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  1. Made a weird discovery today: Someone has translated the first chapter of my SVTFOE fic “Star’s Crossed Lovers” into Spanish and posted it on Wattpad. My feeling of flattery is somewhat dampened by the fact that the translator neither asked my permission nor included my name with the post (although he/she does not claim to be the author).

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    2. GeorgeGlass


      Thanks for the input and sympathy, all. I decided to let the translator know that I am OK with the posting if he or she adds my name to the title or summary, but if that doesn’t happen within the next week, I’ll report the story for violating Wattpad’s community guidelines.

    3. GeorgeGlass


      Well, the translator has already added my name to the title and the summary and apologized for translating the chapter without asking my permission. I am satisfied, and I have given my permission to translate the rest of the story.

    4. BronxWench


      I like a happy ending! :)