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  1. Air conditioning, totally underappreciated until it’s not working.  Glad to have it working again!

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Off the top of my head, several ideas might help.

      1. A swamp cooler – basically uses evaporation cooling, useful in a desert-like environment, not sure if it’d be enough for the 46C case.
      2. Geothermal heating/cooling – though installation would cost

      Now, wish this one was commercialized, it’d be perfect. Heard about it being demo’d in a DC science fair from a friend who went.  Solar based A/C, uses bromine as the working fluid, and sunlight to drive the cycle instead of the usual electric compressor.  It’d be perfect for your case, TBH, and for lots of people.  (I mean, if the sun’s not shining, you generally don’t need the A/C as much.)

    3. Melrick


      I’ve looked into evaporative coolers.  They can work well if you live in desert-like levels of low humidity.  It does get like that here sometimes, but it also gets humid here as well, and evaporative coolers massively add to the humidity levels in your home. 

      I’ve never heard of geothermal heating/cooling even being available anywhere here, nor could I find evidence of it being available here, so my guess it’s not really an option here.

      I appreciate the effort though!  But I’ve lived through 40-odd years of stupidly hot summers so I can make it though a few more.  It sure makes you appreciate the other seasons more! lol

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      I fear with climate change, the temperatures are only going to get worse.  (Want 56C?)  That’s where the solar A/C idea is better, wish somebody commercialized it.  See, all cooling takes energy to drive, which gets released as heat in addition to the heat it’s driving out of the box  – this is why the net effect of leaving the refrigerator open (as the Simpsons showed) is to raise the temperature, not reduce it.  The solar A/C I heard about, it was solar heat (not electricity) that was going to heat us up anyways, so capture it and use it to cool a box while we’re at it – way better than burning fossil fuels!  Not sure if it was more efficient than solar electric panel → conventional A/C or not, I’d need numbers to know.

      Geothermal, see no reason why it shouldn’t work, efficiency depends on how stable the temperature underground is.  Energy for any heat pump (which A/C is, a heat pump in reverse) is dependent on the temperature difference, greater that difference, the more energy it takes to accomplish.  Thus, if the below ground is at, say 36C, it’d be way better to use that as a heat sink than the 46C air.

      See, I paid (some) attention in my thermodynamics class eons ago!  :)

      One unspoken option is to relocate...feel like building an underground bunker in the back garden?  There’s this video on youtube showing a guy doing just that.