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  1. The boy and the Haunted House challenge

  2. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Damn. How far did you go with the ones you did try writing before getting distracted? And which ones you tried to write Snake?
  3. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Really? Which challenges you tried to write?
  4. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Yeah, me too.
  5. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Those are some pretty neat ideas!
  6. Sadly no. Maxwell hasn’t responded to me since 2015
  7. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    He will be someone in the background, but he will know about Matt being a superhero.
  8. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    He will appear
  9. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    What’d you mean? They would become buxom and cuvaceous due to the amulet.
  10. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Yes I would have Dana and Terry having broken up before the events of the story, but they would still be friends.
  11. Straight Shota Story Ideas Discussion Thread

    Okay then.
  12. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    They would be characters from Batman Beyond.
  13. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    I was thinking he could be like a mini-Superman (with Super strength, flying, resiliency, super speed, x-ray vision, super hearing, etc...)
  14. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    So this is what I wrote so far. Why’d you think, needs any fixing? “After saving an old lady from a mugging, Terry’s younger brother Matt finds a strange amulet. When he gets home and puts it on, the amulet shows him a holographic projection of a woman that tells him where it came from, a planet where its people had superpowers. The amulet explains that it was made by one the residents of the planet, who was planning to come to Earth and made the amulet to retain his powers since they don’t work on Earth. However, the amulet detected its creator’s evil intentions, and escaped to find someone who could use the powers contained in it for good, and chose Matt because it saw him helping the old lady. During this conversation, Matt feels the power of the amulet coursing through him, but also notices a strange feeling in his crotch. He also notices the hologram’s very sizeable bust. When the amulet finishes its story, it talks about all the powers that Matt will now have. She also reveals one more thing about the citizens of the planet: they’re very well-endowed, and when they get to Earth, their endowments disappear, and the amulet was not only supposed to make its creators powers work on Earth, but keep his endowments intact. Matt then undoes his pants and finds that indeed his dick is now much bigger than before. Meanwhile, the creator of the amulet arrives on Earth, and seeks for it.”
  15. This is a thread to discuss the stories that have been written based on the ideas from my Straight Shota Story Ideas thread. Western: Alien: Gym: Gym Sluts (by JusticeForAll) – After a humiliating experience at school, Tommy decides to hit the gym! On his quest for thinness, he meets three ripped, busty women, who take quite an interest in him. Pirate: German lady: Punk Girl Gang: Policewoman: Bully: Hillbillys: Amazon tribe: Ninjas: Knight: Hot Day: Prostitute boy: Prostitute boy (Idea #2): The pimped out wiz kid: Assassin: Maid: Butler: Babysitter: Giga people: