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  1. So, how do you tell someone politely to stop pointing out your mistakes in every chapter you post without sounding like an asshole…? Dude, okay, I know: three other people have pointed this out to me! Stop editing my fucking story! *grumbles*

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    2. Keith Inc.

      Keith Inc.

      “Thanks, but your editorial efforts are not necessary.  I have three editors who will beet me with a riding crop every time i make a grammer misteak.  So far, they have not begun to suspect that i disperately NEED those beetings!  STOP CRAMPING MY SEX LIFE!”

    3. KoKoa_B


      I’m dying over here :lol::rofl:

    4. Keith Inc.
  2. Asked for a bit of advice and got chastised with the whole “love is love” speech. Not what I asked for but whatever… *works on new story*

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    2. KoKoa_B


      lol alrighty

    3. Melrick


      Writing it like a so-called “regular relationship” sounds boring to me, which means reading it would be likely be equally boring.  I wrote an incest story that I was determined to make sound as plausible as possible, which wasn’t all that easy, but that was the fun challenge, and the end result was that it did come across as plausible, which made the whole result just that much more satisfying for me.  So writing it just like a “regular” incest story would have been painfully dull for me.  Plausibility is what gets me worked up.

    4. KoKoa_B


      Thanks, everyone. I don’t want to make it regular, regular; just something that will be a bit believable and won’t anger the LGBT members. After talking to several people, I now know what I need to do and how to write this couple :D 

  3. *Dusts cobwebs off thread and coughs* Here ya go! Chapter 2
  4. 14.1: A Surprise Development One or two more chapters left before the end!
  5. A new chapter for Beyond the Milky Way! 14.1: A Surprise Development! One or two more chapters left before the end!

    I want to thank those who put me in their thoughts last month. It really means a lot, honestly. :) 

  6. I’m back to posting chapters! Two new ones for Beyond the Milky Way :) 

  7. Posted two new chapters: 13.1 and 13.2
  8. I shared a huge post on Facebook about it but long story short, my “distraction” was I finally became pregnant but now I’m miscarrying. I’m trying to go back to my normal ways but it is so hard and I am grieving. I just want you guys to be patient with me as I go through this, if you’ve been reading anything of mine.

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    2. GeorgeGlass


      So sorry, KoKoa_B.

    3. Melrick


      I have no idea what to say to something like this, other than I hope things turn out much better than expected.

    4. BronxWench


      I am so very, very sorry, sweetheart. If you need to talk, PM me, or poke me, or email me. Grieving is sometimes all we can do, and it’s a hard loss as I know all too well. My love is with you, and my prayers. :hug:

  9. 12.3: A Realization
  10. 12.2: Esperia
  11. 12.2: Esperia AKA, new chapter for Beyond the Milky Way! That’s, what? 30 chapters? Yeah… it’s getting lengthy…:P 

  12. 12.1!
  13. It’s the beginning of May and I present to you a new chapter! :D 

    12.1: The Closing Ceremony

  14. It’s been a while since I’ve updated… and it feels funny to say that when I usually don’t update but every four months! But, I got distracted and hopefully that will be the last time. 

    Anyway; 11.3 is up :D