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  1. Chapter Thirty-seven
  2. Wow… these settees looked a hell of a lot smaller in the shop. Now I have to rearrange again. Already did it twice before they got here. Can’t move for settees. Send help!

    Plus side. I have two happy dogs, who tried them out first. I swear the greyhound was there almost before the blokes put them down. :lol:


    1. JayDee


      I remember reading an erotic horror story a long time ago called “The Couch Monster” hopefully these aren’t the possessed kind!

  3. What a horrible day!

    However, I seem to have managed to write most of a comedic chapter, somehow, in the middle of it all. Just a bit more to go, if I can concentrate.



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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      It started with one episode of Stargate SG-1...

    3. Melrick


      Well at least the day is presumably over by the time you read this, and the next day might be much better.

    4. pippychick


      Thank you, Melrick. Yep :) Though it is a day of work and doctors appointments... I like this day better aleady. The archive to do this evening. I am happy.

  4. Chapter Thirty-six
  5. Oh, my… Tormund and Clegane are going to fight! Like, actually, really fight!

    Wow… *types faster*

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Punching Player Pianos?

    3. pippychick


      lol… I think mainly Clegane is really pissed off that Tormund has outdone his: “I’m not a Knight.” statement about a hundred times over by saying: “I’m not a King” *giggles* They’re just working some things out, I guess. Also, Clegane has just admitted he’s pledged himself to Jon Snow, and Tormund is all pissed off about that, because.. well.. he belongs to them. This is so exciting. I really wasn’t expecting it, but it does make perfect sense. The making up after will be amazing. :yes:

    4. pippychick


      Mind you, at this point it’s getting to nearly 48 hours post chapter posting, and not a peep which I expect on aff since reviews are few and far between here, but not even anything over on ao3, which makes me think that after writing this I might have to take the previous one down to have another look at it. :(

      Maybe that 2% really does matter.


  6. Writing, sleep, or housework?


    And by housework, I do mean moving all of *her* shit out of the way. Because it’s getting on my nerves.

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    2. pippychick


      I don’t know… I haven’t turned it on yet. I’m hoping it’s fine. Unlike me. This morning it’s worse. I can feel what I’ve done to my back every time I breathe. *sighs*

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Sounds like your story characters ought to watch out, some hurt might be coming their way (well, it could be theraputic to take it out on them, just saying).  Hope you back recovers.

    4. pippychick
  7. That’s interesting. Just for the laugh, I tested my latest chapter. It has 449 sentences, of which 9 start with ‘the’… I’m assuming that’s ok. It’s like two per cent though.
  8. Chapter Thirty-five
  9. Well, I have about 5.5k words of filth that might get posted at some point tonight. Commencing read throughs.

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    2. pippychick


      Actually, last thing, while I’m at it… may as well get it all out. And I realise this might sound a bit cold, but…

      Am I really the only person who looks at Melania’s christmas decorations and thinks:

      Here is a women at her sexual peak, married to that thing, and wow – that’s probably as close to joy as her soul can get right now.


    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @BronxWench  Heard something today about he should go to war with North Korea … just him, not the military.

    4. BronxWench


      @pippychick Melania’s Christmas decorations would strike fear into my heart at Samhain. Seriously.

      @Desiderius Price That’s a splendid plan. Let him go wage war, one on one, with the Hermit Kingdom. Oh, wait… bone spurs… ::pauses to spit::

  10. Well, there is plenty of drama at my house tonight. We have just had to throw my aunt out after a litany of bad behaviour. Including getting dolled up and sodding off for a drink in the pub when my mother was rushed into hospital with a gallstone attack, leaving me to go in the back of the ambulance. She’s spent the last few weeks completely ignoring us, especially my mother, sneaking in and out without so much as a word. Now she’s gone.

    Tried to talk to her first, but (once we’d insisted on her putting her bloody phone down), it’s like she just can’t admit how bad she’s been. Her response to going out during the ambulance thing? “I only went for one pint.” Well, fuck me. I can ony feel the utmost pity for her children. Seriously.

    All we have done is help her.

