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  1. I’ll defer to you on this one, Bronxie, since this is an Archive question, really. So, I’ve deleted my first post about moving this thread, since it’s irrelevant now.
  2. I also said in my post, to create a thread here after you post a story, but I’ll let this slide since you state that you are writing one of the stories. Please post a link to that story in this thread as soon as you post it to the Archive, and then you can discuss all of this here. Thank you for your cooperation. Willow Darkling, forum mod.
  3. I’m going to step in now and ask all of our readers and users to please read the rules for this forum. They are pinned at the top of each of the sub forums. It is clearly stated that the Challenges and Request forums are for issuing Challenges or Requests to other authors, not for discussing your own ideas. It is also stated in the rules that this forum is not to be used for “think tank” posts, which is what this thread is turning into. So, please keep any further discussion on this thread focused on the original post, and Ikarusu-dono, create a Review Reply thread in the appropriate subforum as soon as you have a story up on the Archive. There you are free to discuss all of this as much as you like, and guests can post there too without needing to sign up. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  4. To Lady’s Daughter. It is allowed to post story update notices on the Promote a Story thread, yes. If you have a (semi-)regular schedule of updating a story, and then one day can’t post at the “regular-ish” time, then it is alright to put a short notice on the Promote a Story thread. (something like “Unforeseen circumstances, so next update will be up four days later than usual”.) I think it would also be alright if you have a very irregular update schedule, to put a notice like “Chapter X, work in progress, should be done in x many days.” on the Promote a Story thread, and then EDIT that post to a “Chapter X posted today!” notice when you post it. But, any questions asked on the Review Reply thread should of course be answered there, and all discussions about the story conducted there too. I hope that answers your question. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  5. Please check your email, one of our archive moderators sent you an email concerning the missing stories, according to to the archive moderators’ records. (Please make sure to check your email’s spam and trash folders, just to be safe, if you don’t see the email in your inbox.) Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  6. This is not how to request categories in our archives. Please refer to the “Request a Category” forum on how to do that. And users are only allowed to upload their own stories to our archives. I will leave this up though, as a general search thread for fan fictions in this fandom. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  7. Since it bears repeating, I'm quoting myself: What we do NOT allow on the other hand are requests for copies of stories, nor links to sites where the story has been posted by someone other than the author. Therefore, I have edited your post. This goes for both stories posted on the site and stories posted offsite. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  8. ...means I get sent out to buy more ketchup...
  9. As is stated at the top of this forum: Therefore, I have edited your post accordingly. If you wish to have the title of this post edited, you can let me know here, and I can fix it for you. – Edit: It was pointed out to me that the title of this post led to an unverified site, so I edited it. Willow Darkling, Forum Moderator.
  10. Glad that you figured it out. Welcome back, and hopefully someone can help you find that story. Willow Darkling, Forum Moderator.
  11. You need an archive account to be approved for a forum account. If you are experiencing trouble creating an archive account, then please make a post in the Archive Tech support thread, and explain what happens when you try to sign up, in as much detail as you can, and one of the archive moderators will help you. Willow Darkling, Forum Moderator.
  12. Oh, so you're having trouble signing up for the Archive? (That is Adult-fan fiction.org) If that is where you're having issues, then I'll move this to the archive tech support, and one of the archive mods will help you out. But again, the more details you can provide about the steps you are taking when trying to sign up and what happens, the easier it is for them to identify the problem. And there is no need for a forum account, when you sign up to the archive. They are two separate sites, and we only require an archive profile for signing up to the forum, but not the other way around. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  13. I’m not in charge of the validation of accounts here, but the first question is, do you have an account on our Archives? If the answer is Yes, then please provide us with as much detail as you can about what happens when you try to sign up, and our tech admin will (hopefully) be able to help you fix the problem. If the answer is No on the other hand, then that’s your problem. You need to have an Archive account to be approved for a forum account. I hope that helps. Willow Darkling, Forum Moderator.
  14. http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/64979-grumpywinter-thief/ Grumpywriter has been permanently banned from the archive, and therefore the forums as well. And since we do not allow requests or offers of copies of stories I am now locking this thread to prevent any further requests of this kind. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  15. This post has suggestions on how to fix it: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/64151-how-to-fix-the-black-diamond-issue/