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  1. Good grief! Thank all that’s sacred for 2017 being over and done! I’m so freaking exhausted mentally, emotionally, and even physically after that insanity of a year!

    1. BronxWench



      2017 is a year I’m glad to have behind me. The gods know it was a disaster from start to finish.

    2. Kurahieiritr


      Could not agree more if I tried. Reminds me of the Native American theory about the Age of Chaos where the world undergoes a massive shift that causes a lot of folks major grief and headaches. It’s part of the full Black Snake Prophesy stuff. The Age of Chaos is the make or break point for all life on land. So not a pleasant thought.

    3. GeorgeGlass


      Yeah, 2017 made 2016 look like 2015. :)

  2. Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    I know. Makes me realize that I’m getting too freaking old. The thought of half the stuff I loved as a kid being complete unknowns to younger people these days happens to be a constant heartbreak for me too. Times are changing I suppose, and brilliance in art has shifted with the turning tides. But, it was still a lot of fun to read as Dr. Who got drug into the mix and so forth. A very fun type of comic strip that I hope will remain with all of us for a long time to come.
  3. Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    You have an interesting context offered which means it would be far more entertaining than the by rote nit picked nuances of how many ruffles or darts are in the skirt someone is putting on that I was talking about from my own side of the debate. Not saying that a section on clothing can’t be entertaining to read if it is showcased through actions, and the obvious desire to not get dressed as you are describing here. Still, my experience is that if the actions, and motivations are not there, and the clothing is so focused upon and detailed that I for one want to puke long before the descriptions end, it is time to find a new story to read. Too much detail is as mind numbing as too little detail in many cases. Blank space and over defined alike tend to force the reader into a numb state of destroyed mental image production. When that happens, the reading can become as unpleasant and tedious as looking through a government written how to manual for doing your tax returns for crying out loud.
  4. Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    I looked this comic up and read it which was a howling cackling good time. Now this is a great strip. Thanks for sharing the entry link with the rest of us.
  5. Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    Tell me about it. I can always tell when someone is fashion enslaved by their writing out that much overkill about clothes, shoes, makeup and hair. Puts me to sleep because I don’t read fashion mags, and I prefer my characters to be dressed in under 3 paragraphs and on the move to tackle whatever little crisis is plaguing them myself. ROFL.
  6. Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    Agreed. I’ve seen too many of those 2 full page descriptions of every tiny detail of clothing and even the makeup process in depth and over baked on steroids. I cannot get through that kind of boring to save my life and always go back and find something else to read when I get one of those stories in front of me. It’s one thing to have 2 sentences of the active dressing stage because you know it’s a blue skirt and white top thanks to the arms motions and the like, but a detailed makeup tutorial and extremely detailed clothing is a snooze waiting to happen. At AO3 you will find people who insert fashion links to the outfits in the middle of the sentences which is yet another marker of Sue/Stu at times. They try to hide their Sue/Stu by avoiding the blatant markers in hopes of getting more readers, so you have to rely on the obscenely perfected other issues at times. I’d say in original fiction, the Sue and Stu line is ignored because there is no actual preconceived measuring stick to hold up to the writer’s work which is the biggest reason for the Sue and Stu downside. I’d have to agree that the Anakin to Vader story line can be seen as a Gary Stu to end all Stu’s since he is the paragon of virtues and light that becomes one of the darkest and hateful anti-heroes of all time. His children have to save him from his own rage and the like. Still, his place as an original character means that only those who write fanfiction will ever feel the bite of nasty comments for not staying true to Vader/Anakin instead of the man who dreamed up that particular archetype enhanced characterization. I’ve seen a few harsh comments about an OC on various sites, but the worst of the hatred seems to have died down a bit in the last 2 years for several reasons. It seems to be getting better, and is more about how poor a job the characterization is of late. Again, it comes down to the telling the readers that the character is awesome without giving any active proof and that implies that a generation of readers have begun to shift their focus from the direct hate and into trying to get writers to show things instead of give us massive paragraphs of no reason to believe it brand of how great their OC is overall I think. A stronger focus on show me the character acting out their greatness has become more of the variety of critical commentary these days. So it is being worded as a need for genuine exposition instead of cop outs, or we see the offending story being ignored and getting no reviews and comments as a whole it seems.
