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  1. I want to put something witty, upbeat and positive here, but this is me, so…

    (insert swear words of choice)

    You may have noticed I’m never online. Sorry about that. I’m really ill. Can’t even read atm. I've restarted Matt Haig’s latest about half a dozen times now. Still haven’t got past the first four pages. Goldfish have better concentration and mental agility than me right now.

    I can’t even do you any politics…

    Well, except to say to all: Fight fascism, with everything you’ve got. But then, that’s not really politics. That’s just basic humanity. I still have some of that left in me.

    So, apologies if you’re waiting on me to reply to emails/admit I’m alive/do something I’ve forgotten. I honestly don’t mean to be ignorant. I just have zero energy. I have no idea when normal service will be resumed.

    This status update is the most writing I’ve done in weeks. 

    1. Desiderius Price
    2. JayDee


      I hope your health improves and you get back to your old self.

    3. BronxWench


      You know I am here, always. :hug:  :wub:

  2. Just going to leave this here:


    1. BronxWench


      This is so accurate! :lol:

    2. Melrick


      Yup that sums it up pretty well.

    3. hauntedpoem


      I am trying to understand. But maybe this is why I often return? 

  3. Hectic, stressful and nonsensical… but that’s just my life atm. Now onto the election.

    Everyone lost, but Labour won. Labour is not forming a government… yet. I predict another election by October, which Labour will win by a landslide. And when I say Labour, I mean socialist Labour. Bring it on!

    Kensington is Labour! The richest people in the country voted for socialism! Also Canterbury, which Labour has never held, ever, is now red. New poll today shows the surge continuing, meaning Labour would win outright an election if it was held now.

    Not sure what you guys make of it across the pond. There’s a good Irish contingent amongst you. Tories making deals with the DUP breaks the Good Friday agreement. This is awful. Remains to be seen how much damage May can cause negotiating with the EU, given that she shown herself to be utterly inept in every way. We’d be better off sending the Chuckle Brothers. “No deal is better than a bad deal”… wtf?! No deal means standard WTO tariffs for EU market access, which is 40% on agricultural goods. 


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    2. BronxWench


      That is brilliant!

      As for me, I fear Bernie will never quite muster the people. He’s also not terribly good at sums, sadly, and has no conceivable way, even with much help, of paying for what he wants to do.

      BUT Elizabeth Warren is both fiery and intelligent, and a thorn in the side of investment banks and other profitmongers, and Kristen Gillebrand fights for women, and children, and the elderly, and those people the shitgibbon wants to pretend don’t exist (largely because they don’t golf). The chances of two women taking the political reins here is remote, given the misogyny which rules our capitol, and large parts of the country, but by all the gods, were women in charge here, we could see some actual improvements. We need housekeeping, and who in their right mind leaves THAT to the men?

    3. Melrick


      Politics in the US has gone to hell, politics in the UK gone to hell... I never thougjt I'd say this but I'm kind of proud of our mind numbingly boring politicians.

    4. BronxWench


      And I’m jealous of your exceedingly short campaigns and boring elections…. 

  4. All I ever really wanted out of life was to wake up one morning with Alan Rickman on one side, and Hugo Weaving on the other, possibly with the Glenister brothers in the next room.

    That isn’t happening.


    --- message ends ---

    1. BronxWench


      Oh, my goodness, what a delicious morning that would be! :wub:

  5. How did I miss this? And now I’ve spent my last fiver on dog food… roll on friday. *g*
  6. Well it seems like all the stress and extended working hours do take a toll after all, and the upshot of it all is that now I'm really not very well. And I still have lots of hours to work this week.

    I may be MIA for an extended period of time.

    I'm afraid to say I haven't been writing anything either – not a sausage – so updates to my stories are on indefinite hold for now. Sorry about that.

    Now, while I can, I am going back to bed. :(

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    2. Melrick


      It has.  But now I may have more computer trouble.  We’ll see if I need a new video card.

    3. pippychick


      Ugh… well, on the bright side, at least it’s not the entire thing that’s gone down this time. :hug:

    4. Melrick


      Fingers crossed.

