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  1. WillowDarkling

    Regest 000

    Please use the form provided here: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/63215-requesting-a-new-category/ when requesting new categories.
  2. Mrs. Toni Morrison, may you rest in peace. :cry:

    1. BronxWench


      She was a good soul, and she leaves an empty place.

  3. WillowDarkling

    a story i cant find anymore about ahri

    We do not allow images of a sexual nature in any part of the forum except in the Art Room. You can add a description of the picture that was removed, in order to provide more details about the story you are looking for. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  4. WillowDarkling

    Looking for a m/m story

    Since it bears repeating, as is stated at the top of this forum: Guest freaked out, your post has therefore been edited accordingly, and any further requests for copies will be deleted on sight. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  5. WillowDarkling

    Draco the Cuckold

    There is a link to the story based on this challenge in the fourth post of this thread.
  6. ...When you scorch your mouth to death, because the fecking taters are piping hot, but the meat is barely lukewarm… You’d think I’d remember by now… 

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    2. WillowDarkling


      Are you sure that’s not how our Irish ancestors got revenge on our Viking ancestors? Like… “Oooh, you want me to be your slave girl? Hang on, let me make you some dinner….” :devil:  :D 

    3. BronxWench


      LMAO! They need to be careful around those Irish girls, don’t they? ::cackles happily::

    4. WillowDarkling


      Hey, we’ve got an old story up here about an Irish princess who got kidnapped and married to one of our viking lords, and she pretended to be mute for going on 20 years, just to spite the fucker :D Even went as far as teaching their son her own language and stories in secret, while the rest of the household thought she was mute. So, obviously those Irish girls can hold a grudge for a while :D 

  7. You can request the category be added by using the form provided here: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/63215-requesting-a-new-category/ We do not add categories unless there either are already stories for the category in the Archive, or that the person requesting the category is in the process of writing or already has stories ready for the category. Also, our head admin is the only one who can add categories, and she has been ridiculously busy IRL lately, that we now have a backlog of category requests. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  8. WillowDarkling

    Login isn't working

    I just checked and I cannot change forum usernames, so you’ll have to contact Melrick to change that.
  9. Well… it’s nice to know that Charlie Cox in Australia has been making good use of my old email account… 


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    2. WillowDarkling


      I was recovering my other gmail account, and had hundreds of spam crap addressed to Charlie or Charles Cox… :D   And everything that had a country domain thingy at the end, ended with the Australian domain name. At least I think . au is Australia…  

    3. BronxWench


      Yep, it’s Australia :D


    4. WillowDarkling


      I just hope that the spam will stop… or at least lessen, now that I’ve flagged everything, and reported spam and phishing and all that crap… but man, Charlie Cox was busy :D 


  10. WillowDarkling

    Desktop Notifications

    Moved to a more appropriate forum. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  11. Moved to a more appropriate forum. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  12. WillowDarkling

    Ginny has a Younger Lover

    Moved since this looks more like a search request than a challenge/request. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  13. Guest Ghost, if you want to request a category you have to create your own thread, and use the form provided in the post pinned at the top of this forum.
  14. WillowDarkling

    New Manga Category Request

    Sorry for the wait. Our head admin is the only one who can make new categories, and she’s been crazy busy in RL lately, and it might be a bit of a wait more before she can make the new categories. So, for the time being, you can put the name of the fandom in the description of your story, but still post the story in the Misc M/M category. It can then be moved later, when the category can be created. And just so you know, if you want to have a specific pairing category, we need at least 5 stories of the same pairing before that can be created. Best of luck with your writing.