  7. Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    I recall those days and it was a horrible trend I’m glad to see gone. Well, mostly gone as a rule. A few hateful jerks will try it, but most readers refuse to read those stories so it is in death throws state far as I can tell. Fortunately a lot of the readers and even fellow writers stood up to such trolls, and I think that did a great service for everyone. I still think there is no substitute for research and learning the subject material to the best of one’s ability so you can write a strong story, but I also think that new writers need to be granted more leeway to learn characterization at times also.
  8. Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    Exactly, Bronx. M/F really is the biggest ball of hatred spewing class that I’ve noticed over the years. In terms of original fiction, there isn’t a guidebook that the fans have evolved to use against fellow writers, so they nitpick the fanfiction realm and spout some pretty petty and crazy hatreds at times for a variety of reasons. Especially if you pair an original with a canon character who is everyone’s favorite character for a series it seems.
  9. Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    @CloverReef Thanks for your kind words. Guess it is the presence I’ve had since the early 90’s in the fanfiction realm as a reader/beta/writer hobbyist during diverse time frames that is educating my familiarity with the flaming subject matter of the Sue and Stu issue as a whole. In terms of the socially normalized double standards, I’ve seen a correlation of F/F and M/F based writers having more trouble if a character is an OC, than for M/M (which is what I most often write if there is any kind of pairing allowed at all) so that is why I added it as a relevant point of reference. So I can see why you would be less plagued by such a problem as a whole because of writing M/M predominate story lines. Various fandoms have different tolerances overall to the OC characters, and it often has to do with fans feeling entitled to ship warring when it comes to Canon characters also. If you haunt M/F stories where the female is an OC and the male a canon is where the bulk of Sue bashing takes place. Especially with the hottie of the canon show being the love interest’s boyfriend. It’s that combination when you’ll start to notice more vocal written complaints about Mary Sue as a whole. At least that has been my eye ball experience of the fandoms involved that I tend to write about, or work with as a whole system. With shows like Slayers, the biggest arguments are about OOC behaviors of canons has been my personal experience of that particular series, as the bulk of the OC characters seem to be the bad guys, which is also a common thread for Fairy Tail and the more open to OC type characters for the fandoms as a whole. So nobody even considers putting canons from Slayers with non canon characters as a rule and that prevents Sue/Stu issues most of the time. So diverse fandoms have these unspoken yet very obvious rule books to what can and cannot be written happens to be an underpinning for the Sue and Stu variety arguments some fandoms have, while others don’t. Observation teaches you the rule book so to speak. The only fandom I’ve dared to write a M/F pairing for to date has been Fairy Tail. AT FFnet, I get some rather dreadful flames for putting the character of Lucy with anyone other than Natsu as an example of how Shipping wars of canon characters play such a determination for x Reader Story lines, and including OC characters in canon half shipping at least relieves and eases some of the vitriol you’d otherwise experience as a writer in that fandom at least. So it is more of a character specific complaint that a canon set forth interest is treated as a crack ship when anime and manga chapters specify otherwise as much as any other factor that encourages an OC character to be added to the Fairy Tail canon character romance smorgasbord in order to avoid the insane shippers who hate everything but their OTP for Fairy Tail at least. So my experience is that Fairy Tail is prone to canon specific pairing ship wars more so than Mary or Gary issues of making one of the partners an OC. Even Initial D has ship wars over which Takehashi brother should get Takumi in the M/M shipping ideals. An attempt to evade shipping wars can make an OC love interest very attractive to some writers for that reason. When fangirls get rabid enough, OC is the only remaining option if you wish to have romance in the story line for some fandoms. In others, there is zero tolerance though. So you have to take the underlying laws of each fandom’s tolerances into account to write in the anime/manga sphere at least.
  10. Been such a busy year over here that I’ve barely even had time to visit this site. I moved into a new place among other drastic changes.

