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    I think its probably a yes to that question. The gov't is conducting a study as to how to make things better, but I dont' see any improvements in the near future. The study is drawn out over 3 years.
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    Writer's Block From Hell

    I haven't written anything for ages. Got caught up in the well, its a long story, anyway, eldest made a demo reel, and had Stargate Atlantis come knocking on her door, and number 2 just had her cap and gown tonite, and wouldn't you know it I'm about to go PMS-ing pretty damn soon, I can feel it in my bones, so I'm looking for rattlesnake head to bite down on for the next little while. Things happen. Sometimes you just aren't meant to write. Sometimes you aren't meant to read. Sometimes, you are just meant to be. I'm not going to worry about it. Hell, I never worried about it for the entire time I was raising my family and had nothing to write...hang on a tic. There was that drug abuse, and the weird cult, and even that murder....well, Sometimes life is just too damn interesting
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    Happy BirthDaz!

    so,...21? for the 5th time?
  4. I don't know, little one. Life is sometimes a great tragedy. My grandmother told me the story of a woman who had children from a previous marriage, yet her second husband wouldn't even allow her to feed those children, only the ones he made with her. Bizarre. Although that has nothing whatsoever to do with your story, it reminded me of this one. People are strange sometimes. Sometimes, the reasons are very apparent. Righteousness can be a hard thing, I think.
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    Immigration rules suck. We have an electrical engineer from Tanzania working for us and one of his visa restrictions was that he couldn't work without something or other but we had to pay him what his education was worth. (*Wha....a?) so...yeah. I'm sure American schools are okay, but meh, if you are a doctor somewhere else in the world, expect to drive taxi here. (frickin mumbo jumbo is what I thought it all added up to.) Very bad immigration rules.
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    I put down "I don't know" My daughter recently had this woman move in as room mate, (the other had gotten married and moved out), and she is a piece of work, she is. Even speaking room-mate wise, the dynamics of relationship is extremely (How shall I put this?) IN NEED OF GREAT DIPLOMACY. married? I can't see it. Having studied some aspects of polygamy in the one Ethnology course I took, it was generally agreed upon that on the outside, one man many women was a mere chattel/status symbol amoung the cultures who practiced it, but in reality, the man had a big headache trying to support these women while at the same time "servicing" them in a diplomatic way. Usually favorites came up, and inevitably bad feelings between the women became more and more tense as time went on. Nurturing a loving relationship in this way is difficult. I suppose in this day and age of reproductive control, one would think that this would be a good thing, especially considering that the probable outcome of war is fewer men and greater number of women. When war is over, women are left all by themselves, which is a sorry thing as far as I can see. Dildos don't always fill in the gap. On the other side of the coin, the culture that accepted one woman many men (for instance, in the Himalayan mts, where land is scarce), in order for the land to be kept in the family, the men of the family would marry one woman and share her. This arrangement is made with the two families present, and (well, it was on a recent "Discovery Channel" program, probably "National Geographic", and I took this in Ethnology as well), the woman told the interviewers that she wished the entire world had such a system. There is nothing lewd about it, but again, very diplomatic and practical arrangements, and not one made out of love or emotion. *You know, I was going to answer this quite simply, but rather rudely, and say: "only if they're not fat and ugly", but I thought twice, remembering this nugget of info I wanted to share with you. I think that the Inuit also had a system of wife-swapping/sharing, but these practices varied from tribe to tribe. Amoung the Mormons, it was generally agreed amoung the people that this was financially a good arrangement. Personally, I would not want to be the one to keep track of the family tree. One would have to be very careful about inbreeding and such.
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    Peception: A discussion of Good and Evil

    I might bite...oh, wait, nevermind...the second torrent is done. Sorry to keep you in suspenders, although, hamster really spelled with a "p"? back in a while...or maybe a few days.
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    Reading or Writing

    well, I had a long heart-to-heart with the Creator of the Universe (yesh,so it lasted less than a minute, it seemed long!) and He said to me: eyes are not meant for this. Eyes were created to acknowledge the work of nature. So I pondered that a while. So why am I here still? Aside from my itchy palms, (wherein everylast one of you is beneath the flat of it!), forgot what I was going to say. I hate that when that happens. It was a really good punchline too. Oh well. *OH! (what do you know, the "Darker Than Black" torrent is finished!)
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    Virgin Scenes

