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    Count To Infinity

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    Count To Infinity

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    Third Time's a Soul Bond?

    I have posted Chapter 10. It hasn’t been majorly changed from “elsewhere’ yet, but I might change it. If I do, I’ll announce it here.
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    Count To Infinity

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    Count To Infinity

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    Third Time's a Soul Bond?

    I am now up to Chapter 9 here. There may be a major change from the version posted on “St. Elsewhere.” Reviews and Beta desperately needed. Thanks for reading.
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    Count To Infinity

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    Count To Infinity

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    Count To Infinity

  11. Switching between two different projects can get frustrating. :think:

    1. BronxWench


      I’m switching between editing and a new project. I think I prefer two projects if i have to switch. Editing needs focus. 

    2. Wilde_Guess


      Agreed.  “Lincoln” Ch. 19 is giving me just a little bit of trouble, since I haven’t paid attention to it lately.  “Bond” is mostly being “brought over” from St. Elsewhere.  It needs some editing and revising.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Usually, I just have to focus on one project, or the other.  So, now, I’m focusing on Jefferey again, which, cross my fingers, should be until a particular point when I can start working on the main protagonist’s story.  There is a threat in there, a plot bunny that’s agitating.

  12. Wilde_Guess

    Count To Infinity

  13. Wilde_Guess

    Rape in Literature: Thoughts?

    In my opinion, “classic rape” is a uniquely odious assault that one person may inflict upon another. Like anything else, it can be used by “lazy” writers as well as “hard-working” ones, as you’ve written. The same holds true for dealing with the aftermath of the assault. I tend to try reading stories that are well-written. Rape, like any other form of violence may have its place in the narrative of a story. Like any other form of violence one may inflict on another, I believe that it shouldn’t be portrayed in a light where the perpetrator is “glorified” for committing it. I also find the act “anti-erotic,” and I will usually avoid stories where the author seriously attempts to portray it otherwise. Stories that portray “Forced consent” favorably also tend to be a turn-off, as do stories where one of the participants in the act is genuinely unable to provide any form of consent.
  14. would like to work on a story together with someone with similiar likes harry potter Mdom, Fsub d/s, pls email spankclaire@yahoo.com

  15. Wilde_Guess

    Third Time's a Soul Bond? Review Replies.

    Author’s notes, Chapter 1 I originally came up with the idea for this story when I was “bored,” and searched a couple of fanfiction sites to see what kind of “relationships” fanfiction authors were putting Harry in. Since in canon, Harry’s best friend is Ron Weasley, I thought there would be a fair number of those. Actually, “Harry/Ron” stories are few and far between. I couldn’t make sense of that at all. Even more “nonsensical,” most of the “M/M” Harry Potter stories out there had Harry “getting it on” with Snape, both male Malfoys, Sirius Black, and various incarnations of Voldemort! “Converting” the situation to “het” terms, I could not envision myself having a sexual relationship with the woman who murdered my parents, my father’s ex-girlfriend, female cohorts of the woman who murdered my parents, or a beloved surrogate mother. I would much sooner have sex with my closest female friend my age. Secondly, “MPREG” is one of the blatantly most stupid ideas I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some rather stupid things over the years. Thus, the first Soul Bond is Harry/Ron. While both of them will father children, it won’t be with each other. The “Soul Bond” is a “convenient” way to reduce 50k plus of serious relationship building down to only two words. I will make every effort to counter that “laziness” with having the characters explore and improve their relationships. Ron is not a “Sue/Stu,” however he is more than slightly powerful. Harry will still be more “powerful,” and this won’t bother Ron one bit. You will notice that some of the canon villains have been “dealt with.” One or two should be conspicuous by their absence, and at least one that appears to have been dealt with is not nearly as far out of the picture as you might think. Dumbledore and Snape will be more or less “canon,” which means that both are “heroes,” though Dumbledore will be tempted to be somewhat manipulative, and Snape, while being more “friendly” with “Harry and Co.” than in canon will not be “nice.” Dumbledore will also be a “realist,” and will change his methods, at least to the point where Harry and Ron can trust him somewhat. Snape will also “appear” far “nicer” than in canon. Without the temptation of getting “total revenge” on the one person he hated more than James Potter and Voldemort combined, and “extra” time to be “forced” to “forgive” Remus, he will actually be able to be civil in the presence of the werewolf, and eventually forgive Sirius, This “change of displayed heart” will complicate Snape’s ability to resume spying successfully should he need to do so. He might actually retire from the “spying” business. If he remains, his “friendlier and fairer” teaching manner will need to be explained. He may or may not be successful in doing this. This story is told “first-person” by Ron Weasley himself. When I edit this chapter, I will try to “convert” one or two scenes over to proper “flashback” from being described by Ron. Also, since this is “first-person-imperfect,” you will only ever see or know what Ron does at the time. If anything “defies explanation,” you will only have “explained” what Ron has explained to him.