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  1. pippychick

    Pippychick's Review Replies (TV)

    Thank you so much! I have some parts of this written in advance, I just got kind of sidetracked, then the muses decided to sod off and leave me for a while. I have all of my stories in mind, but this one in particular I’d like to finish before GoT begins again, so there’s an extra bit of impetus there for me to get on with it soonish.
  2. pippychick

    Pippychick's LotR Fiction - Review Responses

    Thank you I hope you’re sufficiently recovered now. I pulled all my stories from AO3, but I’m aware a copy of ‘Fallen’ still exists that was archived by the HASA staff. I am floored by your compliments – thank you so much! I hope you will enjoy the rest of the Sauron/Maglor bits and pieces. I should tell you it was my intention as the author to prise the two characters apart towards the end of ‘Fallen’ and then I realised it couldn’t be done, so the feeling of inevitability in there was shared by me even as I was writing it. I don’t think they will ever escape each other. I said it above, but I’ll say it again here. Those for whom this fic works and was written are few and far between, really, so it really means a lot to me when you take the time to leave me a few words. You’re awesome – all of you!
  3. pippychick

    Pippychick's LotR Fiction - Review Responses

    And some to catch up with on this thread, beginning with: Thank you so much I’m really glad you enjoy them, and I appreciate the hell out of it when people tell me so. Every so often I wonder whether I should actually pull these stories. They’re so dark, and it’s the psychology that makes it so. The pairing is rare enough, but then over the years I’ve realised there’s no neat genre they fit into either. Yes, there’s a great deal of horror here, but there are other things too. They’re uncomfortable to read, and to write. It’s a razor sharp line to keep to, and I sense that however often I dip into their world, there’ll never be any redemption. It’s a harsh truth.
  4. pippychick

    Pippychick's Review Responses for 'Ai o Juten'

    To be fair, this interlude isn’t absent from the book, but it’s so violent and perfunctory, that I decided to go on with it anyway, especially since this is mostly based on the ova. IIRC, and if got it right, the title should translate to ‘filling the space’ while the original title ‘Ai no Kusabi’ translates to ‘the space between’ so it was suppose to be a little bit of dirty joke, whilst also being a reference to what fanfiction really is at it’s heart. We don’t see this part in the animation, so the story is filling it in. Alternatively, I could just have inadvertently made a reference to dentists. Thank you, Sabrian There will be more of this story to come. When, I have no idea. My muses are notoriously difficult buggers.
  5. pippychick

    Pippychick's Review Responses for 'Ai o Juten'

    Again, apologies for my recalcitrant muse – I guess it’s been teaming up with Riki Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten about this story. I love these characters.
  6. pippychick

    Pippychick's Review Responses for 'Ai o Juten'

    A couple of these to catch up with, with apologies for the lag: Thank you… the muse is very quiet at the moment, but as soon as it pays a visit, I will continue. I still have the plot very much in mind, and a chapter written in advance on this story, which always helps.
  7. pippychick

    Two + or Not Two +, THAT is the Question

    It’s weird to answer. My darker stories I tend to go for ++ because my darker stories involve a lot of psychological cruelties, and I can’t in conscience say that they are easy to read in any sense. So I tag for that rather than the content, though the content alone would require it. My others… I do tend to get fairly descriptive. I see so many stories proudly proclaiming a sex scene, so I settle in, and there’s like three or four paragraphs, and I think I kind of go for more. And when I tag for something, I really often mean it. I’m sure there are some stories of mine that only need the one +, and there are even some that are SFW. I’ve probably overrated them all to be on the safe side. I’m not interested in triggering anyone. I want people to have fun/be entertained reading my stories. Sometimes I want them to be horrified, but then I want that to happen for the reasons they should be, not because they encountered something they didn’t expect.
  8. pippychick

    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    The atmosphere in all of them is completely different, so really it’s not overwhelming… even if I think of them all at the same time. They all have a different character as a story. The two I’ve had to drop forever are the two that I don’t remember where I was going. That can happen. But it’s like having a wardrobe full of different outfits. I like that sensation of choice. Some of them I work on and don’t post, so some of them have future chapters, and are just waiting for me to write the linking chapters to them so that I can post more.
  9. pippychick

    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    Damn… well, I just had a quick look through my profile here. Discounting fic I have going that is joint fic, I have 12, of which 10 I fully intend at some point to finish (if I ever get around to it). Of my joint fic, I intend to finish all of those, which total another three. I also have a number of stories that I haven’t posted on my hard drive that I need to work on, and most of those are original, which brings the grand total to around 18 altogether. *hides* I am awful… I know. I swear I have finished some! There are some finished stories on my profile!
  10. pippychick

    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    Arghh! *unhooks the phone, puts the chain on the door, severs the internet* … *...sighs and turns the modem back on again* You did? *sidles closer* Whisper it to me…? *pulls back* Wow… that bad, huh? Seriously, though… playing aside, I hope you will finish it, no matter how long we have to wait. *throws some inspiration confetti at you*
  11. pippychick

    How Much Sex is too Much Sex?

