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  1. Wooooh! I finished a short story!

    It was meant to be my entry for the AFF Halloween thingy, but it ended up running a little long. Of course it’s not out of the wordcount limit or even close to it, 7.5k is too long for me so either I’ll suck it up and put it in the anthology as is, or if I manage to write another entry, I’ll split this one into a two-parter and post it normally. 

    Eeeee I’m just happy I finally finished something! Yay!

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      You can make it a multi-parter across years… it’s been done before.  ie, post the first part (a complete story, btw), this year, and post the second part next year.  I’ve done a sequel in before (ie, The Phone, and The Phone II).

    2. CloverReef


      If only I had that kinda patience, lol