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  1. I’m going to point out that we do not allow story content beyond 10 lines on the forum, but I will allow this to stand, since it is a part of a prompt. Just be careful not to add any more story content to this tread. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  2. WillowDarkling

    New Television Category Request

    No worries, our head admin will let you know here once the category has been created, and I think that you can then move the story yourself. If not the archive mods will help you move the story. Just be patient with us because our head admin is the only one who can create categories, and at the moment, her RL schedule is crazy busy. Also, I think that while you have to post your stories in the Misc. – het male/female section (and you haven’t already done so), you can put the name of the category you are requesting in the summary of your story. That way it’s clearly marked where that story belongs, when our head admin can create the category.
  3. WillowDarkling

    Tinkerbell Harem Fic Challenges

    Technically, yes it does go against the rules, but I’ll allow what you’ve already posted to stand, since it is related to the original challenge. The rules do state that the Requests and Challenges threads are not supposed to be used as “think tank” threads, unless the person is planning on writing a story based on the request/challenge, and needs some details from the poster of the challenge/request.
  4. WillowDarkling

    Tinkerbell Harem Fic Challenges

    Guest Random Fan, are you planning on writing a story based on the original challenge, or are you making a challenge of your own?
  5. WillowDarkling

    New/ old category?

    Moved to a more appropriate forum since this is not a category request. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  6. WillowDarkling

    Excuse me while I gush a bit

    Thank you for the kind words, Dirty Unicorn. I’m so happy that you like it here, and it’s always nice to get a pat on the back. So, thank you.
  7. WillowDarkling

    Hidden Story

    I am not an archive moderator, so I can’t tell you exactly what the problem is. But, I found your story (hidden) and I think the problem is that where is says Disclaimer you need to put the actual disclaimer. It’s not enough to put “for Disclaimer, see Chapter 1”. You need to put the actual disclaimer in the appointed place. Fix that, and I am sure that the archive mods will be able to unhide your story later today, when they come on. Oh, and on a side note, it would help a lot if you put at least the name of the story, and maybe your username too, in the post to make it easier for the mods to find you and the story in question.
  8. ::squeals loud enough to pop eardrums:: YOUNGBLOOD!!!! :happykitten:

  9. WillowDarkling


    Since it bears repeating, as is stated at the top of this forum: Any further requests for or offers of copies will be deleted on sight. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  10. WillowDarkling

    Request: DBH category

    Please provide all information needed to create a new category, as follows: 1. Need the subdomain you want it in (i.e. cartoon, books, hp) 2. If pair specific, I need LINKS to 5 pre-existing stories of the same pair, in the archive 3. Categories are added as needed, meaning we do require that you are in the process of WRITING for the category you request, or that you have a story ready to add. Also note that our Head admin is extremely busy in RL and it may take some time before the category can be added.
  11. 『ああ、ごめん、ごめん、探したよ』 My heart melts every time I hear that line… ::sighs dreamily::

    1. JayDee


      Google translate tells me “"Oh, sorry, sorry, I looked for you" which sounds like what I hear whenever someone accidentally matches me on tinder.

      Is it a song lyric?

    2. WillowDarkling


      The meaning is more along the lines of “I was looking for you” or “there you are” (the having been looked for implied)

      It’s the first line that Howl says in the movie “Howl’s Moving Castle”. It’s my favourite Studio Ghibli movie. :D 

    3. JayDee


      Ahh! I haven’t seen that one yet, but I keep meaning too.

  12. WillowDarkling

    Trying to find an old smut fic

    Since it bears repeating, as is stated at the top of this forum: Therefore, Guest Lothar, your post has been edited accordingly. Any further requests for, or offers of a copy of any story, will be deleted on sight. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  13. WillowDarkling

    Pokemon Kalos fall to darkness

    I’m going to have to ask you to stop. If people are interested in this challenge, they’ll respond to you. You posting on your own thread begging other users to take this challenge is not likely to bring this challenge any more attention. Just relax and keep an eye out for any one responding to this challenge. You could even try to write it yourself. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  14. WillowDarkling

    Password Reset?

    I got the members menu up when I go to my profile page, while logged in. Then it looks like this:
  15. WillowDarkling

    Password Reset?

    I think, if you log into your archive profile, and go to your profile page, in the Members menu on the left (I am doing this on a laptop, not a phone, I never use the archive on my phone, so I don’t know how it works) there should be a Reset Password option. Click that, enter your email, and then follow the directions given in the email. The email will not provide you with a new email, if I remember correctly, but it will provide a link back to the archive, where you can enter a new password. Do not use your old password again, because I am pretty sure that still blanks the fields and causes an error. Make up a new password, and then you should be set. BUT, please bear in mind that I am the forum moderator, and don’t know fully how the archives work, so if you want to be a hundred percent sure, wait for one of the archive mods to confirm that I’m telling you the right thing sorry…