is wariness about giving this strength to anyone and everyone, the sole exception is Harry because of his history of good 3) The Plan is to go through the Portal, establish a Base and then use it on missions to contact the others of the realm to gain relationships, knowledge and trade agreements to further gain footholds Restrictions - 1) Slash for Harry 2) Rape Request - 1) For some reason Dinosaurs also exist in New Avalon, no one can explain why but they do 2) Harry/Harem, made up of some girls from the expedition and some of their new contacts on New Avalon, being away from a strong society like Britain, they being to see nothing wrong with it 3) There is another Prophecy, this one in New Avalon, Harry is meant to unite many people and become the first King 4) Maybe the Mage that created the land somehow still exist, maybe due to a Horcrux and rules like a Despot that Harry must kill eventually
  2. Naruto Uzumaki at the age of 8 was diagnosed with the debilitating Affliction called Hentai Syndrome, leaving Naruto in horrible pain any time he is sexually aroused. Taken by his overly perverted God Father into the Wild Mountains of Japan to be trained in the use of a Mysterious Energy called Chakra and The Old Mans Personal Fighting Style "Hikigaeru no Te" or Toad Hand. 7 years after that Naruto is accepted by a single Highschool in all of Japan and the one that Naruto tried to avoid the most, the Former All Girls School Kuoh Academy. Now Naruto must evade the Temptations that come with a School that comes with a Female Population of 90%. But unknown to Naruto he caught the eyes of some of the most beautiful women in the school looking to have him join them. Can Devil-hood solve Naruto's Problems? Can Naruto avoid a Untimely death? Can Naruto be actually Happy? Requirements Naruto must try his damnest to avoid getting a erection or sexually aroused as it will harm him and perhaps Kill him if he is too aroused. Turning Naruto into a Devil reduces his pain and doesn't Kill him any more but it is a weakness he has to fight against. Naruto has Chakra and Frog Kata/Toad Hand at the start of the story, feel free to give Naruto a Number of Jutsu already. The idea being that Naruto much like Rintaro from Dragons Rioting, uses the focus his Martial Arts gives him to avoid the Temptation and kill himself. Naruto/(Initially) Unwanted Harem Restrictions Entirely Human Naruto, boring and forces a lot of leaps in logic to explain why Naruto, a human still knows about, works with and fights along side Devils. Bloodline User Naruto/Devil Descendant Naruto/OP Naruto, these all go together Request One read Dragons Rioting, it's fun, but Also Add some girls from DR to the story, perhaps as Martial Arts Rivals to Naruto, as Devils that have Peerages, as Fallen ect. Use as much as you can Slow the train that is DXD a bit and write in some OC Arcs that aren't training Arcs. Perhaps there is a group of Stray Devils invading Kuoh (or another local town) and Naruto's King is tasked with executing them (fun way of adding some Naruto Characters without making them permanent fixtures) or Naruto forms his own Martial Arts Club at Kuoh and joins a Tournament that puts him against other Human fighters and perhaps even Fighters of Difference Races. Naruto finds away around his Hentai Syndrome eventually but not soon, draw out the comedy of Naruto trying to avoid Ecchi events in the World of Highschool DxD
  3. Lily had quite the secret, when she was only 1 year old she was abandoned on a doorstep much like her son would eventually be. Raised by the Evans as their own daughter she never learned of her heritage, and no one would, until 2007 when her son Harry while claiming his Heirships at the Ministry finds one additional name and title at the base of the page "Lord Ferthur, 72 Pillars of The Underworld" Harry learns that his mother wasn't all that much a Muggleborn but a Half-Devil trained as a witch and while he would just be normally a Quarter Devil, his contact with the Deathly Hallows have altered him, no longer Human he is a Pure Devil and the last of his Demonic Line. Pushed into a Society he doesn't understand, fundamentally different from Muggles AND the Wizards he still had