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    The Summoner's Destiny

    I’m back (sorta)! Just a small idea that kept running through my brain… Author: KoKoa B Title: The Summoner’s Destiny Summary: As Janet dives into the virtual world of Your Fantasy, the latest MMORPG game, she finds out that she and thousands of others are trapped inside the world. The only way out is to defeat the entire game but with the announcement that bosses would be added at random intervals, are the players stuck forever? Feedback: Yes, please! Fandom: None, Original Pairing: Just OCs Warnings: Fingering, Het, MiCD, Violence (others may be added later) Solo or Chaptered Story: Chaptered URL: The Summoner's Destiny Review Reply Thread: KoKoa's Discussion Thread
  2. I’m back with a new story! The Summoner's Destiny is actually a little test story, something to get out of my head for the moment. Got the idea while watching Sword Art Online and I couldn’t resist! 

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      Welcome back! 

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    Original or Fanfiction?

    Thanks, BW! I forgot all about Jumanji and Tron….
  4. I feel stupid. Because of many reasons but I’ll get straight to the point. I started a story that is loosely based off of Sword Art Online. There are no characters or settings from the anime/manga, only the same premise (virtual reality gamers stuck in the actual game, in case you’re wondering). There might be a couple of scenarios that will be similar but I’ve honestly haven’t made up my mind about that yet. Do I still put this under Anime/Sword Art Online or can I put this under Original Fantasy/Adventure?
  5. I never thought I would ever use this thread for myself… I finally did it. I’ve joined the ranks of the published. Grant it, it’s self published but thrilling all the same! It’s late but hey, people will read Christmas stories year round! My novella romance, My Funny Valentine, became live on Amazon today. You can get it in paperback or ebook form. The cover done by our own @ChrissyQuinn and editing and proofing by fellow AFF writers/vets: @CL Mustafic and @Tahn (Gonna copy pasta from Tahn because her blurb of my book is WAY better than my own...): Terri is getting divorced from her adulterous husband and decides to treat herself by buying tickets to see her favorite celebrity who is speaking on Valentine's day. During an upsetting phone conversation, she hears a British voice ask if she's ok. It's a voice she knows. As her eyes meet those of her dream man, something sparks between the two, but when his wife shows up, all hope is lost. Or is it? His wife has a proposition for Terri, become Anthony's companion when he is filming in America. Does she dare accept this once in a lifetime opportunity, and will it prove to be too good to be true? AUTHOR PAGE!!!
  6. XD I thought I made it clear that the cooking was done…?
  7. Yay: I’ve updated Maid for You!  ^_^ 

  8. I try not to although I will admit that this is the first time those two things have been brought up in my writing. Sometimes, we need a dose of reality...
  9. Another chapter for Maid for You! I only have one reader but for future references: make sure you guys check out the reply post to see my responses to your comments! :)

  10. I will admit that chapter was a bit on the short side but of course, there’s more to come!
  11. lol as am I so we’re in trouble depending on each other for reminders Not a bad idea, honestly
  12. Roll Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide!!!!!!!!