    Good work, people.. *nods happily* (couldn’t resist… I did try...) Really, I don’t think I’ve ever read a story and thought: “There’s too much/too little sex in this.” If I have criticisms, they’re always, without fail, about a million and one things besides that. Oh, I tell a lie, I have thought there’s too little sex in published works. But that’s an entirely different thing. Most published author’s shouldn’t go anywhere near erotic writing because they really can’t do it at all, lol.
  12. pippychick

    How Much Sex is too Much Sex?

    I don’t know… I suppose it depends on the characters, really. My chapters are around 5k, and some of my scenes span over two or three chapters at a time. But then, there are three of them, so that might make a difference. If there’s such a kind of idiot, then I am definitely it, and I make no apology! I think of the characters first, then wonder how I’m going to get them to go ‘at it’ then the story comes along. In that order. But that ’s fanfic. It’s probably different if you write original.
  13. Ok, I think I need to hibernate for a bit. Maybe a couple of weeks. I don't know. People are worried about me.

    I just want to sleep. Let me be and be nothing. I am nothing at all it seems. Not even a dream.

    What have I done?

    Well, I stopped someone from toying with me before they got it into their head that they could… so that’s something. I said I was worth more than that. I think, if I give myself a bit of time, I’ll believe it again. But as of right now… I feel pretty worthless.

    Let me sleep it off.

    Then, perhaps, I’ll finally start updating my work again. Brienne wouldn’t have stood for that shit either. *nods* I’m right. But I need sleep just now. Lots of it.


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    2. pippychick


      @KassX Oh, this was fairly unusual for me, little isolated exile that I am. Seven years of unusual at last count. Now I have to find my way back to my nice comfortable cell without a map… and start making those little gate markings from the beginning again.

    3. pippychick


      Just realised, that sounds a lot worse than it is…. I just meant I was interested, and that’s a Big Thing for me, because I’m usually not interested in anyone like that. At all. Ever. I’m not saying it’s difficult to get my attention, but I’m usually fairly oblivious most of the time, sometimes even on purpose. I’ve just, more or less, decided that crap is a big waste of my time. On balance. This hasn’t served to change my opinion any, really.

      I mean I would have done the whole bodily contact thing, quite happily, had we got to that point. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a massive dick. *sighs* And that always kind of puts you off their dick... It’s a sad truth most men have yet to work out. *shrugs sadly* Not my fault, I’m afraid. :(

      Meh… I’m feeling better now, mostly. Just settling back in.

    4. KassX


      Ugh, men can totally suck sometimes. I believe that you can get back on it (or don’t, lol, being single is fun too)! Remember to self-care!

  14. Feeling kind of low tonight, and tired. Just so much stumbling around in the dark without a guide, way too much wondering what I’m doing, every single day, when maybe it’s all too clear: I’m setting myself up.

    Hope. It makes fools of us all, doesn’t it? People like to blame love, but love is just a part-time accomplice. Hope is the really vicious one.

    I’m sorry for a million and one things, but mostly for being myself. You’d think I would have learnt by now to hide that part. I just never hated it enough.

    Well, perhaps I’ll learn another lesson here. Don’t stare at mirages. They’ll make you crazy.


    The stress is killing me, and maybe that’s why I’ve had my first serious nightmare in what feels like months, which is what has me awake at just gone four am. :(

    MIA, 2018

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    2. pippychick


      Thanks so much guys… :hug:


    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Would writing a good snuff fic help?  :) 

      Hang in there @pippychick:hug:

    4. CloverReef


      So sad and introspective and yet somehow your words are still beautiful. The demons your wrestling with sound like real bitches, so I hope you figure out how to slay them or embrace them (whatever your particular needs may be). 

  15. pippychick


    The scene Anya and Xander have later in that ep is hilarious too. The people singing and dancing about dry cleaning. The ballad about the parking ticket. So many great bits I didn’t notice where this was posted though! It probably belongs in Aimless Babble – I’ll try and move it there. Cheers, JayDee