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  1. Akakiru

    Truth and Dare

    Done https://archiveofourown.org/works/29973108
  2. Akakiru

    Challenge discussion thread

    Well no to: Strap-on, Femdom, Futa, Guro, Otherwise no problem can be as lewds as fuck, with as many kink likes Watersports, Smell.
  3. Akakiru

    Challenge discussion thread

    Want to write a fanfic with Mom Wonder Woman. Just had no idea what to do to make it Lewd
  4. Akakiru

    Challenge discussion thread

    Well i myself did some fanfic writing and thought about something truly new. But used most times the canon looks easier to write, only use different looks in Yaoi.
  5. Akakiru

    Minister Harry and Secretary Percy

    Yes Woman can be to in it, just that Percy tries to surpass them
  6. Akakiru

    Minister Harry and Secretary Percy

    Both like Umbridge adn messages. Percy can be the only one or others too. Like Lucius, Draco or even Percy’s own family. And yes Percy becomes more Slutty, to out slut the others for favours
  7. Minister of Magic Harry Potter X Sluty Secretary Percy Weasley Percy wanted not to be just some lucky guy in the Ministry, no. He wanted to be Minister! Well that wish ended as Harry Potter Black was forced to become minister and gave them back structure, peace, prosperity, and justice. Well time for plan B. Being the bachelor Harry's sluty secretary for favours. If Lucius Malfoy got them from Fudge he too could do it with young Harry. Percy's clothes https://domskazok.info/pics/aHR0cHM6Ly9pbTAtdHViLXJ1LnlhbmRleC5uZXQvaT9pZD0yZmIzNzM1NmYzNjYwYzdiNTc3NzEyMWQ0YmI3NjViNS1sJm49MTM=.jpg
  8. Would Yaoi work or allowed, and less of the females??
  9. Akakiru

    Lost canvas yaoi request

    Alone or Hades??
  10. Akakiru

    Uncaring Angry Mikoto

    There are several fics with Mikoto surviving the Uchiha Massacre, but no with Mikoto hates Sasuke and gives him the fault. Without him Itachi wouldn’t choose the village over the Uchiha. Mikoto married in the Uchiha Clan and isn’t a Uchiha after Itachi she was in a Coma and woke up after 2 years. It ended that she has to raise the suddenly totally arrogant selfish Sasuke and starts to hate him. This story could like that here a few ideas I would like to see happen. Mikoto would always treat him like a weakling, always conparying him to Itachi or even Kakashi. Mikoto starts to feminize Sasuke. Like giving him questionable clothes, like girly panties, and waxing his body hair. Sasuke is tiny, limp and came quickly. The OC or can even be Kakshi, Naruto or even Haku should be HUNG, no more than 14 inches, no less than 9.
  11. Akakiru

    Top Naruto x sub Kiba x sub Akamaru

    He Stays Dog but can be both
  12. Akakiru

    Top Naruto x sub Kiba x sub Akamaru

    Naruto/Kurama finally shows Kiba and Akamaru that he is the Alpha in Konoha and that was done by him fucking Kiba and making Akamaru clean Kiba's ass of his Cum and make them clean his cock together. And then marking both with his Piss. Theme: Bestiality, Piss, Gokkun, Mindbreak
  13. Akakiru

    Truth and Dare

    Penis Awe to Hung Billy Batson, and Cock Worship After a mission everyone somehow gotten into a modified game of Truth or Dare that had everyone answer the Truth questions but only one person doing the dare. Billy just didn't exept to end naked. And that everyone couldn't take their eyes away from his cock. BP; Bonus Points: If Harly Quinn to finds it out. Liked her and Billy in Injustice BP: for size queens others and feminization of Beast Boy, Robin and Kid Flash
  14. Warcaft Kalecgos X Jaina X Aggralan Aggra the Mate of Thrall works together with Jaina, to help her worshipping her Boyfriend Kalec's huge double Dicks.
  15. Yes like that. For look of the Son just use MCU Thor or so.