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    Gravity Falls Adult Version Challenge

    Okay. Anything else?
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    Gravity Falls Adult Version Challenge

    Nothing at the moment. Wanna suggest something?
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    Gravity Falls Adult Version Challenge

    Just like my other “adult version” challenges, this challenge is of an smutty retelling of a cartoon, in this case Gravity Falls: Dipper: Straight Shotacon version: Dipper is the same age he is in the show, but has a 20 inches long dick, which somehow stays hidden in his pants (except when he has an erection). (Text in Italics are ideas related exclusively to this version) Straight Shotacon Femboy version: Similar to the above, but he has a more effeminate body, with wide hips and a not huge, but still bubbly butt. He also has a slightly more girly voice and wears a short top and hot pants. His body causes him to be flirted by a lot of the men in Gravity Falls (and even some women). Sometimes he will still be flirted even after telling them that he’s a boy. (Text in bold are ideas related exclusively to this version) Manly version: Dipper is 18 years old. He has a muscular appearance similar to chillguysdraws’ Big Dipper. (Text with underline are ideas related exclusively to this version) Mabel: She’s 18 years old, and is Dipper’s older sister rather than his twin sister (they still share the same birthday). She and Dipper have an incestuous relationship, but she is willing to share him with other women. She sometimes has a ponytail, similar to chillguydraws ’ “Maboobs”. Breast size reference: Chelsea Charms Wendy: She’s is a bit more muscular than she was in the show. She sometimes likes to dress Dipper in women’s clothing. Breast size reference: Beshine Pacifica: she’s also 18 years old in this AU. She has much thicker figure based on chillguydraws’ Thiccifica design. She becomes infatuated with Dipper when she first meets him, and hides it by making fun of him alongside Mabel, making jokes about how he must be “compensating for something” due to his figure. Breast size reference: Kayla Kleevage Candy: she’s also 18 years. She and Grenda are dating, but they have an open relationship, meaning they’re okay with each other sleeping with other people. Breast size reference: Minka Grenda: she’s also 18 years old. She has a muscular figure and a more feminine yet still butch voice. She likes to fuck Dipper in the amazon position, which he doesn’t mind but it’s sometimes embarrassed by it. Breast size reference: Penelope Pumpkins Tambry: She has one of the biggest bubble butts which sometimes pops out of her skirt when she bends down. Breast size reference: Miosotis Claribel Shandra Jimenez: During the Mystery Shack’s reopening; she asks Dipper if they can meet somewhere private so she can interview him. He takes her to his room, where she reveals that it was just an excuse so she and he can have sex. When she has sex with Dipper, she films it and sends it to Toby Determined hoping that it would make him leave her alone. Breast size reference: Cindy Fulsom Pacifica’s friends (here the black one named Jennifer and the white one Tiffany): They like to tease Dipper by rubbing themselves against him and making innuendos about him and his dick. Ironically, despite how slutty they act towards him, they’re actually virgins and become nervous when they’re about to have sex with him, leading to Dipper teasing them in return. Breast size reference: Spantaneeus Xtasty (Jennifer) and Ariane Saint-Amour (Tiffany) Giffany: She becomes a real person whens Soos burns the disc contaning her game. Breast size reference: Amy Anderssen Priscila: She sees her daughter having sex with Dipper and decides to join them. Breast size reference: Deena Duos When Dipper flirts with Emma Sue, the Corn Maze Girl and the Log Land Girl, he not only gets their numbers but also a blowjob from them. When they meet up again at Mystery Mountain the three girls start fighting over Dipper. Dipper then suggests they have a foursome which the girls accept. Breast size references: Letha Weapons (Emma Sue), Summer Cummings (CMG) and Tara Jamson (LLG) Darlene: After her defeat, she follows the gang back home to have her revenge. She sees Dipper having sex with one of the girls and decides to make him her mate. Breast size reference: Maxi Mounds
  4. thebooblover

