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  1. Thank you for that. And no worries, it was just that it was easy to miss the mention of crossovers with that long list. But this looks good, and thank you again for the edit. I hope you get recommendations for a lot of fun fics. Best of luck, Willow Darkling, Forum Moderator.
  2. Hi there. I would really appreciate it if you could make it just a little bit clearer that you are asking for recs for Crossovers of Harry Potter with all of those anime, manga, TV shows, movies and books that you have listed here. It doesn’t have to be anything more than a line between the “Kinks I don’t read” paragraph, and the “Anime”, saying “Crossovers with...” or something like that. It’s just to avoid getting recs specific to all of the other stuff that you listed, with no connection to Harry Potter, since this subforum is specifically for Harry Potter. Willow Darkling, Forum Moderator.
  3. Sorry, yes, it does seem that you need to be signed in to edit a post. The Edit button should be at the bottom of each post, next to the “Quote” button, but it seems that Guests cannot edit their posts. Sorry, I had forgotten about that restriction. Willow Darkling, Forum Mod.
  4. You can change the title of the topic, by hitting the “Edit” button on your first post. Then you should get the option up edit the title and contents, etc. Willow Darkling, Forum Mod.
  5. Since it needs to be reiterated, we do not allow requests or offers of copies of stories that have been taken down for any reason. As is clearly stated at the top of this forum: Willow Darkling, Forum Moderator.
  6. Since it needs to be reiterated, we do not allow requests or offers of copies of stories that have been taken down for any reason. As is clearly stated at the top of this forum: Willow Darkling, Forum Moderator.
  7. This is the same site, it was just a change of domain name. But, the problem may be that you did not re-validate your account after the change. I vaguely remember that we all had to do that, when the domain name was changed. I’m only the forum mod, and that lovely whooshing sound is all this tech stuff going right over my head DemonGoddess can help you further with this though, since she is our head tech admin, so please wait for her to get back to you on this matter.
  8. Created new topic for Guest Amir A
  9. Since it needs to be reiterated, as stated at the top of this forum: Willow Darkling, Forum Moderator.
  10. There is no Private Message option on the Archives, and on the forum Private message is only available for members.
  11. What to do when it hits frigging 30°C… and it’s only the last-ish week of May…. :kittenexclaim:

    1. BronxWench


      Well, me, I’d put on something like a bathing suit, find a sunny spot, and bask happily. Even more so if I remember wine and a good book. :D

    2. WillowDarkling


      If only that were allowed at school :D 

    3. BronxWench


      What can I say? I’d have been on the quad, soaking up the sun and hoping to copy notes from someone later. Come to think of it, I should finish my “why I want to go back to school” essay, shouldn’t I? :happykitten:

  12. I moved the replies to this post to the Review Reply thread linked in your first post. Please conduct all further discussions of the story there. You are welcome to announce updates to this story here, though, since that counts as promoting the story. Willow Darkling, Forum Moderator.
  13. That’s perfect, thank you. DG will let you know here once she’s had time to check on this.
  14. Please use the form shown here: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/63215-requesting-a-new-category/ when requesting new categories. Makes things much easier for our tech admin. Also, once you’ve made the request, please be patient, because our tech admin has been super crazy busy in RL, and she’ll let you know as soon as she gets this done.
  15. So… Ikebana scissors are dangerous, people! Just putting that out there, so you are warned… *goes for the liquor cabinet* When flower arranging becomes the most dangerous thing you do at school, drinking on Wednesdays should be mandatory.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WillowDarkling


      I think I might need a quintuple one… thank you, Bronxie. 

    3. DemonGoddess


      flower arranging??? yeesh and I thought I was bad!

    4. WillowDarkling


      I feel horrible saying this, but thankfully it wasn’t me this time, but the boy sitting next to me. He managed to slice into the side of his finger about 1/3 of an inch, all the way through from front to back. The doctor at the health center sent him to hospital to get stitches. It was kind of horrifying, and I’m still cringing.