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  1.  I honestly don’t see Trump hanging out with this group. 


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    2. FairySlayer


      Heh, I just re-watched a video from just before the general election in 2016 asking if it was even possible that Trump or Hillary could become the worst U.S. president ever. After listing several other asshole presidents they argued that GWB would probably hold that title forever. It all seems so quaint now. Also I guess SNL needs to make a new episode of “The X Presidents” too.

    3. GeorgeGlass


      Trump even makes Tricky Dick look good. At least he was only impeached once.

    4. FairySlayer


      Actually Nixon had just enough shame and/or intelligence to resign before the debate for his impeachment began. The only other U.S. presidents to actually be impeached were Johnson and Clinton (and there have been a bunch of judges, a senator and a cabinet member). I guess Trump really wanted to be able to say that he was the most-impeached person ever. Winning?

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