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  1. The Spellbook (Beast Boy/Harem fic challenge)

    Really, how?
  2. Straight Shota Story Ideas

    Okay then.
  3. Straight Shota Story Ideas

    Which one(s) you were thinking of doing it?
  4. Harry Potter and his big-breasted harem Challenge

    Just left a comment (my username there is “Clamanath”)
  5. Harry Potter and his big-breasted harem Challenge

    Okay, thanks for informing me.
  6. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    I sent him a message and he told me:
  7. (Bold text = Idea by Snake_King) The idea for this fic is that Tarot and her sister Raven Hex are also Lily Potter’s sisters. When they find out about Lily and James’ deaths and about Harry being sent to live with Dursleys, they decide to live next to their house, occasionally popping in to make sure Harry is treated well. They also sometimes visit Harry during his stay at Hogwarts. Because of their relation, when Harry reaches a certain age, he’s starts going through some sort of magical puberty. This results in Harry becoming well-endowed (can be between 12 and 20 inches), as well as starting to have wet dreams that involve him having sex with Tarot, Hex, as well as voluptuous versions of his female friends. To help deal with this and the stress of Voldemort’s threat, they decide to take Harry to an adventure. During their adventure, they find a strange spellbook in a dark wizard’s lair. From there, they take it with them to discern what it does, and with the help of Ginny and Hermione, they discover what it does to girls and women and Harry has a good time with it, while trying to keep it hidden, as well as keep himself from being tempted to use it for the wrong reasons. Requirements: The girls that join Harry’s harem that are also Hogwarts students gain this outfit. With the book, Harry makes all the girls in the harem well-endowed (with the exception of Tarot and Hex, who are already busty enough). Breast size references: Tarot: Teddi Barrett Raven Hex: Lily 4k Hermione Granger: Chelsea Charms Ginny Weasley: Ariane Saint-Amour Luna Lovegood: Maxi Mounds Cho Chang: Minka Fleu Delacour: Beshine Angelina Johnson: Miosotis Claribel Alicia Spinnet: Kristina Milan Katie Bell: Kristi Lovett Lavender Brown: Tiffany Towers Nymphadora Tonks: Penelope Black Diamond Narcissa Malfoy: Kayla Kleevage Bellatrix Black: Mistress Rhiannon Andromeda Tonks: Casey James Parvati and Padma Patil: Jeannetta Joy Rita Skeeter: Sarenna Lee Fay Dunbar: Amy Anderssen Susan Bones: Sabrina Sabrok Amelia Bones: Brooke Blue Hannah Abbott: Lolo Ferrari Pansy Parksinson: Wendy Whoppers Tracey Davis: Letha Weapons Romilda Vane: Summer Cummings Su Li: Sakura Sena Astoria Greengrass: Delz Angel Daphne Greengrass: Busty Dusty Apolline Delacour: BB Gunns Gabrielle Delacour: Deena Duos Minerva McGonagall: Melonie Tipps NO pegging, no watersports, no scat, no bdsm, no rape, no futa, no pregnant sex.
  8. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Maybe because if he gets one, he will somehow obtain the power to bring Lily back to life? Is that good?
  9. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    I was gonna suggest that maybe while those two are permanent, his powers wouldn’t be so he would need to keep the amulet to have them, but that probably wouldn’t make sense, so this idea is better. Sounds good.
  10. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    It would become a part of him permanently. How about this: instead of a prophecy, he goes through a magical puberty that makes him well-endowed. He also inherits a special spellbook from his mother that will help him with seducing women.
  11. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    My idea for the Batman Beyond fic is that Terry’s younger brother Matt somehow gaining superpowers (either through an amulet given to him, or by coming in contact with a meteor), becoming well-endowed and getting a harem. The idea for the Harry Potter/Tarot crossover fic is that Tarot and her sister Raven Hex are also the sisters of Harry’s mother Lily, and after she dies and Harry is sent to live with the Dursleys, they decide to keep an eye on him by moving next to them, both to make sure that he’s treated well, and because they’re planning to teach him about sex when he’s old enough, as part of the prophecy that states he will defeat Voldemort also states he will have a harem.
  12. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    I have an idea for a Batman Beyond fic, and for a Harry Potter/Tarot crossover
  13. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    So… Is anyone familiar with Batman Beyond? Or with Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose?