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  1. Day UK leaves the EU: 29th March.

    Day UK government bans internet porn: 1st April.

    Nothing can go wrong here… nothing at all!

    Seems you will be able to visit porn websites if you go into an actual shop and physically purchase some kind of weird licence for a fiver, which you’ll need to use within 24 hours. This will be sold to you by the very last person alive that you want thinking of you and sex. Though even getting to the counter may well mean having to fight your way through a violent melee involving people fighting over toilet roll AND people who left it too late to buy bread and are now battling it out for the last Soreen.

    1. Tcr


      Forgot one, Pippy.

      Day armed rebellion breaks out in UK by porn addicts: April 2nd.

    2. InBrightestDay


      Is this real?  Like, the UK is actually banning internet porn?

      I see it’s time for this video.

    3. Melrick


      What the hell happened to the UK?  You people used to be so normal and sensible!

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