a duty too. So he begins his Journey as he gathers his Peerage and rejoins 3 Societies. Explanation - Harry's family is based on one of the 72 demon lords, Furfur/Furtur who causes love between Men and Women's, Causes Storms, and Teaches Secrets if he trapped. This Demon is also often shaped like a Hart or a Massively Horned Buck Requirements – 1) Harry must now be A Devil completely, due to his connection with the Hallows. They took his strongest features and amplified them making him completely a devil. James and Lily are still his parents, he's just no longer human 2) Harry's Peerage must also count as his Harem, due to his needs as Ferthur or as the clan were commonly known to Humans "Incubi and Succubi" Harry must need to have access to Lust Energy, while other Devils can absorb other Sin Energy through normal contracts, because Lust is so finicky, Harry must absorb most of his Lust from his Peerage and thus his Harem 3) Use Characters from HP, DxD and even unconnected forms of Media like Kaname Kugatachi aka Freya (Kenichi Histories Strongest Disciple), Raichi Li (HSD), Renka MA (HSD), Caitlin Fairchild (Gen13), Voodoo (WildCATs), Rainmaker (Gen13), Mila Rose (Bleach), Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach), Lisa Yadōmaru (Bleach), Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill), Leona (AGK), Najenda (AGK) It doesn't have to be these girls, doesn't have to be from these series, doesn't have to be ONLY These girls from these series! The point is to have different girls in the Harem. Restrictions - 1) Harry in a gay relationship 2) rape 3) cuckold Request - 1) Use the HP Trope of Magical Inheritances to give some Harry Potter Girls the ability to get stronger and keep up without solely being Bishops. 2) Harry saves a Near Death Fallen Angel and Inducts her into his peerage and harem 3) Harry aligns himself with Sona as the Phenex attempted to take his families lands trying to declare the Ferthur Family extinct
  4. = Harry was a 95 year old man who was Extraordinarily Bored. After his wonderful life that Included becoming a world traveler, Grand magus rated wizard, a master in 4 different fields of magic, master Auror and all around big damned hero. Harry was bored, as he sat behind his desk at the ICW as he stared down at the list of possible replacements for himself. The New Supreme Mugwump wants his own Master Auror in charge of the ICW's forces and was doing away with Harry. With no much to do at home with his sons and daughter having their own families and soon to be great grand children there wasn't much visitation to old dad, his ex wife Ginny had happily remarried while Harry remained a renewed bachelor. Looking for a new adventure before his Next Adventure Harry Learns of a powerful ritual which will launch his Mind and Magic into a new Body across the Multiverse. Saying goodbye to his old life Harry jumps into the unknown. Across the maw of the Multiverse, Team Basilisk had just made major breakthroughs in the ability to share Bloodgifts, this was done due to project Rebirth, a way to create a perfect powerful body with several powerful and beneficial Bloodgifts for their dying Creator, Tom Riddle's mind and soul to enter. Subject 08 was nearly perfect creation if the husk didn't have a couple of blood curses that came with the alterations, Wanderlust, Light Sensitivity, Tamer's Disease and Phase 3 Pokeboy Genes. The body itself being unusable by the public face of Walpurgus Industries and the Private unknown head of Team Basilisk but being the first breakthrough to Subject 13 Riddle's next body. While Team Basilisk seek to rid themselves of the unusable mindless body it awakens and escapes. Harry Potter had entered the game and carries with him the proof of Team Basilisk connection to Walpurgus Industries and their illegal activities. Now Harry must learn and accept the new and very sexual world he is apart of with the help of the beautiful Sofia Stacks a non threshold woman who is close to gaining her own Doctorate in Pokegirls studies, gather his own Harem of Pokegirls to protect himself, Gather the Gym Badges of his league in order to keep control of his girls and evade the long arm or should I say the wide fangs of Team Basilisk.= Harry in the Wild Open World of Pokegirls. I hope I have given you writers enough to work with on this one before I add my restrictions and requests. 1. Harry must have access to a wand less version of Classic Potter Magic due to his core following him to this new world 2. Harry can have a number of Bloodgifts due to his bodies creation, these should include but not be limited to Agility, Strength, Toughness, Endurance, Longevity, Youthful Vigor. Have fun with those other choices. 3. Harry must also have a small number of Blood curses. He can ONLY have these few ones. Wanderlust (Very Rare version, he must only move every few years) , Light Sensitivity(the Common version, Harry prefers Welders Goggles to protect his eyes), Tamer's Disease (The Rare version where Harry must get laided once every two weeks of he goes feral himself) and atleast Phase 3 Pokeboy Gene's (Harry should have claws, fangs, small patches of snake/dragon scales, slitted eyes, other features up to you) the last one is why the body was turned down by Riddle, it is also how many should identify Harry. 4. Harry must be VERY well endowed, 11-15 inches. Restrictions - 1) Harry must not personally have more than ONE Magic Type PokéGirl in his Harem 2) Sofia (OC Female Character) Thresholding into a Pokegirl 3) One of Their PokéGirls dying permanently Requests - 1) Harry is found after his escape by Professor James Potter and his Alpha Bonded PokeWoman Lily the Archmage. Unable to Have children due to damage done to Lily as a PokéGirl, Harry is adopted by his alternate dimension parents to explain his existence. 2) Bellatrix LaBlack is the Right Hand of Riddle and is put in charge of tracking Harry down, now if she'd stop sleeping with him and actually drag him back she can be done with this mission 3) During his traveles either from a Pokegirl or through Technology Harry discovers away to travel dimensions without leaving his new body or his girls behind allowing for more adventures during or after the story This challenge was very inspired by the two chapter story 'Harry's new life as a Pokegirl Tamer by Grim'
  5. Harry Potter should be a Political Juggernaut, Lord of 2 Houses, 2 seats on the Wizengamot, Auror captain, Victor over the worst Dark Lord in 700 years, The Boy-who-lived and The Man-who-won, he should immediately get his way, and for a long time he was. Until the Dark Factions made a alliance with the centrist and even some fringe Light families to halt and reverse any policy Harry made a show of supporting. That is until Harry finds a new pair of allies. Hestia and Flora Carrow were outcast among the Outcast. Products of their Parents own Incestuous inclinations, they were left abandoned by the ministry as children, growing up among Dark Families that saw them as a stain on their society, of the vile Insanity best kept below the surface that Voldemort allowed to boil to the top of his ranks. Isolated and Ignored Hestia and Flora plotted and planned, many going to hell when they realized they didn't have the entire picture, that is until now. With the Others of the Dark Faction would bet against Potter now, they would counter. Go all in behind him and to make sure they would succeed, they would gather their chips, Daughters from the Wizengamot. What better way to control the men of the nation than through their daughters and wives. -TLDR: Harry tries to move Britain forward until a anti-Harry Voting Block Forms. Hestia and Flora are outside of this block and decide to counter it by joining Harry, while getting Harry to fuck everyone else's Wives or Daughters for Blackmail, Coercion, Line Theft or just plain old Usurping. The fact that the Carrows get to enjoy Harry and the Other girls as well is just icing on the cake Requirements - 1) Harry and The Carrows don't Kidnap or Rape anyone, they just talk the girls into it, the power comes from using this as a leverage point over their fathers and husband's less the Lord loses face or the Harem figures out a way to straight up Usurp power from the lord to Harry 2) Hestia and Flora have similar predilections as their Parents and enjoy having sex with each other as well as others. Fortunately they can't impregnate each other. 