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  1. Rest in Peace, mr. Stan Lee… :cry:

    1. InvidiaRed
    2. BronxWench


      We lost a good one today… :cry:

    3. JayDee


      He had a damn long run, and was lucky to have his health for so much of it, but it still feels a bit of a blow. What a creative force the world has lost.

  2. Happy voting day, to all of our American users. I hope everyone voted. 

    1. CloverReef


      I’m Canadian, but I voted in spirit! 

    2. WillowDarkling


      Same here, actually, Clover. I voted with our neighbours in spirit. :) 

  3. The simple words “For Anton” at the end of Star Trek Beyond made me tear up… :( Loved the movie, but it still made me tear up

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Yep, it’s a good movie, but sad knowing it’s his final Star Trek performance (assuming they don’t rehash anything already shot).

  4. WillowDarkling

    Weeks 142/143 7 July 2013

    Noh, JayDee! What did the midwives do to you?
  5. WillowDarkling

    Character's job title

    The only one that I can think of, that GeorgeGlass hasn’t already mentioned is “Fixer”. It’s a bit clichéd, I’ll grant you, but I’ve seen it used in both movies and TV shows, and it could fit. Although there might be a bit of implication that the person “fixes” uncomfortable situations, as in might have someone killed if you need them to be killed, etc. English is my second language, so I don’t always realise implications like that. On a different note, I kind of like that word GeorgeGlass suggested, “acquirer”, I might steal it one day
  6. WillowDarkling

    Please delete my account

    Melrick, please delete the associated forum profile, and then I can lock this thread.
  7. WillowDarkling

    Please delete my account

    Love_Hina_Fan, just a heads up, your request for deletion has been set up for the staff, and both your forum and archive accounts will be deleted when the ladies get to it.
  8. WillowDarkling

    Please delete my account

    I need to know if you mean your forum account, or both the archive and forum accounts. Then I’ll set your accounts up for deletion.
  9. WillowDarkling

    DBZboy18 needs to read this

    Alright. Here you are, you are in a story, DBZboy18. If you necro or spam another thread, I’m going to have you banned as a spammer. That’s it. Either you start behaving yourself according to the guidelines, or you will be banned. And please try to stick with just one guest-username, please. Alternative usernames: Guest Superboy-127
  10. My life at the moment can be summed up in this little infographic… 

    ::bashes head on desk, wailing dramatically:: wHy Do I dO tHiS tO mYsElF?!!  :help: :bash:


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. InvidiaRed


      There are healthier alternatives and outlets to satisfy your inner masochism. 

      That said. Bronxwench said it best.

      I have all the faith in ya. No matter what.

      For you can turn tomorrow’s hope into a solid promise.

    3. Melrick


      Oh man, that can be me too often.  Not always, but it’s bloody annoying when it happens, more so because I know I’m procrastinating at the time!

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      My dentist said it was okay to procrastinate, so I’m taking that as a prescription!  (Well, it was regarding whether I needed a crown sooner vs later….)

  11. WillowDarkling

    Adding Characters to the Pairings List

    You can request a new category for those pairings, in the Request a Category forum. You must provide links to existing stories with those pairings in order for the category to be added. I can’t remember how many links are required, but I am sure that it helps if you have stories of your own to add to the category.
  12. I fucking love the Ghibli movie, Howl’s Moving Castle… That’s all… 

  13. WillowDarkling

    meteor garden erotic fan fic

    Moved to a more suitable location, since this is a Search, not a Category request. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  14. WillowDarkling

    Searching for an old Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru story

    Split this from the original place of posting to create a new topic. Guest Shon83, you might want to try and add a bit more details that you remember about the story, to increase the chances of someone remembering the title. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  15. WillowDarkling

    Shin Uchiha fucks Sakura

    I have deleted the link that you provided to go along with this post, because there was no description of what the link contained, in accordance with the rules as explained here. If you wish to repost the link, be sure to provide a description as well. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.