    Ben’s Haunted (Sex)Adventure

    Plot: Taking place years after the original show, a now grow up Ben is dating Wednesday Addams. Wednesday is part of a group of girls referred to as "The Creepy Girls" by the residents of the town they live in because they find them creepy. The group includes: Kylie Griffin from The Extreme Ghostbusters Lydia Deetz from the Beetjejuice cartoon Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Gaz from Invader Zim A human Raven from Teen Titans They're also accompanied by Wednesday's cousin Marylin Munster, who is the only one from the group that the town doesn't consider creepy. Ben's relationship doesn't sit well with his cousin Gwen. Gwen's friends, who are Jade Chan and Penny Gadget, tease her by saying it's because she has a crush on Ben, but she insists that it's because she believes Wednesday might be a bad influence on Ben. Kylie is planning on shooting a movie with her friends. They meet up at Wednesday's house, where she asks Ben to buy for her an amulet at the local pawn shop that's she's thinking of using for the movie. When he leaves, he sees Wednesday's mother Morticia talking with her sisters, who are Lily Munster and Elvira. When he leaves the shop, he's spotted by Gwen and her friends who decide to follow him to know what he's up to. While he waits the girls’ finish their discussion, Ben decides to put on the amulet, which he notices has a description that reads "Those with the blood of gods shall receive the heart of kings”. Unknown to him the amulet contains a magic stone that's capable of giving power to anyone that wears it. The amulet also detects any women on the surrounding and also gives them those powers, as well as makes them attracted to the wearer of the amulet. Because Ben puts it on, the amulet sends a wave (that nobody can see) that affects him, Wednesday and her friends, as well as Morticia and her sisters. Gwen and her friends are also affected by it. It seems at first that nothing happened, but as everybody goes home and go to sleep, they can't help but feel a tingling sensation on their bodies. The next day, Ben is shocked when he sees his body is a bit more muscular than before and that his dick has grown (can be between 12 and 20 inches), while the girls are shocked when they see their bodies are more buxom and curvaceous than before. This leads Kylie to add fanservice in her movie, before deciding to add full blown graphic sex scenes. The girls also find themselves with powers, with them deciding to use to occasionally help Ben (as well as a little bit for their own personal gain). The amulet also causes their secret feelings for Ben to become more pronounced. When they confess to Wednesday, she says she always thought about sharing Ben with the girls and that she’s okay if they want to pursue him. Thought she does get a bit weirded out when her own mother and her aunts and especially Gwen also pursue him. However, a five-member group composed of females from the following alien races: Vladats Transylians Loboans Thep Khufans Ectonurites Seek the amulet, wanting to use its powers to take over planets, starting with Earth. They also think about convincing Ben to become their mate  The climax takes place on Halloween, the day Kylie was planning to premiere their movie in the town’s local movie theater (she made an edit with non-graphic sex scenes to show at the theater). The aliens abduct Ben, manage to deactivate his Ominitrix, and send an army of monsters when the girls come for his rescue. Meanwhile Ben distracts the aliens by having sex with them. The aliens use their technology/the amulet to give themselves human forms to make them more appealing to Ben: Vladat: Vampira (from Plan 9 From Outer Space) Transylian: Bride of Frankestein Loboan: Werewolf Thep Khufan: Pharaoh Ectonurite: Ghost The girls manage to rescue Ben and defeat the aliens and they decide to keep them as their “pets”. To celebrate their victory, Kylie has a private screening at Wednseday’s house, where she shows the unedited version of the movie. This leads to an orgy between Ben and the girls. Alternate story idea (based on suggestions by Red Light Zone): The plot is similar, but Ben and the girls are already well-endowed and they’re already in a poly relationship. Instead of looking for an amulet to take over the world, the alien girls are looking for a mate. They spy on Ben and the girls and decide to have him become their mate. In this version, the aliens possess the gem of the amulet. When Ben goes to the shop to buy the amulet for Kylie’s movie, they replace the fake gem in the amulet he was going to buy with their own. When Ben puts it on, he’s transported to their ship, where they activate it, leading to them controlling Ben’s mind. The girls go to Ben’s rescue, fighting the aliens’ minions before confronting the aliens themselves. In this version, the girls are already strong enough to fight them instead of the amulet giving them powers. Requirements: Suggestion of artists to use for reference of the women’s thicc bodies: Shiin Joelasko thePIT CerberusLive/Wilko O-mac Victor Rinaldi Turk128 Sun1sol Lordstevie Hecchidechu/Balak Jaeh Graphicbrat DevilHS Deuce Shonuff44 Boobdan Hexamous Witchking00/Hentaicolors Bigdad WinterWarning Morticia and Lily are widows, both Gomez and Herman having died before the story. NO pegging, no watersports, no scat, no heavy bdsm, no rape , no futa, no pregnant sex
