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  1. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    Just finished the first piece of an Owl House project I’ve been thinking about. Check it out here. Still working on the next chapter of A Charmed Life, slowly but surely.
  2. GrayNeko

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    I’ve seen you mention it but I’ve gotta know, what’s the synopsis of the Big Hero 6 story?
  3. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    First of all George, I just want to say thank you for this review and sorry again for keeping everyone waiting. It’s always interesting to see what details really work for people. I’ve done a third party watching on scene before in my Ben 10 piece but since I intended the focus to be Star and Marco with Janna eventually joining them I figured I didn’t need to spend so much time on Janna. Still it was good to hear that it was effective. Star’s “Mistress Butterfly” persona is what I imagine Star thinks she’s supposed to act like once she becomes queen, at least at this stage in the show’s timeline. As for Janna, it just seemed to fit with her reckless attitude that she would prefer the risk of raw sex, after all it wouldn’t fit for the valiant Safe Kid. I did a quick reread of some of the sex scenes and I admit there were a few times I should have stuck with names instead of “she” and “her”. Thanks for pointing that out. As for age, I have no idea what you’re talking about... cowabunga man. I’m glad the ending felt satisfactory, I really do want Star and Marco to struggle with their decisions even as they feel compelled by their friendship to keep going down this path.
  4. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    Well maybe, but it would have to happen later down the line, perhaps after a bit of growth on his part.
  5. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    I feel like a right proper bastard for leaving people waiting for so long, especially when I found myself motivated to write a short collection of Dark Crystal pieces. I have been trying to find the time to sit down and write more for all my unfinished projects but as things have gotten more chaotic in the real world it has been harder to find the motivation. I apologize to my fans and long time readers and can only promise that I will try harder.
  6. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    Achoo! Man I need to dust this place, or hire a maid… Hello all! I apologize for my extended absence, 2017 has been a hell of a year and there were a couple of shake ups in my life that kept me away from my writing until recently. I thank all of you who have waited patiently for me to return and while I don't bring a continuation of my more anticipated pieces I do bring a whole new story that has gotten me back into my writing groove. With that in mind I now respond to the first review of my latest piece, Voltron: Crashing into Love: Certain subsections of the fandom want Klance to jizz all over the story until the show is just those two having sex, and if that’s what gets them off then good for them. I happen to favor other ships, with one in particular being my favorite. In time I do plan one more chapter for this but others have been waiting quite a time for continuations of my other works so I feel I own them that at the very least. Thanks for the kind words.
  7. Man I’ve been away for a while and I find it sad that ForgetMeNaught left on such a note. I truly respected his skill as a writer. It is a shame that his moral awakening not only made him abandon his work but remove it as well, I honestly can’t see the connection between his work and his poor choice. I’ve had people comment that my work reminds them of dark urges they have and I could only apologize and tell them that my work was never intended to inspire real life actions.
  8. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    I promise I haven’t abandoned this piece and I thank you for your kind words Mr. President.
  9. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    Thanks anon! To you and the others I just want to say I'm sorry the next chapter is taking so long, things have been busy and I have had little time for much of anything but I will say now that season two has started I've got some fun ideas kicking around.
  10. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    And now a review for my Extradimensional Besties piece Once again Saint, thanks for being a great fan. I'm glad you're like this piece and calling it addictive is certainly flattering. I'm not too concerned with the perception of Star's mother, because that was really how Star views her mother more than how she really is. I'm surprised that you don't care for Janna, from what I've seen she's become a bit of a fan favorite from what little we've been given on her, people love a semi-flirty troublemaker. I will say you hit the nail on the head by mentioning how complicated things could become. A lot of this is Marco getting pulled in different directions while Star will come to a realization of her own. I have no intention of abandoning this story, I'm just an awful, no good, down and dirty, terribly slow writer, but thanks again for your support.
  11. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    I appreciate you being such a fan Saint. I was going for a darker tone with this arc and I wanted to give the three of them to have a reason to really think about their relationship with each other, which will be explored more. In that regard don't think that Ben doesn't value Gwen in an emotional sense, it's just they haven't had a chance to talk yet. Ben had other things on his mind and Charmcaster forced that conversation because of her own guilt and was trying to shield Gwen from Ben's deserved anger. And yes the angst isn't quite over. I never really intended Kai to be included beyond this arc, as much I like the Ben 10,000 episodes, but I still like leaving them a possibility.
  12. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    Thanks Bon! I'm always glad to hear that people like the non-erotic portions as well.
  13. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    First thing I'm going to say to everyone is that this is NOT the final chapter though the way I ended the latest chapter I could see how you all feared that. There are things to still be resolved and I have a few ideas I still want to play with. As for the whole Hope thing, that was something Aysha and I discussed several pages back and even though I made a point of bringing it up Charmcaster will still generally think of herself and be referred to as Charmcaster. Ed, as always I appreciate the kind words. I was actually afraid the pacing was too fast but since there was a lot to resolve I guess it worked out. To be perfectly honest I was shaking my head as I wrote a lot of this but I couldn't figure out a better way to get the scenes done and I just wanted to finish this chapter. Hopefully I'll be able to look back and be happier with it in the future.
  14. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko's Review Response and Discussion Thread

    Charmed Life! Get your latest chapter to A Charmed Life! Fresh hot!
  15. GrayNeko

    Title Help

    Glad to be of help!