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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve updated… and it feels funny to say that when I usually don’t update but every four months! But, I got distracted and hopefully that will be the last time. 

    Anyway; 11.3 is up :D 

  2. 11.3: Solitude
  3. 26 chapters in! 11.2: Pheromones
  4. 11.1: The Mating Ritual
  5. 10.2: The Courtship
  6. I gave you guys a three day break! 10.2: The Courtship is up and running! :D 

  7. 10.1: Father Figure
  8. I’ve written a lot of chapters for this one. Technically, the 22nd chapter: 9.2: Secrets 

  9. 22 chapters in! 9.2: Secrets
  10. 9.1: The Rerecro
  11. 9.1! It’s been a few days, but I’ve been going through some stuff and yeah… 

    Happy Camp NaNo Month, by the way! Working on part 2 of Beyond the Milky Way, in case you were wondering ^_^ 

  12. Just posted 8.3! Halfway done? Possibly...

  13. 8.3: Goodbye
  14. 8.2: Survival up and running!