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  1. And there are days where I realize I have to revise, again….. sigh…. on the plus side, should make the story stronger.  (Caution, dates/ages will change)

    1. mastershakeme


      I find revisions never stop… I’ve finished chapters and have had to go back because commentors say ‘Hey you missed an A!” but there’s even more things I’ve left behind… Stupid plot holes :(

    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Of the revisions to be made, that one last week was a rather fast one to do.  So that was good, and I’m done with this set of revisions.  Now working on new material, once again, yay!

    3. mastershakeme


      I just did the same thing… tons of revisions… i then struggled immensely to get back to the new stuff. Way to go DP!!! I”m just gonna stroke your ego cuz we all need that shiz :rolleyes: