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  1. WillowDarkling

    Cruel Kushina cuckolding challenge

    It would still be paying the author for writing fan fiction, so the simple answer is, we do not allow that either.
  2. WillowDarkling

    Cruel Kushina cuckolding challenge

    And we don’t allow offers of or requests for commissions on the forum either. You have been warned about this before, Lucius-Walker.
  3. WillowDarkling

    Activation Email Not Received

    I’m not an archive mod, and I’m not in charge of approving forum profiles either, but what I can tell you is that an archive profile is needed to create a forum profile, so it’s entirely possible that that is causing the error on the forum side for you. But, our forum admin lives in the Southern Hemisphere and is therefore not going to come on until basically it’s night time in the US, so bear with us, but I’ll do like BronxWench did and tag @Melrick in so he’ll see this post and can answer you definitively Also, forum profiles have to be approved by Melrick, and he checks if the Archive profiles are legit before he’ll approve forum profiles, just so you know about that. And thank you so much for your patience and understanding and no worries about the double posting since you can’t log in. We just hope we can get this all working for you as soon.
  4. WillowDarkling

    Crossroadsmk2 Updates

    To clarify, making money of writing fan fiction is illegal by USA law (and elsewhere too) and therefore we do not allow any questions or requests for payments of any kind. This includes Patreon and other such platforms. It could cause not only the author, but also this site a great deal of legal trouble if it were found to be hosting stories that have been paid for in any way, including “supporting” the author of said stories. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  5. WillowDarkling

    Crossroadsmk2 Updates

    Just so there’s no doubt, we do not allow commissions of any kind on the sites, and the above post has therefore been edited accordingly. Willow Darkling, forum moderator
  6. WillowDarkling

    Ka Pait

    Please create a Review Reply thread in the appropriate subforum in the Fan Fiction forum, and conduct all questions, feedback and review replies there. We try to keep the threads in this forum solely for promoting stories and updating when new chapters are posted. You can add a link to the Review Reply thread in the form in your first post here. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  7. WillowDarkling

    No Password Reset Email

    Adding, now that I’ve had a chance to take a look on my computer, it appears that the problem has been fixed, so being the complete computer-illiterate that I am, I’m going to suggest you clear all cookies and caches, paying special attention to all AFF related cookies, close down the browser and restart it, and then try again to get the password reset email. If that doesn’t work, provide us with a link to your account, and tell us what type of email you have (gmail, hotmail, outlook etc. Since I don’t recommend posting your full email address in a public forum) and our head moderator will take a look for you as soon as she can.
  8. WillowDarkling

    No Password Reset Email

    Our admin and tech admin are working on the issue, which seems to be that the code isn’t generating the password reset emails the way that it should. If you could provide a link to your account our head moderator can possibly help you when she comes on later today. Willow Darkling, forum moderator
  9. Yeah, sorry about that. I jumped the gun there.
  10. WillowDarkling

    Harry graduates Hogwarts early

    We do not either allow links to places where the story has been posted by anyone other than the original author, so any further links of that nature will be deleted on sight. The author’s wishes should be respected by everyone. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  11. WillowDarkling


    The story has apparently been deleted by the author, so please respect that. Willow Darkling, forum moderator
  12. It’s taken me all day to process this… :no:

    Rest in peace, love and rock & roll, Taylor Hawkins. 

  13. WillowDarkling

    Witches Need Orgasms (ENF, Public)

    Please conduct further discussion of this story in the place where it is posted, and leave this thread for discussions of the original challenge/request. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  14. WillowDarkling

    Can I repost stories?

    Congratulations on the new job, James
  15. Just so it’s absolutely clear, we do not allow the offering or requesting of copies of stories. Only links to places where the author has posted their story. Also, links to stuff like the Wayback machine are not allowed either. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.