    I er...took the liberty to interview my husband about guy's first experience, and he said that the first time he did it, he was taken aback by how wet and sloppy she was, and he lost his hard on immediately! (Mind you, he was quite young at the time and knew nada! about girls) (He was 13..."I didn't even have hair on my balls!" he said) As for doing someone "gudentite" (as he so glibly puts it), he says that it can be painful for the guy if his foreskin gets pulled back too much. (if your character has a foreskin, I guess). There you have it, so far. (Where was this thread when I was 20?) On the other hand, there was this other guy I talked to once, and he said that all he and his girlfriend did one night was kiss. It sounded beautiful.
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    500th Post!

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    My New Childish Love....

    Me, Final Fantasy background music. Not even any words...Sheesh.
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    500th Post!

    Okay, don't you guys have like, bread to buy and clothes to wash? I'm warming up my spankin hand. (this is like birthdays, right? The birthday bumps/spanks, what have you?)
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    Biggest tax cut in Florida history

  14. Okay, Anne Rice as an example. I've read one of her books, and found it a rip off of some ancient witch idea. Mind you, most elements of the story were original, but is there really anything new under the sun? I find her tiresome and dark and I hate her settings. I find its the same with any other author. They all have their inspiration. Even Shakespeare ripped off the Greek mythologies for his material. (I guess though, the authors were long dead.) When it comes to someone like Tolkien, though, I think that I'm glad his wishes were adhered to (he didn't want it made into a movie) (while he was alive). But even so, he took his ideas of "what was the proper way" to write a fantasy from whatever source he deemed pure. We all have our own ideas. I think that money is what rules the copywrite. It's not like we're talking about Marconi here, although its the same principal.
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    Angst/Fluff Ratio

    Angst 80% Fluff: zero. the rest is filler. I can't write fluff. Someone's got to be bad sometime or other, and then it's either on to the next life (death) or spank. guns, knives, near-death experiences....I love the edge. Reading fluff, however, YES!!!! well-written romantic stuff. (I'm a total softie)
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    Peception: A discussion of Good and Evil

    In reality, evil is shoddy workmanship. It's the truth. Ask any engineer. Pure evil. (man, I love this sig so much!!!!)
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    Powdered alcohol invented

    that reminds me of the "non-alcoholic" beer (at .05%, not much of a kick, but excellent for use in pizza dough)
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    Care Bears in war!, you are not.
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    Peception: A discussion of Good and Evil

    "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known." A Tale of Two Cities... that's what this reminded me of
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    Sister's Playgirl My Age: 22 Model: John Denver. Mental rape meter: 10 (still looking for brain bleach strong enough) (Colonel Mustard in the dining room with a hatchet)!
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    Random Question

    Randomer! "I thought those were edible!"
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    Gay Bomb

    I had the priveledge of being an employee of an ex SAS sargeant, (who had many a tale to tell, as you can well imagine). The armies of the world, trust me, have a more straight-forward strategy when it comes to controlling another army, or manipulating an entire country. It can and has been done by simple bank-robbery and skull-dudgery. Remember "Mission Impossible"? "If you get caught...."
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    the answer is "yes". If you've cheated in your mind, you HAVE cheated. I have MUCH to answer for. The first betrayal happens in the mind. There is no doubt about it. "Well, he's not there for me, therefore, I'm not there for him." (or vice versa) Yes, it is a dangerous road we traverse, for it is far from noble. As soon as one can blame another for their transgression, responsibility is relinquished. Standards that we held dear are suddenly as flat as the carpet upon which you wipe your muddy shoes... And btw, what book was it that you were reading WFK?
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    Gay Bomb

    Has someone in the upper echelons been reading our orgy posts???!!! (oh please please please, is someone on this site (who likes slash, obviously) in a high-up Gov't position?)
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    Bad Titles

    There's one in the original section that popped up today, "Love and broken heart's" (sic) I have enormous fun with titles, although I was intimidated when I first came here, thinking I had to make up a title for each chapter! I had to laugh when I read the chapter title for one of the orgy posts: "Ch 45: Chapter Titles Suck"