  5. (Bold text = Idea by Red_Light_Zone) Plot: In a mystical land, Hiccup as a child has witnessed his village being invaded by the army of the tyrannical queen Grimhilde. His father was killed and his mother strangely disappeared, but he managed to get away, helped by a spirit. Desiring revenge, the spirit leads him to someplace where he can be trained in sword and sorcery (his mother was a magic user, and he inherited her ability to use magic) and one day defeat the queen. During his training, he finds a dragon egg, from which inside a night fury is born, from which Hiccup names it Toothless. Years later, when a grown up Hiccup finishes his training, he’s visited by the spirit that helped him that reveals itself to be his mother Valka. She explains to him that when Grimhilde’s army invaded their tribe, they were accompanied by Hilde’s personal sorceress Maleficent. Valka and Maleficent had a magic battle, which Maleficent won and placed a spell on Valka, turning her into a spirit. The spell can only be broken if Maleficent can be defeated. Valka used her magic so she still has the ability to have a physical form, but only temporarily. She tells him that there still one lesson left for him to learn, saying that she’s gonna teach him about sex, as she is sure that he will meet many women during his journey. When Hiccup undo his pants, Valka is pleased that he appears to have a 12 inch cock just like his father, only to be shocked when it grows even bigger/to 24 inches when hard. Hiccup starts his journey and, as his mother told him, he meets many voluptuous women that join his quest, as well as become his lovers: Astrid, Ruffnut & Heather, three Viking girls who have been ostracized by their village because of their "un-Viking-like" bodies and want to defeat the queen to prove themselves to their village. His own dragon Toothless, whom, he finds out, is a female dragon when he encounters a stone that gives her the ability to turn into a human. Mulan, another warrior who trained alongside Hiccup and became infatuated with him. Taarna (from Heavy Metal) and Julie (from Heavy Metal 2000), two bounty hunters originally hired to kill Hiccup. Helen and Violet Parr from The Incredibles. They were fighting a villain who sent them to this dimension. Merida, the former princess of the DumBroch kingdom that was taken over by Grimhilde. After the kingdom was taken over, she and her mother (her father was killed during the takeover) formed a community of other citizens that have their homes taken over and/or had their loved ones killed by Grimhilde’s army including: The former Queen and princess of the Arendelle kingdom Elsa & Anna. Anna was married to prince Hans, who was in cahoots with Grimhilde and helped her in taking over the kingdom. Kida from Atlantis The Lost Empire Moana who was on her quest to give Te Fiti her heart back., hoping that Te Fiti would help save her island Mavis and her mother Martha from Hotel Transylvania, Chel from The Road to El Dorado Chicha, from The Emperor’s New Groove Pocahontas Rapunzel and Gothel The Daughters of Scotsman. Here they’re Merida’s childhood friends who grew up to become her bodyguards as well. He will also use his sexual prowess to "defeat" Grimhilde, Maleficent, as well as the female subordinates the queen will send to stop him: Jessica Rabbit and Holli Would, here they are two former humans turned succubus that were summoned by Maleficent Maleficent’s fellow sorceress/witches Madam Mim and Gruntilda The captain of the queen's army Tamora Calhoun. Daughters of Aku, who here are referred to as the Daughters of Maleficent. Their back story is that Maleficent once visited a cult that worshiped her. She seduces and beds the High Priestess, using her magic to impregnate her. Queen La Shego and Kim Possible. One of Drakken’s machine accidentally sent them both to a different dimension and into Grimhilde's personal chambers. From there they were both drafted into her forces as personal agents, Shego willingly while Kim had to be intensely brainwashed. Requirements: Suggestion of artists to use for reference of the women’s thicc bodies: Shiin Joelasko thePIT CerberusLive/Wilko O-mac Victor Rinaldi Turk128 Sun1sol Lordstevie Hecchidechu/Balak Jaeh Graphicbrat DevilHS Deuce Shonuff44 Boobdan Hexamous Witchking00/Hentaicolors Bigdad WinterWarning NO pegging, no watersports, no scat, no heavy bdsm, no rape , no futa, no pregnant sex Optional/Suggestions: Mowgli and Shanti from The Jungle Book also live in Merida’s community (Mowgli is a still a kid like in the movie, while Shanti is much older). They also join Hiccup on his quest, with him and his group teaching them how to fight. While looking for Hiccup one day, Astrid asks Mowgli where he is. Mowgli is about to tell her that he didn’t see him, but gets distracted by her cleavage, getting an erection in the process that Astrid notices it and she’s surprised when she sees that despite his age, he has a huge 12 inch dick, leading into them having sex and being joined by Shanti. She tells Hiccup what she found out, and he suggests that she and the other girls could teach him about sex. The world The characters inhabit can be a mix of magic and science fiction
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    Matt the Hero (Batman Beyond Challenge)