3) Harry has Grown up to be Voldemort's Equal and more, Tall, handsome, magically powerful, in great shape and sharp. Harry was changing the world for the better until a unholy alliance of smaller light houses, Grey Houses and Dark Houses joined to stop Him. 4) Harry has incredible Sexual Endurance and increased Libido as well as a massive penis. This can be due to his Potter Lineage, a "Curse" placed on him or even result of a ritual(s) Restrictions - 1) Harry romancing a male character 2) Hestia and Flora betraying Harry (he is one of the few people who doesn't hold their parents against them nor does he hate their Incestuous relationship between them) 3) Backlash on Harry for sleeping with the girls, he's technically Single (although you can say he's dating both Carrows). Request from me - 1) Harry Blackmails some of the Wizengamot members with the knowledge of their daughters Kinks, some like being tied up, or beaten with whips, one even likes go pretend she's a Dog for him. These fathers don't want this known and so they vote how Harry tells them to 2) Some of the girls can't take their own seats and so the person sitting for them is only there until the girl gets Married and hands it to her Husband, allowing Harry a way to Usurp their seat 3) Known Cuckold's loose respect in Wizard Society and so if anyone would find out That Harry is fucking someone's wife, that would be a bad look and so some members of the Wizengamot fall in line less their wives out their preference for Potter in bed 4) Harry Ends up with a Massive Harem of Wives, Concubines and Mistresses as a well as control of 60% of the Wizengamot either through genuine alliances like with the Bones, Abbotts, Longbottoms ect, through his tricks or just through shear cult of personality. Suggestions for Scenes and Partners - Pansy's Father died in the War and so her Cousin holds the seat, Pansy hasn't had sexy in a decade and so when Harry fucks her into a coma and then the Carrows lick her to heaven she will do anything for them, including binding herself as a Concubine Romilda Vane's father is light sided but against Harry until Harry Blackmails him with the information that Romilda likes to be collared and treated like a Dog. Su Li's Father of the Neutral Faction, learns his Daughter likes to be beaten with a Cat of Nine Tails and less that become publicly known, he will have to vote with Harry. Malfoy and Theo Nott are informed they should soon vote yes on Potter's Bribery reform Bill unless Daphne and Astoria go Public with the fact that Potter has been Cuckolding them both, some times Simultaneously. Lilith Moon's Granduncle learns his Granddaughter is soon to be Missus Black and less he wants a legal battle, Harry Potter will be taking the seat OC's are welcome and encouraged, if you want to add other females to the Harem that aren't connected with the plot, go a head but they can't stop or should they want to stop his plans
  6. Born in the Edo League to a Master Tamer named Minato Namikaze and his Sole remaining Pokewoman a Kyuubi named Kushina. Naruto Namikaze should of had the world at his finger tips. He had the last name of a well respected Tamer, a Mother who loved him deeply, a heritage that granted him access to numerous and extraordinary useful Bloodgifts. But he was also cursed with a Blood curse, The Pokeboy Blood curse. Taunted and bashed by many human men and a few of the pure women he meets, Naruto is well beaten down by society no matter how hard his mother and father try to lift him up. But that changes when a Dark Lady Pokegirl attacks his town and Naruto personally kills it to protect his mother. With his Reward in one hand and a offer to become a special Tamer for the Government of Edo. Naruto would become a Pokegirl Hunter, he would travel The Region hunting down and stopping dangerous Pokegirls that come into being. He would be required to gather his own Harem of Pokegirls. But it was something Naruto never thought about using what made him different and using it to save others. He is Agent Naruto Namikaze, Designation 'Wild Fox' of The Edo Defense Squad, a Pokegirl Bounty Hunt Requirements - 1. Naruto must have the Tier 3 or Tier 4 Pokegene Bloodcurse with mostly Vulpine features Including but not limited to multiple Tails, claws, fangs, Fox Ears in place of his human ears, fur ect. 2. Naruto must also have a number of Bloodgifts as well, what they intale are completely up to you, although he must have more than 7, and must make him rather formidable in battle by himself. 