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  1. Chapter Twenty-five
  2. I don’t know the fandom, but... If you’re after keeping the situation fairly platonic and familial, then that’s easy enough. You can do that by way of what the sisters notice about each other while they’re snuggled together. As the author, you provide the cues for the reader. If, however, you want the situation to be erotic for the reader, just not for the characters, that’s a slightly more tricky proposition. In that case, I’d suggest pulling the narrative back from the characters a little at times, so that you can be quite descriptive about what’s going on physically, without needing to involve how the two sisters feel about it, as such, and just dipping in here and there to peek at them enjoying these moments as sisters. If, on yet another hand (is that three so far?) you want to have a kind of charged erotic situation with some unresolved sexual tension going on, well then you’re probably best off concentrating on one of the characters, and going deep into them. Letting them have all their dirty thoughts, while trying on the surface not to let it become apparent in what they do. Particularly focus if they feel any guilt or shame. Those emotions are always good, especially where incest is concerned, as characters will generally try to rationalise it for themselves. If, on a fourth hand (and at this point I’m probably using someone else’s hands), the sisters are already in some kind of established incestuous thing and they’re both cool with it, but for some reason they’re not going to start eating each other or something… well, then I really don’t belong on this thread… *runs away*
  3. Chapter Twenty-four
  4. From dictionary corner today via Twitter:

    Confelicity: a much-underused word meaning delight in someone else's happiness; the opposite of Schadenfreude.

  5. Chapter Twenty-three
  6. Aww… thank you I suspect the crisis has been brought on by a particular demon that affects most of us. The one that sidles up to you and whispers: “Hey, you… you’re just kidding yourself. This is shit. You know that, right? You’d be much better off spending your time doing something useful. And you know everybody hates it when you spend hours and hours in front of the computer.” I hate that demon. I wish it would die a nasty, painful death. Maybe that’s a good Halloween fic idea!
  7. I should probably reply to this thread when I’m not having one of those ridiculous crises of confidence that strikes every so often… but let’s pretend I’m not. So here goes: I think the two reasons mentioned in the article are a load of claptrap. It might apply to novel writers, but it certainly doesn’t to fanfiction authors, who can’t sell what they write, so therefore the second reason can never apply. As for the first, I don’t think many of us start writing (original or fanfiction) with a fully formed story in our heads. I think it comes to us during the process. Why do I write? Getting down to the nuts and bolts. I love the language. I like words, and I like playing around with them. I’m not educated, so I don’t always know the correct terms, but I know more or less what I’m doing. Also, despite the crisis mentioned above, I suspect I’m actually quite good at it, unlike, say… football. So I write. And I don’t play football. I like writing casually, sure. I also like writing less casually. I like writing where I take my time over word choices and put a lot of effort into building and maintaining a specific atmosphere. The horror story I wrote for JayDee is an example of that. There’s lots of water-based description going on there that happens when I’m describing ordinary things. i.e. her hope bubbled up in her. The S&M story The Hook I adored writing, because of the atmosphere of despair in it. Fanfiction is an art in and of itself. Lots of people who hate fanfiction will disagree with me here, and they’re free to, but I won’t change my mind. Let’s imagine I’m my usual confident self for one moment. I’ve now got years of fanfiction writing experience behind me. I’ve written in a lot of different fandoms. There’s a slightly different art to writing fanfiction for a literary medium, to writing for a visual canon, like a film or tv series. The echoes you need to include are different. At this point, I’m like a master art forger who can knock out a fairly credible da Vinci, but can’t paint for themselves. I’m not less of an artist. I still haven’t found that key that makes the original work sparkle in my head the same way as the fanfiction does, but if I ever do, I probably won’t look back. In that case, the second reason will probably seem to apply. But it won’t be the first why and wherefore. It won’t be the driving force. That is and will always be the need to play about with words, to use them to create a feeling, or an atmosphere, or to say something that can’t really be put into words, only alluded to by way of a story. If we could say these things out loud just like that, we’d never have made stories. Stories grant us power we don’t otherwise have. It’s a good feeling, even if you tend to write rather awful things. Ok… can I go back now? *huddles back under rock*
  8. I’ve written some of the next chapter. Regarding what I said earlier in the Promote A Story thread for this, I hope it’s not going to make me into a lazy writer, because that would be bad. I mean, I can guard against it all I like, but it’s likely I’ll unconsciously start to cut corners in terms of foreshadowing etc and I won’t even realise I’m doing it. Start off on the wrong path, and it’ll just get worse and worse, and this story deserves so much better from me. :(

    It’s all very dispiriting.

