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  1. Day UK leaves the EU: 29th March.

    Day UK government bans internet porn: 1st April.

    Nothing can go wrong here… nothing at all!

    Seems you will be able to visit porn websites if you go into an actual shop and physically purchase some kind of weird licence for a fiver, which you’ll need to use within 24 hours. This will be sold to you by the very last person alive that you want thinking of you and sex. Though even getting to the counter may well mean having to fight your way through a violent melee involving people fighting over toilet roll AND people who left it too late to buy bread and are now battling it out for the last Soreen.

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    2. JayDee


      “Kids! We want you to forget everything you’ve heard about how citizens get around internet censorship under repressive governments!”



      Won't it be really easy to get around?

      In short, yes. It won't be impossible for under 18s to access porn. There's still going to be plenty of pornography that can be easily viewed through social media. Additionally virtual private networks (VPNs), which connect to servers in other countries, can be used to get around age verification checks.

      I bet the PM’s husband or close relatives have all bought a lot of shares in VPN coders. Growth market there!

      Christ, though, imagine having to rely on twitter to get off “Oh yeah… work that outrage… copy paste that joke… oooh baby.”

    3. pippychick



      imagine having to rely on twitter to get off

      I’m now imagining the inevitable accidental retweets.

    4. JayDee


      “Members of the house. I wish to confirm that my right honorable friend, the minister for moral rectitude, is not actually in love with Bailey Jay’s penis. This re-tweet was an accident by an aide who has now been relieved of social media duties.”