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  1. That feeling when beta reader 1 says the stuff you have sounds good because she goes wherever the author wants to their readers but beta reader 2 says there’s too much information being thrown all at once and everything is difficult to follow. TT-TT

    Time for some (hopefully) quick edits!

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    2. CloverReef


      I'd offer to take a look at a snippet for you, but I have a tendancy to be tough on background info so there's a good chance I'd be on beta number 2s side lol.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @Kei0523 That’s a very interested reader, cherish them!  

      For me and my stories, I’d definitely pay attention to a “too much” comment.  It’s *way* too easy to write an information overload, because you know your story, you know your details, your style, and so it makes sense to you, and perhaps a faithful reader.   Unless words are at a premium, I’d be considering breaking that apart, either in multiple scenes, or simply shifting some of the less important details to later in that scene (or even other scenes).  And the beginning of a story is much more susceptible to this.  That’s my two cents.

    4. Kei0523


      Haha valid points all around! ^^

      I tend to be unnecessarily descriptive and provide too much detail or information all at once. That was one of the hardest challenges with the first fic I posted on AFF. That roadblock is what ended up fueling my hiatus because I knew exactly what I wanted for the climax of this one scene, didn’t want to give up a single detail, and in the end I had to accept the fact that it just didn’t mesh well with how I wanted to present the ending of the story.

      Many thanks, both of you! This truly does help! :D