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      In the free category, feel free to read the Halloween stories.  http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600108780

    3. BronxWench


      Sometimes I wonder what the gods are planning for us when they drop this sort of thing on us.

      :hug: and hang in there...

    4. Kurahieiritr


      Thanks for the link Disiderius Price.

      Bronx, I am looking at it as a purge year. The craziness has done much to clean out drama queens and negative folks that leach off others. So the Temple will be in far better stead with their ilk gone. Plus the temple can be in a better placement in the new bungalow place since we have a huge yard.

  11. Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    Great point about some folks enjoying the ability to write over perfected original characters. I find I’m tolerant of an overly perfected character that the canon characters gush over only so long as the situation proves they are worthy of the gushing gets shown to me. It’s the telling me that a character is something spectacular without adding any convincing activities that makes me irritable with the Sue/Stu variety characters. Such a feeling is a common enough argument against them as there is nothing to really make such perfected characters feel believable which is the whole reason for the bashing when you really consider the root issue that causes the discontented feelings in readers. I’ve seen a few writers who make very compelling Sue and Stu characters, but the compelling element truly is in having a strong grasp of characterization and showing the attributes in action that makes such characters a good and entertaining read. It is still a case of irritation for many fans whenever the perfect seeming, yet rather boring written out OC overtakes the canon characters abilities and makes the canon characters look incompetent in some fashion. Outshining the canon characters in fan fiction is when the most complaints of Mary Sue characterization happens as far as I can tell. Whenever an OC earns their place through activities, so is okay to outshine the other canon characters, a lot fewer grumbles are heard from the fan base in many cases. It also seems to depend on what specific show or genre/series you are looking at writing from what I’ve noticed as a writer of numerous animes/mangas. Some fandoms are very accepting of a Mary or Gary, while others are exceptionally intolerant as was commented upon about an LOTR site within this thread. Initial D is not very accepting because of the unbelievable American take over of the fandom class 14 year old writers making their fantasies of being great drivers without ever having driven disease. Zero real research also adds to the likelihood of hatred for an OC overall. Like was described here, the over described clothing and similar aspects drive readers into mental corners, and that also plays a huge role in the Mary Sue bashing. Gary never gets half so much block paragraph descriptions as a rule. He’s allowed to move around more while being described unlike Sue which is trapped within a rigid series of overblown details most of the time. Anime/mangas like Fairy Tail tends to have a fandom that will applaud the crazy OC perfected character with fair ease and adoration so long as the character’s magic is within bounds, and they have a perceived flaw somewhere in their make up. Stuff like Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin fandoms are another free for all where Mary and Gary can thrive because the fandom tends to make everything into AU type stories and ignores canon-verse. So I think a lot of the real Mary and Gary variety complaints have shifted due to the fandom based readership in many cases. I see some fandoms being very intolerant like Initial D, while others are more open to the OC who’s a bit too perfect or over the top enough to place a canon in the shaddow so to speak. Additionally, there seems to be a phenomena that is very much anti-female original character oriented so there’s a hint of a double standard society has created at work in the deeper levels of psychological kickback experienced most of the time. It is rare to see the same level of vitriol spewed toward Gary Stu characters as a whole even when they eclipse a canon character too far that I’ve noticed over my years of being a fan fiction writer. Flames due to Mary/Gary characterization may also be a powerful factor in the uptick in Canon Character x Reader stories as a whole because it removes the ability to complain and hate an OC that someone has written into a fan fiction also. Due to pressure to not get flamed and screamed at, the “x Reader” craze has gained a solid toe hold and is not likely to vanish any time soon. So in a strange twist of fate, we have the emergence of a secondary way to engage readers while making it impossible to spew OC hatred with the sudden surge of x Reader story lines. I know Devianart is in overload with x Reader tales of late, and you have to wade through a lot of stories to find canon x canon or even canon x OC type stories over the last year.
  12. Initial D Yaoi Keisuke x Takumi- Rivalry Revealed Series

    Thank you for letting me know. I’m glad you have, and I hope you enjoyed it. Will be revising to remove the Japanese words from it at some point since those got so many people mad at me. No idea when I’ll get to that again however. But I have not abandoned these stories. I simply have had too much on my plate to keep a roof over my head to have any energy for writing much of anything for a while now.
  13. Initial D Yaoi Keisuke x Takumi- Rivalry Revealed Series

    I will complete the Initial d stories some day now that I know it is getting read. Have the hard drive slaves to get the series off of the bad computer hard drives. So once I get that equipment unpacked, I can at least find the stories on the old drives. Going to take a while though. We moved in March. So I have no idea which box has the salvaged hard drives right now. Glad you let me know that you like the stories and are getting after me to finish them though. When I stopped, it was because the oldest members of my extended family died out that year. Kind of an overwhelming mess since I became the family matriarch. Then I got talked into writing for Fairy Tail with a friend of mine. Hahaha. My bad that I forgot to complete these stories.
  14. Very long time no see. Things have been crazy. Lots of changes started in March. Been a rough year.

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    2. Kurahieiritr


      Same as last round, the elders all seem to be determined that they are dying as groups. Another married couple within 3 weeks of each other, and so forth has been the norm this year. Moving into a bigger place and other things also been on the catch up list.

    3. BronxWench


      Sorry to hear the craziness continues unabated. :(

      But maybe the move is a good start in getting to a quieter, more productive time for you. :hug:

    4. Kurahieiritr


      The new place is great. No leaking/rotted out ceiling collapsing. Is all that matters to me. The boys have their own room, and I have a bathtub to soak my messed up hip. May still be holding the different families together all the time, but I am not afraid to sleep at night.

  15. Initial D Yaoi Keisuke x Takumi- Rivalry Revealed Series

    I had no idea that anyone was even reading the stories to be honest. When we had 10 elders die over a few short months, I put it on the back burner. Truth is that without any idea people were still reading it, I completely forgot about it in the aftermath of sorting out wills, possessions, and helping get homes cleaned up and sold. When you have a full generation of old people dying, and five generations to deal with in most cases, writing takes the back burner when nobody reminds you of projects. Otherwise it is a very bad case of extreme exhaustion as often as not. I will finish it some day, no idea when though.