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  1. i have a feeling now that yashahime came out, that there will be alot of shessy/rin shippers coming our way. maybe even i will write a fanfic...who knows

  2. only good thing that is happenening in 2020 is that all walmarts are closed on thanksgiving and there might not be a black friday this year! thats kinda sad not that i think about it, but eh!

  3. forgot to post this but on may 21st at 5:05am, my sister had her baby! 3lbs 5oz 13 inches! Adeline Bernice Rose! PROUD AUNTIE! they are keeping Addy at the hospital til she reaches 7 pounds! 

  4. kagome26isawsome

    Inuyasha story's

    after a quick search on the pit….. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1804736/1/Quiet-Temptations https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1574621/1/Keep-Me-Warm https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1464681/1/Deep-within-Lies-the-Truth hope these are the right ones!
  5. OMG OMG OMG! there is an inuyasha sequel coming out! but only inuyasha and sessys kids!! OMG OMG OMG! 

    1. Thundercloud


      I totally agree. Beyond awesome!

  6. well shit..that didnt work out the way i planned it...scratch that damn idea! ugh. 

    1. InBrightestDay


      What was the idea?

  7. i swear i am going to be writing alot for my own prompt! lol! 3rd day of self isolation and i already got most of a new story done! lol probably post it in 4 days when i am off again! Hopefully i will not be affected. hate being an essential employee

    1. InBrightestDay


      Believe me, I know how you feel (I work at a grocery store).  On the bright side, at least we’re still getting paid.

    2. kagome26isawsome


      true. but i dont work in the grocery part. I hopefully will not have to cut a shit ton of fabric tomorrow cut my DM sent me a picture of all the good fabric gone! finally i might beable to get the top shelves done!

    3. InvidiaRed


      I got the special designation of skeleton crew essential. The hallpass thing is annoying as hell. But, having a magic paper is better than having security “politely” requesting you to go home.

  8. kagome26isawsome

    lets have a little fun with the COVID-19!

    anybody else?! gonna want to keep this going for as long as the virus is going! lol I have another one in the works!
  9. kagome26isawsome

    lets have a little fun with the COVID-19!

    awesome! thanks for participating! will be reading it soon!
  10. so my state just issued a ‘stay at home’ order for everyone except essential people. so i had to go on my DAY OFF to WORK to get my HALL PASS and badge just in case they start checking people out if they really need to be outside or not! yea fun fun

    1. InBrightestDay


      Sorry to hear that.  Hopefully things get better for you soon! :)

      P.S. Almost done with my story for your prompt.

  11. Weird that it took a writing prompt that i started about the virus to get back to writing lol. my New story is up!

  12. kagome26isawsome

    Can never be too prepared

    Author: lia200304 Title: Can never be too prepared Summary: Sheldons always been prepared. always. so what happens when there is a panademic?! Read and find out! Feedback: Always welcome! Fandom: Television>1 through F>The Big Bang Theory Warnings: none Solo or Chaptered: Solo URL: http://tv.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600099663
  13. kagome26isawsome

    lets have a little fun with the COVID-19!

    http://tv.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600099663 here is mine. it is long. lol thanks to @InvidiaRed for participating!
  14. so this popped into my head yesterday while at work, why dont we write about our favorite OC or Cannon charaters dealing with the corona virus! It can be funny, or serious! heres what i am thinking so far but will change! post links here when you are done! im working on the big bang theory one! PRompt: one chapter no limit on how long or short it is just have fun! yes you can kill characters off or give them hilarious senarios! Lets bring happiness to others who might be stuck at home or stressed about this stupid panademic. HAVE FUN!
  15. Anybody else feel like writing a story about their favorite charaters dealing with this virus or is it just me! a new BBT fic might be in the works!

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    2. kagome26isawsome


      i mean @BronxWench or @DemonGoddess wouldnt mind if i set up a prompt for others to try! 

    3. BronxWench


      I don’t have a problem with it!

      Put something in the Writer’s Corner thread, like we do with the Hallowe’en and Holiday collections, but instead of setting it up as a collection, you can just challenge others to write a COVID-19 story in their favorite fandom, and maybe link back to the thread so others can read what they wrote.

    4. JayDee


      Good idea – need to self-isolate those stories for at least 14 days!

      “I’m… I’m not detecting any fever in fact, according to this you… you’re dead. You’re too cold, you have no pulse.”

      “I told you not to bother fucking testing me, cabron. I’m only here for a snack. Sleeve up.”