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  1. If a story becomes a series without plans to continue on, it can stagnate rather easily. I don’t think that the creator of Batman thought the series would still be in ‘original publication’ almost eighty years after the first issue hit the news-stands. Cubby Broccoli’s daughter had to reboot James Bond because people were no longer willing to suspend their disbelief of an early-Cold-War licensed assassin continuing to work when the daughter of the King who first commissioned him was a white-haired grandmother and the sons of the Prime Ministers who had that duty had died of old age. Whether by accident or design, the Star Trek and Star Wars universes were open-ended and broad enough to allow for countless stories and adventures.
  2. One needs look nor further than real life to find every type of “villain” you could desire. From the sociopath, to the eternally greedy, to the hypocrite, to the fanatic, to the horrifically misguided, they’re all there. Even honest and honorable people can find themselves on opposite sides of a “front” in a “conflict,” where absent that conflict they would share meals and be friends with each other. In writing, just like in real life, every villain has their place.
  3. Riding the Lincoln Way

    I am now up to chapter 14, with additional warnings, and a new major character. Thanks.
  4. Count To Infinity

  5. I tried to post the same story in “Currently Reading” and “Recommended Reading,” posting in “Currently Reading” last. The story “vanished” from recommended reading. Did I do something wrong, is this a bug, or is this a “feature?” Thanks in advance.
  6. It might also make an interesting plot-line for a story in its own right, too. “Alvin and his boyfriend Buford thought they were hiding their torrid relationship while going to Wacko State in Texas. Until Alvin grabbed the wrong thumbdrive for his creative-lit class and uploaded the story to the school server without reading it first...
  7. You would know your personal circumstances far better than I. You should also be as “comfortable” with your publisher as they are with you, at least in my opinion. If your publisher does not want your work for the reasons you described, their printing your work might actually be WORSE for you than not. If your work was published by such a publisher, and the Westboro Baptists or others of their ilk came after you, you would truly know what “loneliness” feels like when they “cut and run.”
  8. Exactly. I would guess that part of the issue would depend on how much of the “action” is portrayed directly, and how it’s presented.
  9. One possibility that might be available for some is to take a “Creative Writing” class at their local community college. This will at least enhance your core writing skills as well as potentially give you a “pool” of “peer-reviewers.” If the Professor is a good one, and likes your work, you may also find at least some editing help, provided the Professor believes his time is not being wasted. Desiderius Price, with all the pure muck, trash, and hell that comes “over the transom” at any good literary agency or publishing house, an author needs whatever advantage they are able to find to “make the cut” to their editors. While actually hiring and paying an editor would be a substantial if not extreme commitment to the quality of your work, finding fellow writers who are willing to invest the time into YOUR work, and whose work is at least as good as if not better than yours can also get the quality up high enough. Of course, your work may not be “accessible” enough for commercial publishing, but that is a separate issue. BronxWench, You have made it. You have been published on the merit of your writing alone, without having to pay MONEY on top of the work of writing itself. As an author, you spend as much time promoting your work as you do creating and editing it. The biggest difference between a “vanity” publisher and a “conventional” one is who owns the three cases of books in the back of your car as you go from bookstore to swap-meet to convention trying to get people to buy your book. The publisher always pays themselves first. Since I don’t have a “signature file” handy, I guess I’ll put something amusing below manually. “Tito’s Vodka—because everyone knows you drink vodka for the flavor.”
  10. I have no problem with “self-publishing.” It also used to be called “vanity publishing,” and for good reason. While I might possibly go that route, or at least won’t refuse to do so, I will NOT publish anything where money is involved without a DAMN GOOD editor getting my work up to it’s best. If I were to submit a work to a literary agency, publishing house, etc; I would have it edited FIRST just to have a “fighting chance” with THEIR editors. I don’t currently have a “beta reader,” but that is more by happenstance than choice. And, I’m still chasing the occasional missed word, doubled punctuation, and so on. Which gets back to the original point of the thread, I suppose. Quality feedback is important, especially on a site like this.
  11. I find that it is as much the “quality” as the “quantity” that matters in reader feedback and “peer review.” I have also not tried for ‘paying” publication of my fiction material. A GOOD editor will help the writer produce their best possible work, and grow as a writer. As for “here,” I’m not completely sure the readers are getting past the first chapter, since I’ve yet to receive a review. None of my chapters are short. The story was originally going to be a “one-shot” set in a nebulous “here” instead of its actual setting. However, as I wrote, I began asking questions about my two first protagonists, and writing answers to those questions. While I like favorable reviews from almost anyone, I tend to review the work as well as the “sense” in any critical reviews. A writer who can actually write has much more standing than one whose work is itself tedious and unreadable. I am writing here in part to grow my skills as a writer, and to do that, one needs feedback.
  12. ✪ Artist looking for Writers

    Hello, Shota-bo. Your animated illustration in this thread looked well-drawn. If you’re more or less “giving away” “free artwork” while keeping your rights, I’ll ‘try you out,” if you’re willing. The scene is from my story. The link is below, and the scene itself is in Chapter 7. though all characters are physically described prior to this. It is a “Dad took a picture of kids and dates before they left for a fancy restaurant” picture. Here is the link to my story. As pasted, it will take you to the exact chapter. The quote describing the picture itself is below that. http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600108829&chapter=7 “We gave them their flowers while my hair was still down. Since their bouquets each had some white carnations that matched our boutonnieres, the girls had a quick talk, and my braid received three white carnations. Delilah only left them in for pictures in front of her car, but she did want it, and it was her night, as much as it was ours.” I’ll be interested not just in the quality of your work, but in how your artwork resembles what I imagined when I wrote the passage. The two teen boys are in the middle, with their ‘inside arms’ around each other’s shoulders, and their ‘outside arms’ holding their girlfriends. Thank you in advance.
  13. Riding the Lincoln Way

    Author: Wilde_Guess Title: Riding the Lincoln Way Summary: Danny Dvorak is a 14 year old Harley fanboy and honors student getting ready to start Lincoln Way Central High School in New Lenox, Illinois, in the summer of 1982. He has silver eyes, a silver tongue, and his issues have issues. His almost 14 year old brother and classmate has turned from closest friend to something else entirely. His new girlfriend has more issues than he does, and her younger sister is dating his younger brother. Will Danny make it through adolescence and High School without getting bad grades, a haircut, or the spanking of a lifetime? The story is currently ‘slow-paced’ because a lot of things are happening around Danny. The pace will pick up. Feedback: Feedback and constructive criticism much appreciated. Fandom: Original Pairing: N/A Warnings: Abuse Anal Bi HJ HC Inc MF MiCD Minor1 Minor2 MM Oral Rim Solo Spank Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered story, 12 of ?? URL: http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600108829