    The absolute best came as she went out the door, when she told my mother she’d driven my dad and my brother to suicide, and her second husband too. My mother has been widowed twice.

    I think good riddance to her.

    For perspective, this is the behaviour of a forty-seven year old woman.

    In other news, I am nearly 2000 words in to the next chapter.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. pippychick


      Thanks @CloverReef She’s in bed now, but it’s been stressful for her for weeks and weeks to be honest. This has been the final straw tonight.

      @Desiderius Price I’m off to bed myself now, so we’ll see, but I have to be up in like four and a half hours for work. Trust me, my mother has not had the best of luck. Even hours later, I can’t believe her own sister, someone she’s given refuge to, would say something like that.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @pippychick  Get some rest!  I looked for a sleeping emoji, but all I found was :sex:

    4. Melrick


      Life is too short to have people like that in your life.

  11. Wow… almost two weeks delay, but… Chapter Thirty-four Beta read by BronxWench, who is fabulous!
  12. Thank you so much! Yes, I think you’re right about Tormund. He finds hope where he can, and if it can’t be found, he will make it. He’s the opposite of Clegane in many ways, who seems to have found some kind of weird home in hopelessness. It’s like his friend. Yet he’s just as much of a survivor, and just as impressive. During the course of this story, it will be interesting to see how their sway over each other changes. For this upcoming war, and perhaps for a while afterwards, Tormund has the more appropriate outlook. Brienne is where the two meet in the middle. But later, Clegane’s outlook might prove useful, really, and wouldn’t it be interesting if Tormund ever came to rely on Clegane’s strength? On that ability to let despair in and still win anyway? As for the actual ending, I am having interesting thoughts about Varys now, in order to thwart my evil muse (shhh! don’t tell it anything!) Daenerys will never ‘break the wheel’ – she’s likethe Readers’ Digest Prize Draw – too good to be true. Chase that and you’ll chase it forever. Varys, however.. I think he’s got definite anarchist tendencies. If anyone is a candidate for breaking the wheel, and probably melting that bloody chair… it will be him. And if anyone will think it’s slightly weird that three people as hard and experienced as Tormund, Brienne and Clegane can go wandering off into the north with the Night King dead, never to be seen again. Well, that person is Tyrion. This will work. I am sure of it. Well, I’ll leave Westeros in a happy place. The next tyrant is not my concern.
  13. Thank you again! So glad you enjoyed this chapter. And that ending seemed particularly poignant, but fitting, I think. To reach that pinnacle and realise how much there is to lose now… although of course, Brienne is feeling rather emotional at that point. More so than usual. She’ll get used to it… or so my Tormund muse assures me. I can’t help wondering how it will affect either of the lads when they end up inthe middle. Whatever they get up to in the ensuing chapters, they’re going to have to be quiet as little mice. And take things very slowly… unless they pitch their tent about a quarter of a mile away from everyone else, but that’s really obvious too. *giggles*
  14. Thank you Bronx! I have to say, she really took me by surprise here. You’ll have noticed I usually manage to avoid feelings of possession and such from surfacing in characters when I’m writing threesomes. But she really was warning Clegane off! Thankfully, Tormund understands that part of her more than she does. *g*
  15. I think inspiration is dreaming whilst awake. There’s no other explanation for the way the ideas leap between nuances of meaning and plot the way they do. It also explains the way that things can seem utterly silly once that inspiration leaves. That being the case, I often feel like if I can hold onto the atmosphere and emotion of a thing, rather than the intricacies of it, then it stays for much longer. To keep it is to perfect the art of dreaming the same thing over and over again. And, since I write fanfiction, I often find once the original inspiration has struck and you’ve begun writing, you need more than inspiration then. You need to a strike a balance between many closely related things. Inspiration is one, motivation, dedication, impetus, fanaticism and total immersion in the source material are the others. Get it right, and the story will flow like water. And if you’re posting, feedback (and lack of it) is a blessing and a curse. Feedback will buoy you up, but it can also interfere with your ideas. Lack of feedback can make you give up completely, unless the muse is particularly insistent.