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  1. The goodnews 90% done with the revamp. Tying the loose threads into a serviceable plot. Trying so hard everything will be ready soon!


    The Badnews, Having to deal with the fact my 90 year old grandma is a hoarder.

    1. BronxWench


      Yay to the good news, and yikes to the bad news. Hoarding is brutal to deal with, but sadly it’s got to be handled. :hug: 

    2. InvidiaRed


      I didn’t know how bad it was until I opened a closet door that was stuck and nearly vanished beneath a cascade of reader’s digest and boxes like a demented version of tetris and the closet just kept disgorging junk.

      … I know she’s sick and perhaps been that way for a long time but nearly dying from detritus of the ages is gonna stick with me for awhile.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      A gallifreyan closet that’s bigger on the inside?  That sounds very dangerous, because it’s probably carniverous :)  Though, I might recommend you carry one of those emergency alert beacons that prepared back country skiers carry in case they get buried in an avalanche. 

  2. :wiz:FTBik_pXEAAjVQ7.jpg.976e22acfce1b65bde445111e0fc77cb.jpg

  3. Out Fayed


  4. The irrefutable proof of hit it until it dies.

  5. Geologists beware!


  6. Had to post it


    1. Wilde_Guess


      What’s the title of the book that was dedicated?  It sounds like it would be either the best read ever, or a major disappointment.  With the parents the author claimed to have had...

    2. WillowDarkling


      I have never been quite certain what exactly the Oxford comma is… but I’m going to assume that it has something to do with Merle Haggard’s two ex-wives, Kris Kristofferson and Robert Duvall… and the rest of those outlandish claims :D 

      And I’d also like to know the title of this book, just for reference :D 

    3. InvidiaRed
  7. A fun little adventure.

  8. Here’s a language funny.

    If Tomb and Womb have the same sound

    then shouldn’t bomb be pronounced Boom?

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    2. GeorgeGlass


      Not to mention cough, rough, dough, and bough.

      Also, I’m glad they called it a vowel shift and not a vowel movement.

    3. InvidiaRed
    4. Wilde_Guess


      “Bomb” typically pronounces itself “boom,” so there is that.

  9. 75% done. Haha!

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Dunno what you’re up to, but good work!?

  10. Fun fact and a bit of trivia

    The first mention of orange as a color was in 1502 and was a description of clothing for Margaret Tudor



    1. WillowDarkling


      and to add to that :D  the fruit was originally called a norange, but some scribe messed up and changed it to an orange, and it stuck… :D

      same thing a nadder changed to an adder and a nickname used to be an ickname

      ::*whispers* tell me you watch too much QI without telling me you watch too much QI::

  11. It was supposed to be a cute series.

  12. Anyone remember how terrifyingly effective this wonder was?

  13. InvidiaRed

    Movie suggestion to combine my ideas

    Who is the POV/Main Character?
  14. 60% done with the revamp. Had to rewrite and shove things into book 2 and three lol

    So there’s that.

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Like rolling dough thinner and thinner, every time I “rewrite”, things inevitably get longer.

    3. InvidiaRed


      Its true though. Absolutely is that age old question brought to life.

      Why are things happening? Because people are flawed drama llamas living in a world where gods and monsters are active make no pretense of being human or having human values and the horrors of the dark age just barely passed.

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Characters w/o flaws?  Tends to make for rather short & boring stories.

  15. InvidiaRed

    Looking for a character reaction

    It can work, With the major players no longer on the board so to speak and only lesser factions. Its the perfect time for a changing of the guard and new powers to rise But… Here’s the devil in the details. What kind of setting is it? What happens if the hero is wrong? It’s these intrinsic questions you have to answer to be faithful and consistent to the lore and setting. If it’s a dark fantasy/grim dark vs. more light hearted fantasy. Does she make the most of the admittedly embarrassing situation or does she automatically accuse him of sexual assault? Does he do his best about the situation? Or does he fall apart from the lapse of control and skewed judgement. It’s going to be a big decision for the both of them. He’s going to have to deal with the fact he just potentially undermined his own beliefs and values with this indiscretion one way or another as did she. Not every character has to be romantic some people really do just antiromantically do it/ make the most of the situation and jointly decide they’re a thing now. Even if the beginning situation is embarrassing for both of them. They both have agency and on some level they connected enough to do it even if they don’t remember much of it. The Rubicon has been crossed and the genie is out of the bottle.
  16. InvidiaRed

    looking for a trophy.

    A seal would work. short sweet and likely something expensive for them to replace. Where its guaranteed they’ll be ridiculed at best for being careless.
  17. InvidiaRed

    Winter Holiday 2021 Reviews

    Let it be thus!
  18. InvidiaRed

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    Haha. The Hallowen reviews were great. So let's see how this goes for the rest of my work.