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  1. For The Sídhe’s Apprentice:



    From InvidiaRed on September 25, 2020


    Delightful, Its alittle heartbreaking that its only a short rather than a opening chapter to some doubtlessly amazing book.


    Thank you! I have a lifelong fascination with the Sídhe, being mostly of Irish ancestry, and it’s always fun to lay in their world. I will confess, since this was a story that was published, it benefited from the attention of an excellent editor, who always makes me sound far more accomplished than I really am. But I’m always happy to entertain! :lol: 


  2. Speaking from the increasingly uncomfortable vantage point of being female, let’s toss Logic on its long-suffering head, please, because Logic is standing there with hands on hips and insisting that sex is 90% mental for most women. If the head isn’t into it, it’s not ever going to be earthshattering, or wonderful, or even remotely addictive. Yes, hormones are involved, but not in the way you seem to think.

    While estrogen, progesterone, and especially testosterone have an effect on causing a woman to desire sex, increasing those hormones doesn’t have the end result of increasing sexual desire. Estrogen makes you look feminine, and progesterone is essential to carry a pregnancy to term. Testosterone can affect sexual desire, and yes, women make and use testosterone. Increasing it would however have some nasty side effects, unless you like very masculine, hairy, infertile women.

    Unless you want to dabble in the feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin, which makes you happy, or dopamine, which makes you feel good, or oxytocin, which seems to induce cuddling, I’m not seeing a way to use hormones in any logical manner. There isn’t a way to medically/neurochemically/biologically make this happen without taking that leap in the fantasy this truly is, and try to create something that will allow readers to suspend disbelief long enough to not want to skillet into insensibility both your character and you for creating him.

  3. Author:  BronxWench

    Title: The Sídhe's Apprentice

    Summary:  Alistair Brady just wanted to be a wizard like his grandfather, which meant studying magic with the prickly and dangerous Sídhe. He never planned on falling in love, until he looked into the icy gray eyes of his new tutor, and discovered another kind of magic.

    Feedback: Yes, please!

    Fandom: Original Fiction

    Warnings: Anal COMPLETE Fingering MM Oral

    Solo story or chaptered story: Solo


    Review Reply thread:

  4. You should be able to add tags, but once the story o is posted, you need to add them manually. The dropdown works only when the story is initially posted. The field should allow you to click on it, and type in the story tags. If you’re having trouble, let me know what tags need to be added, and I can do that for you.

    As a side note, you will need to remove any reference to making money on spinoffs from the disclaimer. It sort of invalidates the whole point of not making money off someone else’s copyrighted materials when you contemplate profit from a fan-adaptation of a fan fiction, since it’s still not your intellectual property.

  5. 3 hours ago, Guest Euryphaessa said:

    Is there any way i could get access it to download it, it is one of my favorite stories?

    We do not allow, and never will allow solicitations to download hard copies of stories pulled by authors, nor will we allow offers to distribute hard copies of stories pulled by authors. We respect both the author’s ownership of their intellectual property, and their decision for removing a story.  At the very top of this and every other Search request category, we clearly state the following:

    If you know the piece of fiction that someone is searching for is removed from the site, but you retained a personal copy, please do not pass the story around. If the story is taken down either by the Author or Moderator staff there is a reason behind it that must be respected.”

    Those are not idle words. Any further requests for copies will be deleted, and could result in account deletion for registered users.

  6. 15 hours ago, Guest Guest said:
    1. tried to set up an account but don’t have an archive profile but some help on how to get on would be nice
    2. no it would not be a personal issue if it includes NTR just trying to put in more unique stories out there and a cheating kushina is one of my favorites like #2 is where kushina and/or the other females love sex but they don’t fall in love with the guy and instead just complete the mission after and #3 is the same but kushina has no love for minato only naruto and she is trying to keep him from finding out her “secret activities” she does. (sorry if that too much would love some input on these stories from anyone)

    We have a FAQ for that:

  7. Posting this from the archive:




    Hello! This is Dhampir.


    Never Broken, Only Bruised is my story about Duo and Quatre being slaves and Heero and Trowa are undercover police.


