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    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Maybe...when I was drunk...a really long time ago. I COULD have. Cannot stand to do dishes, so leave the table (after eating) as quickly as possible
  2. StoryJunkie

    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    Well, I wish I could say I was her. I've diguised myself as so many others, but no one can duplicate the Master. (Er, the Mistress?) Probably Quamp
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    Word Association Game

  4. StoryJunkie

    Finish The Sentence Game.

    she looked dead already, standing there with that blank look on her face. Darn it , I forgot the______________________!
  5. StoryJunkie

    The People Above And Below You

    ^ Overworked, and underpaid < Inexplicably happy. (The world could end and I wouldn't notice insanely happy) < Lies a lot V Finds time to enjoy the small things in life
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    Title Share

    Thunderball (Book by Ian Fleming)
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    Who Wants To Play With My Wii?

    LOL. Guy who invented that name must have had English for a second language. Is anyone that naive?
  8. StoryJunkie

    I Am...

    I am doubtful it will last I am more optimistic when my assistant gets back on line. I am also doing laundry. (Or, at least, loading a machine to do it)
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    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    We like torchure. (I did that on porpoise) Neither me nor my husband has red hair, however, two of our daughters do. How is this so?
  10. StoryJunkie

    I Am...

    I am having a strange urge to watch FMA again. I am happy to be a fool here I am a review junkie
  11. StoryJunkie

    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    HA! It is eye, redsliver in disguise! (On whom does the sun shine next?) I'll guess REDSLIVER!
  12. StoryJunkie

    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    As carelessly as possible. Is there any way to stop the wind from blowing?
  13. StoryJunkie

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Guilty, but only because I'll read anything and get off on it. (One way or another) Secretly likes reptiles.
  14. StoryJunkie

    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    It is eye, Chibi in disguise. PolyWolly all the day
  15. StoryJunkie

    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    Only when its rarely done. Does everyone have two sides to their personality?
  16. StoryJunkie

    I Have Never....

    I think I looked at it once, although I can't be sure...(I am getting old and tired, bent and busted) the tome was intimidating. I thought if I took it off the library shelf, and I lost my grip, well, let your imagination run wild... I have never ever in my entire life ever um oh crap. OK... bought a subscription to a tawdry magazine
  17. StoryJunkie

    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    ans#1: because you've got writer's block dahling, a condition we are prone to because winter gives us cabin fever. ans#2: because stories have a beginning middle and end, but in life, stories just keep going on and on and on... Why do I hate housework so?
  18. StoryJunkie

    Finish The Sentence Game.

    ...........we all tried playing our instruments under water. Just as things were getting interesting___________________________.
  19. StoryJunkie

    How The Hell Did This Happen?

    I think that in this society, one of the worst things we can do is judge a young girl for being pregnant. Because there is SO much information out there, and so many ways of preventing such an occurence, people become really surprised and shocked when it happens. My brother's wife's mother's mother was married at 14 and had like thirteen or fourteen children. Nobody thought it was unusual. They lived on a farm, and raised their children. What's life about anyway? Sometimes I think we live in such a crazy society. We don't take care of one another properly. What is love? Condemning her, or accepting life as it comes? Birth control pills are made from the piss of pregnant mares, so who wants to eat that? It can't possibly be good for your body.
  20. StoryJunkie

    Poll: Sexual orientation

    I put down "Whatever the Hell I want" because I'm just that way. However, that doesn't mean good taste has gone out the window. I obsess mostly with m/f, heavily on the m/dom side, but I've written things with f/f, m/m, m/boy (because it happens), but not necessarily because I get off on it. I teased Falcon once with a nasty peice where an old man got it on with a young guy (I knew it would twist her mind) while flying on a horny dragon who also became "aroused" I laughed my head off at her reaction. (so, was that m/m/m?) I really think that the world is a varied and wondrous place where all kinds of things happen. I don't have to promote it, but I don't turn a blind eye, either. And I don't write for myself. I discovered that here. And yeah, same as Agaib, I'm glad the site has speeded up (whew! what a wait.) But I'm disappointed as to where the heck "Original" went to. I hate it, in fact. (I would swear now, but I like this site too much)
  21. StoryJunkie

    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    wow, you're good! I'll try Chibishiva again I know she's hanging around out there somewhere....
  22. StoryJunkie


    Well, I suppose, if you were tossed naked into His throne room, you'd know what we mean Some of those Sci-fi stories about alternate universes aren't that far off Just because we have no means of ascertaining that is is there doesn't mean it isn't. After all, we have only 5 senses. whispers creepily: "It's standing right beside you!" Have you ever seen the part of "What the bleep do we know?" where the scientist thinks thoughts at water, freezes it and photographs it? It's actually quite an interesting experiment, however, I wouldn't mind repeating it myself, because who believes in movies anyway?
  23. StoryJunkie

    Explain Your Avatar

    ok, demos, that was kind of lofty. Don't confuse us. I've noticed that shippo has changed. If, in the future, my avatar changes, please note that at this moment in virtual time, it is a picture of a kestrel (not Amercan, which has more blue around the eye) (I added that last bit, since I've had someone try to tell me it was a red-tailed hawk, "or something", but red-tailed hawks, obviously, would have RED TAILS!) (They also have white bellies) I think this bird of prey is representative of creative flights of fancy, yet it is not meek. And it eats rodents. And man can tame it. But man must wear gloves to do it. EDIT (May 25th, 2006) I've changed it to Abarai Renji from the anime Bleach. He kind of looks like Christ, doesn't he? He's just had the crap beaten out of him by Kuchiki Bayakuya, (Rukia's brother) Or maybe just had the crap beaten out of him by Ichigo. Either way, his HAIR is DOWN! Man, they drew him hot! (However, he is not my favorite character, since he is such a rooster) Edit: (July 30th 2006) Cupid and Psyche. Aren't they the cutest? Edit: (Sept 2006) That chick from Gokusen (live action) She's deadly