  7. The time period you state could be important: the end of the medieval period and the beginning of the renaissance. A strange time to conjure a demon, when the world is moving away from superstition and towards reason. This puts your Lord at odds with the world around him. Perhaps (since he is a Lord and so would hold land), the demon is summoned to keep the serfs in a state more in tune with the middle ages, and therefore avoid any risk of rebellion, effectively extending the reach of the middle ages in the lands that are under his control. That could result in an interesting juxtaposition with the rest of the world/country outside the longer it goes on.
  8. Ok… I have some writing that could be used for this, however I’d have certain provisos. I could only do this if it was set after their schoolyears (ie. Draco and co. are over eighteen) It would be mpreg, actually phantom pregnancy, but still. If that doesn’t count as squick, how about BDSM, humiliation, and non-consensual voyeurism? What about physical changes (ie. becoming hermaphrodite)? Anything I write on this theme is likely to be heavily psychological. I don’t write in HP. Would you be willing to talk plot and canon to bring this about? A while ago I was toying with a collaboration that didn’t work out, and I wrote a couple of “scenes” for it. I don’t like having them hanging around, doing nothing. You can see a sample of my writing style here: http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600097968 If you’re still interested despite all those points, reply here or pm me.
  9. letter
  10. Hehe… I submit as evidence the current President of the United States.
  11. Well… It’s either (a) or (c) because the only way (b) could exist is if they were scared of you and your content… in which case, you win by default, being the only adult in the situation.
  12. Oh, sod it.. I am back! Kind of… as work permits.

    No, I haven’t written anything, but I miss being able to post status updates, which technically should count.

    Warning: personal politics

    So… this week. The only thing sadder than Trump still being President of the USA, is Tony Blair, war criminal, telling a group of people with cameras pointed at him that if only the British people rise up against Brexit, the government will have to listen to them.

    That’s a little optimistic of him. Why, I seem to remember… it must be nearly fifteen years back, when a million people “rose up” to say: “Please don’t kill innocent Iraqi children, Mr. Blair!” And at the exact same time as we gathered in Hyde Park, Tony Blair was explaining to parliament why he would be completely ignoring us.

    He also talked a bit about ‘direction of travel’ with regard to Brexit. Direction of travel, aided in part by him, is why we are in this mess. In some ways, direction of travel, aided in part by democratic presidencies, is why we are all in this mess. Direction of travel can be directly illustrated by the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor, that these generations (from mine onwards) are less well off than their parents, the rise in street homelessness, the breakdown in social care, charging for doctors’ appointments, the americans who had their homes repossessed and could not possibly be bailed out for a few thousand (or even a few hundred), while the bankers who caused the misery got billions… and billions. I could go on… and on.

    Back to Blair, it’s almost as if he paid someone to find as many ironies as possible for him to add into his speech, though we shouldn’t expect anything less from a man who was somehow – inexplicably – made middle east peace envoy despite causing unimaginable terror and suffering there. This is on par with making Trump a leader on women’s issues, or electing him a spokesperson for an alliance against police violence towards minorities.

    Yes, I do believe Trump and Brexit are part of the same phenomenon. I’ve got to. I’m no fan of Brexit, I voted remain, but as I listen to Blair and I watch the insincere wringing of his hands, I almost hope it happens. Just to spite him. Just because it will force people to either wake up or drift further into the nightmare we’re all heading towards. I’m in the bottom third (and probably in the bottom third of that). I’ve got nothing to lose except everything, and if things stay the way they are – if the direction of travel continues – I’ll lose everything anyway.    Right there. That’s exactly the sentiment that got Trump elected. It’s the sentiment that will see us leave the EU. I hope it’s not the sentiment that puts us (as I predicted a few months ago) on the wrong side of the next war in Europe.

    People of Britain and the US, please, do wake up. You can be anti-establishment without being anti-humanity. It’s not hard at all. It’s as easy as putting yourself in someone else’s place and deciding you’ll stand with them. We’ve evolved for this.

    Quite apart from all that, I don’t think the establishment mind Trump or Brexit at all, for all that people wish it. It kind of leads me to think they’re happy to use those things, as if the people have chosen their own diversion in a brand new game of misdirection, which leads to just one question…

    What the hell are they trying to make off with this time?

    1. BronxWench


      Frightening, isn’t it? Misdirection is a lovely weapon, and I think it’s being wielded with an extraordinary finesse which belies the actual input of either our tangerine faced shitgibbon or the mendacious war criminal on your end. Neither of them is a bright enough spark.

      There was a rather interesting editorial piece about Trump – Dana Milbank posited he actually thinks in tweets. It would explain a great deal.

    2. pippychick


      Just read the Dana Milbank piece, and I think he’s probably right. The most obvious thing about tweets is that they are not a conversation, or even really part of one. They are just statments. Given Trump’s style, this suits him down to the ground. He can say what he wants, regardless of his own blatant hypocrisy, and never be bothered by the viewpoints of others. :(

      I’d just like to add that despite potential commentary evidence to the contrary, I do believe in democracy. I just don’t think any of us have seen it for decades. I suggest Britain’s 1945 was just a blip. I believe in it, but I believe to have it – truly – and for it to be held accountable, we have to be willing to die to achieve it, and then defend it. Regardless of capitalism, truly accountable representative democracy would never allow the deep inequalities that exist in our nations, or in the world. In fact, delivering us from those evils would be most of the entire point.

  13. Zombies