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  1. I am back, and slowly getting to the point where I’ve picked everything back up again. Which means, if you’re wondering why I haven’t been reviewing lately, it’s because I’m just beginning to catch up on my reading.

    I love holidays, but they do tend to make me lose my way when they’re over. Never literally as yet. I mean, I’ve always managed to get the train back eventually, though if the service degrades any further that might change.

    Looks like I won’t be holidaying in Brunei anytime soon. What a world. :ffs:

    I am back in Wales at the end of the month, though. They putting a bit of opera on. :bounce:

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    2. BronxWench


      Oohh, Wales… :D

      It’s wonderful to have you back, though. :wub: :hug:


    3. JayDee


      Yes, Brunei putting the clocks back 1000 years isn’t the best sign of progress is it?

      Great you had a holiday ya loved though :) although, yes, the train service is pretty terribe. I hope Wales and the Opera prove good at the end of the month!

      Thanks for the reviews!

    4. CloverReef


      I’m happy you’re back! The internet feels less like a giant dick when you’re running around encouraging writers. 

  2. Just fantastic, from beginning to end. I loved it.
  3. I am away for a week and will be without internet… wish me luck!

    Hopefully, I will get some writing done. I plan to extend and write more of an original story that @CloverReef has helped me with – thank you so much! :hug:

    If all goes well, I may start posting that upon my return.



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    2. CloverReef


      Wooo! That would make me so happy. Rock on! <3

    3. JayDee


      Have a great time and good luck with the writing!

    4. WillowDarkling


      Have a great time, Pip.

  4. pippychick

    Pippychick Original Fiction Review Responses

    Thank you for this review too tcr! I think that if I rewrote this, I might try that very short beginning part without the use of pronouns at all, which would make it a smoother read. From what I remember, I was creating an entire mythos here, represented by Angel and Demon. I’m sorry I didn’t continue it in some ways, because they were good candidates. I’m glad it was hot…. that’s honestly the most important part. You’re very good to me, and kind with these reviews. Thank you
  5. pippychick

    Pippychick Original Fiction Review Responses

    Thank you tcr! Wow… I have reminded someone of Stephen King. I have now reached the pinnacle of my powers, lol. Chuffed to bits about that, especially since I do love Thinner. It’s a great horror story. Aww… no dogs were hurt in the writing of this story. I’m glad that the relationship with Liz came through, and that you saw that echo in the beginning and the end. Thanks again!
  6. pippychick

    Happy Little Words

    I thought some might find this interesting. Vermont University have tracked word usage on social media etc to create this, a listing that assigns a ‘happiness’ score to words. http://hedonometer.org/words.html I know it’s only one connotation, and probably not infallible, but if you’re trying to create a certain mood, where your descriptive work lies here might be helpful.
  7. pippychick

    Finding Inspiration

    Damn it… I’m bloody writing in emoticons. Somebody please put me down. It’s over.
  8. pippychick

    pippychick's Fringe fanfiction review responses

    Thank you @Tcr Well, I am rewatching it. Ostensibly, I’m writing Iason/Riki, but it never hurts to have a backup plan. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, and that it seems in character. I probably say this about a lot of characters, but Walter really is a joy to write. The mixture of genius and insanity that makes him up is fascinating. It’s a bit of a bumpy start, but they get there. I hope you enjoy that too. Should be fun to have them hide what they’re up to from Olivia and Peter, and show that they’ve been working during their hours and hours of alone time in the lab, lol. Thank you again!
  9. pippychick

    Pippychick's Review Replies (Movies)

    I seem to have missed this when catching up with review responses (or I think I have – if not, sorry for the repetition), and I am sorry for late reply, but thank you so much, Laney! I don’t know if you will ever see this response, but... I’m glad they’re in character, and that the sex scenes work well. I had a great deal of fun writing this one. Maybe it was having Sade as a muse for a bit, maybe it was playing with JP’s version of Coulmier. Interestingly, the historical Coulmier was not as pretty as JP, and was a hunchback. Also he was much older, but he was a pioneer in treating mental illness. I’d love to go back in time and listen in on one of their real conversations. Alas, I probably wouldn’t understand anything, since I don’t speak French. Sade had a great sense of humour, which you can see in the letters he sent from prison, particularly to his mother-in-law. He was part of the aristocracy, but he soon jumped ship and produced subversive and revolutionary pamphlets for circulation when required, and in his work, his address to women is light years ahead (in liberty) of where we are, even today. I suppose it’s difficult to say what he really believed; it’s likely he just worked in his own self-interest, but my more forgiving self wants him to be a hero for sexual liberty, and particularly sexual writing. Gah… sorry, I did a lot of research, lol. Thank you!
  10. I had a little daydream that she started having sexual thoughts while training with Luzurial when you mentioned that memory… now I wonder what the actual story is! Just stop right there. There are a handful of authors that I read, and you are one. That number dwindles down still further when I’m actively writing stories myself, but you remain up there. Every now and again I delve into your back catalogue for a treat, because you’re written things that will stay with me forever (as I write this, I am thinking particularly of the Ace story in DW, and the one with the disembowelling crocodile rape monster thing, which I enjoyed even though I don’t know the fandom). Plus I adore your sense of humour.
  11. pippychick