    There, thanks for the remind!
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    Matt the Hero (Batman Beyond Challenge)

    That depends on who ever takes the challenge.
  8. (Bold text = Idea by Guest Heilbron) Plot: After saving an old lady from a mugging, Terry’s younger brother Matt finds a strange amulet. When he gets home and puts it on, the amulet shows him a holographic projection of a woman that tells him where it came from, a planet where its people had superpowers. Holo (how Matt decides to call the amulet’s hologram) explains that it was made by one the residents of the planet, who was planning to come to Earth and made the amulet to retain his powers since they don’t work on Earth. However, the amulet detected its creator’s evil intentions, and escaped to find someone who could use the powers contained in it for good, and chose Matt because it saw him helping the old lady. During this conversation, Matt feels the power of the amulet coursing through him, but also notices a strange feeling in his crotch. He also can’t help but keep noticing the hologram’s very sizeable bust. When Holo finishes the story, it talks about all the powers that Matt will now have. She also reveals one more thing about the citizens of the planet: They’re a race of visually flawless, well endowed, and physically powerful people that we’ll just call the Adonisins (like Adonis) exist on the outer edge of the galaxy. Due to the strange esoteric energies produced by their planet, the Adonisins learned to harness it for their own, turning them into the beautiful powerhouses known throughout the universes. However, this was their kryptonite because while they were able to go to other galaxies with their powers, they couldn’t get far as they relied too heavily on their planet’s unique energy. If they remained out of planet for too long, their bodies would grow shriveled, weak, and impotent. But not many bothered to leave as the planet’s energies made them biologically immortal and took their need for food and sleep. So they mostly stayed on their world and fucked each other senseless, but there would come a day when one Adonisin would grow greedy enough to figure out a way around this weakness. This greedy Adonisin created the amulet to not only make his powers work on Earth, but keep his endowments intact, but the amulet become sentient and detected its creators evil intentions of taking over worlds and makes harems of their women, and decided to escape and find someone that would not only use it’s powers for good, but also treat any women that will join a harem with respect. Matt then undoes his pants and finds that indeed his dick is now much bigger than before (can be from 12 inches to 20). With the help of the amulet, not only will Matt fight crime alongside his brother, but he will also seduce the following women: Max Gibson Dana Tan Melanie Walker Bobbi “Blade” Sommer Chelsea Cunningham Mary McGinnis Aquagirl Big Barda Amy (from the “Return of the Joker” movie) Jackie Wallace (from the episode "Earth Mover") Karen Foley (from the episode "Armory") Trina (from the episode “Payback”) He will also seduce some of the villainesses that him will face with his brother, including: Queen Inque Curare The Dee-Dees Dottie Tayko Deanna Clay April Corso (from the episode "April Moon") Freon (from the episode "Heroes") Sable Thorpe (from the episode "King's Ransom") Cynthia (from the episode "Terry's Friend Dates a Robot") Tigress (from the episode "Splicers") Miss Winston Meanwhile, the creator of the amulet, using a prototype of the amulet that only allows his powers to work, arrives on Earth, and seeks for it. Requirements: The amulet makes the women buxom and curvaceous. Breast size references: Max Gibson: Jeannetta Joy Dana Tan: Casey James Ten∕Melanie Walker: Maxi Mounds Mary McGinnis: Brooke Blue Chelsea Cunningham: Beshine Bobbi Sommer: Tiffany Towers Aquagirl: Kristi Lovett Big Barda: Vicky Little Amy: Lolo Ferrari Jackie Wallace: Ariane Saint-Amour Karen Foley: Spantaneeus Xtasty Trina: Lisa Lipps Queen: Deena Duos Inque: Penelope Black Diamond Curaré: Mistress Rhiannon The Dee-Dees: Teddi Barrett Dottie: Minka Tayko: Kayla Kleevage Sable Thorpe: BB Gunns April Corso: Sarenna Lee Freon: Chelsea Charms Deanna Clay: Amy Anderssen Cynthia: Bianca Beauchamp Tigress: Miosotis Claribel Miss Winston: Melonie Tipps NO pegging, no watersports, no scat, no heavy bdsm, no rape , no futa, no pregnant sex. Optional/Suggestions: Matt can either be the same age he was in the show, or he can be older. The supersuit that Matt gains has a special fabric that can hide any bulges caused by its user’s proportions, which hides the bulge caused by his grown cock. The amulet can transform any fabric of clothes into that same fabric (Matt uses it on his clothes to hide the bulge caused by his grown cock, as well as on the clothes of any women in his harem to hide their new bodies) Or if the women in his harem want to flaunt their new proportions, the amulet has memory alteration powers that Matt can use so that people won’t question their new proportions too much Some of the smut scenes can also be between solely the women. Possible super powers for Matt: Super strength, flying, resiliency, super speed, x-ray vision, super hearing generation of energy and making of energy constructs He also uses it to gives powers to the women in his harem that don’t have powers. The order of the women he seduce is up to you
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    Hiccup the Overlord discussion thread

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    Hiccup the Overlord discussion thread

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    Hiccup the Overlord discussion thread

    Okay then, these are some interestings ideas, but have you started writing the story?
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    Hiccup the Overlord discussion thread

    Okay so to recap, what have we got?
  13. I’ll leave it for you: link here To do it, you have to press the icon that looks like a chain.
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    The Spellbook (Beast Boy/Harem fic challenge)

    Actually this challenge was written before MoonLobster wrote that fic. Also that fic was a reward for a raffle that I had won, with the idea I suggested to them being inspired by these drawings by shiin.
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    Total Drama High School (A Cody Harem Challenge)

    Wanna talk about them through the messenger?