3. Naruto can have one Fox like Pokegirls. Go wide with the other types of Pokegirls Naruto gets, he needs a powerful and useful Harem for his job. Although one restriction, No Legendaries in the Harem. 4. Naruto can and should also deal with criminals and evil teams as well, his focus is dangerous Pokegirls but he can extend his actions to other Villains as well. (Akatsuki as a group of Villains here as well?) Restrictions - 1) Naruto being a Bottom for some of his Pokegirls, he should always be the top of the relationship 2) Naruto participating in a Rape 3) Naruto losing a Pokegirl(s) in battle or to death 4) Naruto Quiting Request from me - 1) Naruto Does the Gym Challenge so he can control and train stronger Pokegirls 2) Naruto gets a Human Female Partner who he fucks along with her Harem of Pokegirls 3) Naruto gets a pair of Twin Pokegirls who branch Evolve down two separate lines 4) Naruto/Anko in some way
  7. Hermione Granger was a great many things, smart, witty and kind were some of those things. Unknown go most of her friends, Hermione wanted to add Harem Girl to that list. Growing up reading 1001 Arabian Nights, Hermione long desired to become one of a number of girls. Of course her ideal of a Harem was more like a book club or a ancient Salon with the many girls trading knowledge and debating with one another, but as she grew older sex wasn't too far away from the idea trading and philosophy preaching. And so now at age 23 she was ready to build her dream, she only needed her Sultan, or in this case Magical Lord of Many Houses to help her, and who better than her handsome, kind, giving friend Harry Potter? If anyone was going to get the pleasure of Hermione Granger's Harem it would be someone worthy of it... Now to start building Hermione has a slightly warped view of Harems and starts one for Harry. Requirements - 1) Harry is the only Male allowed to be with the girls while they are connected to the Harem 2) Harry is hung and has the endurance to go a number of rounds before needing Potions 3) All the girls must be smart or at least have something to provide to Hermione Request - 1) Hermione likes to watch Harry plow her fellow Harem Members 2) Girls of different magical races join not just Veela and Witches Restrictions - 1) Girls cheating on Harry and the Harem 2) Dumb girls in the Harem 3) The Harem being forced on anyone 4) The Ministry trying to end the Harem
  8. Harry Potter for many centuries has been exploring the many worlds, planets and even universes in his purview. That is until he arrives in a new world, much like his its a world flush with Magic and Magical beings. Unlike his own this is a world where magic is gifted by the God's, Demons and the Earth itself. It's here that he meets Rowan aka Tarot and learns of her battle against her sister. Fortunately for Harry it's a world of Beautiful women and Sex. Requirements: 1) Harry is the Master of Death, that makes him a minor God of a universal force, meaning he can travel across universes and through the cosmos. He must land now in the world of BroadSword Comic's flagship series Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose. 2) Harry must fight and fuck his way through the gorgeous ladies of the world. 3) As Raven Hex resists completely falling to the dark side, Harry must be her anchor to keep her sane... Also fucks her Consistently into bliss Restrictions: 1) M/M Relationships 2) Evil! Harry 3) Prudish Harry Challengers Request: 1) Harry/Boo Cat/Licorice Dust/Raven Hex 2) Jon Webb doesn't exist in this version of the world 3) Harry is seen as a God because he is a source of magic rather than getting it from a place or god
  9. Its a old one that involves Naruto going to visit Amanda Sefton from X-men Evolution to give her support after Kurt left her for Kitty. Naruto looses his Virginity to Amanda and she gives him her anal Virginity.