    Well, I’ve stayed up long enough to take the antibiotic, so it’s bedtime.

  9. I can write, and I'm more glad about that than being better and out of hospital. Chapter 23 is calling to me. I may as well talk about it. I don't think anyone is following this story now, and so this is really self-indulgent, especially since this is the bit that – usually – is about manipulation of the readers' emotions. Without readers, it's a bit... sort of pointless *shrugs* Always, ultimately, it's them I want to get, via the characters. But, I really do love these characters. I mean, not enough to save them from their fate, obviously. But definitely enough to want to give them this good stuff first. All this that will make it that much more awful later on. It potentiates their despair. It's kind of beautiful. It's an investment that will pay off. I'll still do it, because it feels too right not to, even if it doesn't work on anyone except me. I can't say how much I wish I knew what I'd done to lose the few that did follow at first. What I did to lose you. Knowing that is as important as all the rest. To kind of steal and paraphrase from the genius of Michael Ende. You were with me at the beginning. You were with me when I changed the tone. You were with me when I went places that required some tagging... where did I lose you? *sighs* So early. I feel so incredibly clumsy. But I read through it, and I can't see the place, or the event, or the piece of dialogue. And I can't stop. This has to be told.
  10. Ha! You know as well as I do their answer to everything is codeine. That’s not happening. I’ll concede to paracetamol... when absolutely necessary. I don’t want people breaking into my house for the street value of my medicine cabinet. Sod that. At least they sent me away with some more heavy duty antibiotics after all the IV ones. So that should finish the attack off for now, and for a while with any luck.
  11. Thank you, InvidiaRed Glad you had fun!
  12. Just my humble opinion, but having the characters put on hats, gloves and scarves to begin leads the reader to expect play that’s a little rougher than your scene needs if the erotic content is going to work… that’s where you’re going to run into trouble. Ditch the accessories. By using them, you create a peculiar mental image, and call attention to the parts of the characters that aren’t covered up, and that makes the reader feel the cold. You want the play to be very light. You want the snow to be extremely light. You want the the Oh, but that’s cold! to be a perfect counterpoint to Oh, but you’re warm! That’s how this scene would work. I’ve written it before, more than once. And I’ll write it again, because… Ahhh… they’re going to end up in the snow. Poor buggers. Even the wildling is going to hate it by the end. I am so evil. *shakes head at self*
  13. And… I’m back home! Two CT scans later, after a panic by the doctors where they thought I didn’t have appendicitis, but instead a much more serious inflammation ofthe main artery that supplies blood to my legs (scary), they’ve finally settled on a painful disease that isn’t life threatening (or at least, not yet). I’ve been knocked out with morphine and codeine and shoved full of antibiotics. What a performance. While I was there, I discovered why I never write longhand. I love my computer. Thank you for all your well wishes, everyone. Most appreciated, even if I did have a load of trouble getting online whilst I was there. Normal service shall now be resumed. After a good night’s kip. And a decent cup of coffee. And a couple of days rest, probably. And a shower to get this horrible hospital smell off of me.
  14. So I went to work, and did feel better for a little bit, but I guess I paid for it later on after I’d dropped the greyhound off for her appointment at the vet for her teeth. I waited until 6pm to get the dog back. She’s had two teeth out and is on the settee all woozy, poor thing. Vet also dug two corns out of her feet while she was under. Yes, I waited for her, but then I dialled the NHS, to see what was going on with me, because I’ve been in – well, I wouldn’t call it agony, because I’ve had gallstones before, but it’s close enough. I don’t know why their phone number exists. Off I go to hospital, as soon as I’ve gathered some stuff together, because it could be my appendix. At my age! Why can’t they just cut all the useless bits off when you’re young? Anyway, hope it isn’t. Hope I come back quick. Like tonight. Hope I come back. I am not bloody dying on the 10th of October. They can’t make me. (If, later, it turns out to be the case, I’d be grateful if you could all go ahead and believe it happened on the 11th for me) Oh, and I’m taking paper and a pen with me, because they kept me in for one night for the gallbladder surgery, and I was climbing the walls then. *looks at dog* Seriously bad timing this. Really, terribly bad... *sighs* *swears* *disappears*
  15. Ok… *whistles Wedding March* Yep! Tormund is getting hitched! Chapter Twenty-two If you read – have fun! This is a really long chapter from me, at around 5,500 words.