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  1. kagome26isawsome

    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    I am in. this might be fun to do!
  2. ok so i need prayers, my mother has stage 3 kidney disease, and my uncle had a stroke last night. i swear someone put a curse on my whole damn family. bad things keep happening! i wish i knew who did it or a counter curse or a way to break the curse! this is starting to piss me off!!!

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    2. BronxWench


      I’m so very sorry, sweetie. If the prayers of a crazy old pagan are welcome, you’ve got them! :hug: 

    3. GeorgeGlass


      “You go to hell, counter, you cheap-ass hunk of laminate!”

      That’s the only counter curse I know. I hope it helps. 

    4. kagome26isawsome


      thanks BW, george and inbrightest day. sucky part of my moms stage 3 kidney disease is she found out on the hospital website that you use to see when your schedules are and test results. the doctor hasnt told her a damn thing about it! my uncle is still in Milwaukee hospital, probably going to be moved rehabilitation place. he cant talk at all! prayers are appreciated! :D

  3. finally got back on here and the pit just to delete some more stories. *sigh* i wish i knew where my motivation for writing went! or if i will ever get back to it

    1. JayDee


      I too feel that strong urge to delete stories at the pit. None of them mine though.

    2. pippychick


      I know it seems impossible to find sometimes, but it will come back one day. I have no doubt.

    3. InBrightestDay


      I second pippychick’s statement.  I just went through a period lasting several months where I barely got anything written at all.  Now I’m getting at least a little of my story done each night.  It may not seem it, but I’m sure your motivation will come back. :)

  4. ended up deleting not only 1 but 2 or more fics i was not happy with. but working on a final TBBT fic based off the last episode! fingers crossed! SHENNY FOREVER

    1. JayDee


      I hope you feel better ‘bout how the new one turns out! I know the feeling where you look back at work and think “Fucking hell, look at this shit,” but I’ve just taken the attitude that if I have to suffer it then whoever is silly enough to click on one of the bad stories can too.

  5. well there you have it, the big bang theory is over. might end up deleting my pregancy fic (dissatisfied with it now) but might write a new one shot based off of last nights episode (shenny of course) who knows….

  6. WTF mother nature?! come on now! not even 5 days ago it was 70! you need bi polar meds or something. seesh!

  7. kagome26isawsome

    The big bang theory shenny

    i finally found it! its called the Experimental drug trial!
  8. listening to music to try to get back to writing. going to try to re rewrite chapter 1 of my pregnant fic again. fingers crossed.

    1. JayDee


      Good luck!

  9. kagome26isawsome

    The big bang theory shenny

    still havent found this! if anyone could help!
  10. kagome26isawsome

    Kagome x Sesshomaru kidnapped by Naraku

    your welcome!
  11. kagome26isawsome

    Kagome x Sesshomaru kidnapped by Naraku

    http://inu.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=544189724 its called Tortured love by rinseternalsoul! i just finished reading this! lol
  12. been back to work for two days and boy did i get fall asleep when i got home! i slept 13 straight hours! lol my body isnt used to working again! lol

  13. you know its cold when the bars in Wisconsin close! -60 windchills! I unfortantly have to go to work for the first time in 3 weeks and freeze my a** off! lol if i call in, it will count against me! ugh!!! 

  14. good news! stitches came out today! i can go back to work on Wensday!! but first! celebrating the last 4 days off and also my birthday! i cant believe i am 34! sheesh

    1. JayDee


      Happy Birthday! Great news on the stitches too.

    2. Laevi


      Happy birthday to you too, and congrads on the stiches removal!

    3. kagome26isawsome


      thank you guys! 

  15. woot! first draft of my revised story ‘coitus conundrum’ chapter 1 is beginning to form!! woooooot!!! once i redo all the chapters, i am going to delete the old story and upload the new one! *fingers crossed*

    1. CloverReef


      Atta girl! 

    2. kagome26isawsome


      ty clover. :D