    My computer broke and I had deleted it off here--the only place I had ever posted it--So I've completely lost it.


    if anyone has saved it, please contact me because I'd like to pick it back up again. 




    We do allow authors to request copies of their own works, so if anyone can help this author, contact them or the staff, and we’ll pass along the information.

  8. Why can’t you leave a review? This member appears to allow anonymous reviews, which means you don’t even need to be logged in to your archive account to review. You need to click the link at the bottom of any chapter in the story, on the lower left corner, which will read “Review May and Caroline” and a text window will open up. You type in the text window, click the “Post Review” button, and your review appears.

  9. :bash:

    I’ve been a moderator here for nearly ten years now, and I honestly think this thread has done more damage to my brain cells than anything I’ve encountered to date in the entire archive.

    For anyone reading along, we are not paying anything for fiction on this archive, and no one is allowed to solicit payment for anything on this archive. If anyone asks for money, or wants you to contribute to their Patreon, or any other self-funding website, please report it.

  10. It was more than three years ago. It was bad enough that the site owner, the head administrator, and the archive moderation staff collectively agreed that it was possibly The Worst Idea EverTM and would never be repeated at AFF. 

    And just because I am an absolute glutton for punishment, I have to ask. What in the Nine Hells are “Satoshis” and who do you think would actually pay that proposed $0.69? We are a free archive. We don’t make any money running this site, so we’re certainly not going to pay anyone.

    Seriously, even my publisher doesn’t pay me by the word.

  11. And I’ll repost what I said in the beginning of this whole thing:



    For many of us who are long time members, we recall the old rating system, which was abused with disturbing regularity. In the overwhelming majority of cases, ratings did not reflect the quality of a story. They were used to indicate popularity based on anything but merit, or to punish an author for content the reader didn’t like. If a story praised a character they thought should be disliked, or contained an unfavorable pairing, the story was rated down. Others had stories rated highly despite a complete ignorance of grammar and spelling because, as an example, the author bashed Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter fandom. Why anyone would read a story clearly marked with a pairing they did not like just for the sake of rating the story down is unfathomable. Ratings were a dismal failure, and the childish abuse led to us discarding them in our code revisions.

    Where original fiction is concerned, which is any work not based on someone else’s copyrighted materials, if you really want to be rewarded, get published. Submit it to a legitimate publisher, small independent publisher, magazine or blog, or self publish the work on Amazon. But again, we will not allow anyone to use AFF to earn money, from commissions, via Patreon solicitations (or any other self-funding site), or by advertising any product for sale other than through our banner ad program.


    We don’t see the need to revisit the idea of any sort of merit system.

  12. 16 minutes ago, Guest the_story_teller97 said:

    how can my account be official? what's a display name ? how do i gain access to the chat ? i would really like a poll

    Okay. First, what upsets moderators is when you don’t read what we’re telling you. I don’t like to repeat myself endlessly.

    Second, in order to make a forum account, you need to go to the top of the forum home page. In the upper right corner, you will see an option to Log In or Register. You need to click register, read VERY carefully, follow the directions exactly, and our forum administrator will review the registration. Once he’s reviewed everything, and if you filled out all the information correctly, he will approve you. If you didn’t fill things out correctly, he won’t approve you.

    Third, a display name is like a pen name in the archive. It’s the name you will use on the forum. Many of us use our archive pen names as our forum display names.

    Once you have an approved forum account, you can join the chat, and make a thread for your poll, or create a story challenge for a story you want someone to write, or even look for someone to collaborate with. We have threads for all those things, if you look around.

    And I was the one who merged you, because I really like to have ONE thread to follow and not several.

  13. Your gmail is the same thing. Your gmail address is your login. You go to the login screen for the archive, and click the LOGIN option on the menu bar. Type in your gmail address and your password in the fields, and click LOGIN right below those fields. Then you should be logged in to the archive.

    Polls are not allowed in the archive. You need to register for an account on the forum, which is where you can reply to reviews on your stories, create polls, and talk with other members in the chatbox.

    Really, check our FAQ section. Almost everything is explained there.