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  1. Well, then… it’s been a WHILE since I’ve updated this thing. If you’re following along on here, then you have 6 chapters to read before getting to this one: Mistletoe
  2. New chapter for my DC Shorts book: Mistletoe. Part of a 25 Days of Christmas Raffle I’m taking a part of on Deviant Art :)

  3. It feels so great to be back on my desktop! I was in Alabama for the Thanksgiving holiday and I just… I am MUCH more comfortable in my own home (as I should be, right)! 

  4. Conversations
  5. New chapter for Unconventional: Conversations! Please enjoy! 

  6. I’m in… I suppose. I’ll fill in the details a bit later: have to figure out a story to submit
  7. Decided to do a writing prompt, since my muse wouldn’t let me work on NaNo… DC Prompts! Be sure you click on to read the next chapter as well :D 

  8. Check out my new chapter for Unconventional (or not, I’m not all that picky...): Dinner

  9. A happy belated birthday to our DemonGoddess061!! {PSST, how do you tag people…??}

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  10. Blueberry Muffins
  11. New chapter for Unconventional: Blueberry Muffins (I’m running out of ideas for chapter titles already...)

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  12. I’m so glad you think that lol! She’s opening up little by little to Zay
  13. New Chapter!