  10. Naruto Uzumaki is a normal human high school student at Kuoh Academy, sure he sleeps around with several of his classmates and is a Under 17 Regional Martial Arts Champion. But he is just normal... At least that's what he tells everyone. In reality he is a 4 Tailed Half Kitsune on the run from Kyoto fled when his Aunt Yasaka took the throne 15 years prior. His new life started when her mate and the eventual father of her Children sought to clear their path too the throne by killing his Father and Yasaka's Brother Minato Namikaze as well as Minato's wife and mate Kushina Uzumaki who had been a human shrine maiden before her marriage. Naruto escaped and fled not only the Yokai Capital but the city all together. Now in hiding Naruto does his best to grow strong, that is until he gains the attention of a Blue Haired Fallen Angel one night. In a fight for his life Naruto is injured and is revived now as a Devil by one of the most popular girls in his school. Now Naruto must juggle his human cover, his Devilish duties and his Yokai abilities. Requirements - 1) Naruto must be a Kitsune of growing power who is half way to his fullest 2) Naruto must be hiding in the human world from Assassins 3) Naruto gains abilities from both side of his parents bloodlines Restrictions - 1) He can not have a Longinus Class Sacred Gear 2) Naruto/Risa 3) Number of Girls in the Harem above 7 Request - 1) Murayama and Katase in the Harem 2) Naruto has a Mid Tier Sacred Gear that hides his presence as Half Youkai (Like Starling Orange) 3) Naruto knows Purification Spells as well as Low Level Youjutsu
  11. Post War Harry doesn't know what to do with himself, incredibly powerful both Physically and Magically Harry found himself struggling to find his place and a future that was acceptable to him. The Aurors seemingly wanted a mascot and PR man to plaster in front of cameras, Ginny wanted a husband who would follow her around the world while she played the game she loved and her husband watched. Even the people of England weren't content to sit by and watch their hero go to the store in peace his days of peace often broken by begging for Autographs and even Duels. It wasn't till one day while out in the countryside that Harry found his calling, fighting off the grotesque monsters and beast along with the enormous daemon leading and controlling them Harry leaded of the Underworld and its attempts to gain a foothold on earth. Harry becomes a demon hunter and gets drawn into the circle and adventures of The Legendary Devil Hunter Dante. ÷ This is a plot focused idea, sex can and should be an important part of the story. But also kill demons tho ÷ Requirements - After the battle of Hogwarts Harry becomes Physically and Magically powerful, this can be due to him dying and coming back, him losing the Horcrux which was draining him, the Hallows which boost him, it can be due to the way he killed Voldemort he stole all the ritual effects Voldemort gave himself without the side effects, hell an angel could of come down and granted him this power. - Harry must start or soon become single and jobless, unchain him from Ginny and the Ministry, you can bash them sure just separate Harry from them. Harry can still love and care for the other Weasley's - Harry Hunting Demons/Devils - Give Dante a relationship Restrictions - Harry in a Slash Relationship - Harry/Kyrie Request (Things I'd want but don't necessarily need to be in, pick and choose what you want) - Harry gains a Devil Trigger like mode, perhaps its a Devil Arm he gains or some kind of "Warlock Mode" he can enter temporarily. - Crossover parts of Castlevania and/or Onimusya and/or Bayoneta and/or God Hand - Harry/Nico/Lucía/Veela as the pairing
  12. After the war ended and the new provisional government stepped in Kingsley came to learn that Voldemort's actions against the Magical Creatures of England was not only illegal but also violated many treatise developed in the past to protect and provide for these people's. Now the many races of demi humans have come calling for their pound of flesh. Kingsley decides that it's easier and faster to sign marriage Contracts between Magical Britain and these Demi Humans. And who better to save all their asses that The Man-Who-Won, Harry Potter. Requirements 1) Kingsley semi legally ability (it's technically in his power but unenforceable) to sign Harry into these marriage contracts means that if Harry breaks them himself he will lead to another war, something that he wants to avoid 2) Hung Harry 8-12 Inch Penis 3) 4-7 Demi Girl Harem Restrictions 1) Slash 2) Harry is abusive or racist Request 1) Mermaids can live and breath on land if they undergo a ritual 2) Harry holds the deal hostage to get benefits for him and his new wives 3) each girl has a different kink, bondage, Impact play, anal, impregnation, knife play etc.
  13. I have also joined so... Yay happy days