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  1. So I’m wondering: When I finish my She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fanfic (God help me), should I request a new category for it, or should I post it with the stories from the old She-Ra show? (Last post there was in 2012.)

    1. JayDee


      Thundercats only has the one category for all the series’ so it looks like there’s some precedent for sticking new series in with 80s series! I guess it’ll take a mod to give the decision :)

    2. GeorgeGlass


      I suppose it would make sense to put it in the existing She-Ra category, as it’s just labeled “She-Ra” and doesn’t include the “Princess of Power” subtitle that would make it specific to the 80s series. 

    3. BronxWench


      I think sticking with the original She-Ra category is certainly the quickest solution.