    Pippychick Original Fiction Review Responses

    Thank you so much, InBrightestDay! I am not sure I deserve these reviews, but I’ll try and answer your points, so here goes: I’m afraid the lack of body horror later in the story is entirely down to my own limitations as a writer. I wanted to put it in (I’d been looking forward to that very thing), and I had no compunction about inflicting it on the character, but I found I couldn’t do it without losing the emotional and psychological resonance. I mean, Guy N Smith is one of my heroes, and he can do this with ease. He’s written a number of favourite gory horror scenes, and it kills me that I can’t emulate him. In the end, I had to begin with a little, and heavily hint at more later on, which is kind of personally disappointing to me. George is unlikeable to me because he’s an out and out capitalist, and I’m the complete opposite. Writing his pov – sympathetically – for me, required some pretty hefty suspension of belief. I still feel dirty. *shudders* As to the comparison, I think I did say the elemental is also an emissary. It was probably created just for this, to communicate some kind of dissatisfaction. That likely meant it was able to relate to George on a much smaller, human, and more petty level. I’m glad you liked it. I have to admit, though, I was much happier with how ‘The Price’ turned out. This was difficult, but I think it was also good practice. In time to come, I’m sure I’ll realise I learned a lot from it. Thank you!
  12. pippychick

    CloverReef's Review Centre

    It’s wonderful And while I’m here, I just wanted to say that I still miss Blackbird. I wonder if he’s out there somewhere in the ether, waiting for his chronicler to see him win his way through… somehow. Not nagging at all. Just like this little piece here, you are a sensational writer. I am quite sure I haven’t told you that often enough.
  13. Day UK leaves the EU: 29th March.

    Day UK government bans internet porn: 1st April.

    Nothing can go wrong here… nothing at all!

    Seems you will be able to visit porn websites if you go into an actual shop and physically purchase some kind of weird licence for a fiver, which you’ll need to use within 24 hours. This will be sold to you by the very last person alive that you want thinking of you and sex. Though even getting to the counter may well mean having to fight your way through a violent melee involving people fighting over toilet roll AND people who left it too late to buy bread and are now battling it out for the last Soreen.

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    2. JayDee


      “Kids! We want you to forget everything you’ve heard about how citizens get around internet censorship under repressive governments!”



      Won't it be really easy to get around?

      In short, yes. It won't be impossible for under 18s to access porn. There's still going to be plenty of pornography that can be easily viewed through social media. Additionally virtual private networks (VPNs), which connect to servers in other countries, can be used to get around age verification checks.

      I bet the PM’s husband or close relatives have all bought a lot of shares in VPN coders. Growth market there!

      Christ, though, imagine having to rely on twitter to get off “Oh yeah… work that outrage… copy paste that joke… oooh baby.”

    3. pippychick



      imagine having to rely on twitter to get off

      I’m now imagining the inevitable accidental retweets.

    4. JayDee


      “Members of the house. I wish to confirm that my right honorable friend, the minister for moral rectitude, is not actually in love with Bailey Jay’s penis. This re-tweet was an accident by an aide who has now been relieved of social media duties.”

  14. pippychick

    Pippychick Original Fiction Review Responses

    Thank you so much, Jaydee I really didn’t expect to get an in-depth review like this, and you’ve made me very happy. As I said in the author’s note, I really didn’t like George at first. I think in some ways this is why it took so long to finish this. I kept wanting to bash him for lots of things (for instance, I’m pretty sure he reads the Daily Fail), and then I had to calm down and think: yeah, but it’s his point of view, so just stop it. I also had the ending almost from the start (the “pretty” bit), and I really liked that, so I had to try to make the journey there and get it to work somehow. I’m glad that it does work a bit, even if I couldn’t write all the gory bits. Maybe I’ll leave that to the Master… Thank you for letting me use your idea! You’re awesome!
  15. So, having managed to somehow wangle the day off work, I have spent most of it rewriting and redrafting an original story based on an idea by JayDee. There’s a little bit left to go, but I think I’m going to leave that to tomorrow since it concerns the ending, and I want to pitch it just right. I have no idea if this is any good at all, but I’ve decided to just wallow in the feeling and use it should I ever need to describe performance anxiety. I mean, who knows? One day, I might finally have gotten Elrond off with so many people that he really can’t… you know… face it.

    That’s a lie. If that ever happened, he could always face it… :shifty:

    There’s no sex in this story. I’m going to need to write some after this. I’ve got several smut-filled unfinished tales to choose from. Maybe I’ll pick on Brienne & Co. Or Rikki. Mmm… Iason.

    Okay, I am sleeping! :)

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    2. BronxWench


      Oohhh…. Iason…. :wub:

    3. pippychick


      Well, I have done it, so off I go now to see if I left anything on the next Iason/Rikki chapter! :) 

      I finally write something that I could legitimately have my mother read for me, and it’s ten pages long, so I already know she can’t be bothered. Ah, well.

    4. JayDee


      Reading isn’t for everyone! Shame though, it’s good to share stuff with friends and family. Not something I do tbh!