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    InvidiaRed's review responses

    Haha. The Hallowen reviews were great. So let's see how this goes for the rest of my work.
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    InvidiaRed's review responses

    From GeorgeGlass on October 28, 2020 Tricked Ah, a sequel to last year's story -- although I just glanced at InBrightestDay’s review, which points out that the first one was written by tcr. Interesting choice to sequelize that. I still like the idea of the various underworld gods, old and new, hanging out together. The bit about some of them collecting very few souls these days was a good one. And I'm guessing the cabbie was Jesus? Yep, Luci is currently seriously punch drunk from being crushed. It also continues the theme of luci playing the fool. He likesto think he’s so clever but to put it best Lucifer is playing checkers while everyone else is playing 3d 4v4 chess. That’s indeed why the cabbie is smiling. Wouldn’t you? You’ve announced yourself and despite every hint you’ve given the person in question still doesn’t know who you are.
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    InvidiaRed's review responses

    From InBrightestDay on October 27, 2020 Tricked What have you done, Invidia!? You've crossed over that which was never meant to cross over! You've opened the seals and we're all doomed! DOOMED I TELL YOU!!! *Ahem.* Muhahaha!How could I resist? The doorway was clearly unattended and now through the archway they come! Dun Dun DUH!!!! Ok, so I started this review wondering whether or not you'd cleared this with tcr, seeing as this is clearly a direct sequel to Death Always Wins, albeit with some rather noticeable changes, one of which is that you have it in your Powdered Sugar setting (which admittedly was inspired by tcr's story, but wasn't a direct continuation). Then the story went in a direction that raised several questions, leading me to the assumption that this is the setup for a Duncan adventure (Duncan himself appears to have blacked out after the end of Temporary and then woken up here), and then… (OOF!, Its not a direct continuation and events do significantly differ. I did message them so its all good. Gods are public domain. Duncan's on a road trip to find Yua. This is deeply flattering, and it would be very cool to see Duncan and Yua interact, but also might cause some potential problems depending on how it relates to the other stories. I am very interested in seeing where it goes, mind you. (Holiday canon can matter just as much or as little as a holiday episode haha its own separate little timeline). Uh...sorry this wasn't more of an actual review of the story itself! I kind of got distracted when Yua was namedropped. (I did also reference The Woman In The Statue. It impressed me highly) The story itself feels more like the first act of something larger, which works in the sense that it makes people interested, but at the same time has the inevitable side effect of storylines here ending on cliffhangers (like whatever's going on with Lucifer at the end there. (Big J was his Uber driver, Luci played the fool this Halloween tricked so many times and he didn’t even realize it. Hel usurped him as the hero of the story) One of Duncan’s previous incarnations was solidly revealed. Angrboða herself. The Norse Mother of Monsters and Wolf Mother) More importantly their personalities are vastly different. They do however share a hostility to Aesir in general and an irrational hatred of angels) Its also the reason why Lucifer couldn’t reap her. Yes, She is dead but essentially she’s but a single thread in a massive spider’s web. Or a single link in a chain. It shouldn’t have been possible since she’s definitively dead and Duncan is multiple incarnations removed from her the rules however are significantly different on Halloween. Someone actually did guess correctly that his other incarnation was none other than Dagda’s Doom- Cethlann
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    InvidiaRed's review responses

    From Foxkidsboy9 on October 25, 2020 Hey can I be in this story I deleted the duplicates since they were all the same thing. I heartily apologize but I’m afraid not. Thank you for the review however.
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    Halloween Party 2020!

    Tricked Lucifer thought there would be no consequences for his casino fun. Violence
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    Halloween Party 2020!

  7. Behold a faithful adaptation.

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    Halloween Party 2020!

    Its nearly ready but doesn’t quite yet have my mark of approval.
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    element magic vs element magic

    Well it depends on what the magical combinants are. Holy for example should just burn bright no matter what and little to no smoke. Hellfire in contrast should be smokier in contrast due to its unholy nature/ Implications of its reactants. Typically hellfire in fantasy is much redder/(I’ve seen purple) WOD uses balefire , Several characters of mine have died to the rather nasty stuff. Since aggravated damage is something you can’t just shake off you die in a few rounds and you can’t soak aggravated damage. Hellfire in fantasy is either bright green, green or more sickly colors to denote the hazard its entails. Sure, its more destructive but you’re also dabbling into things that at the minimum puts your self/ the soul at risk. No matter what color you use. Note that hellfire, is essentially highlighting and magnifying the worst aspects of fire itself without the positive ones to mellow it out. Its description should reflect that at the very least. People panic at the smell of smoke, or the first flickers of fire. Hellfire should be magnified 10x Cause the spirit even subconsciously should be hammering that primal part of the brain screaming GTFO NOW! Undead should use more phantasmal fire. Think corpse lights or willow wisps. ghostly fire may not burn as hot as regular fire but it should be just as nasty if you get hit with it. maybe illuminating the person’s bones/spirit while its affecting the body. Maybe, even making the unfortunate person phantasmal themselves as their essence burns.
  10. Just a heads up if you got the the DLC for doom eternal. Yeah, It assumes you’ve leveled everything or you’re going to get obliterated. FYI

  11. Was almost done with Tricked and for whatever reason I can’t get Grand Inquisition out of my head.

    haha, I guess I’ll finish that story. :dance:

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    InvidiaRed's review responses

    From JayDee on October 16, 2020 Part 6! SPOILERS IN REVIEW Harry was going slow and steady as possible. He kept his wand at steady as possible Ooof! I’ll fix it. Lines that are the same in porn scenes as non porn scenes Definitely more of a slow and steady chapter for that, no rampaging flesh hungry monsters here – I liked the take on using magic to open the hole, get the seeds, and then close it again. I laughed out loud at the one line “Granted Harry knew Argus was probably into blokes. At least that was what Harry thought. Argus took him to the root of his dick with a fervent gusto that made him reasonably sure.” Harry isn’t dumb but… If you read the stories he’s well… Unobservant, Oblivious and Occasionally foolish. So it’ll all balances out What you’d want to call more than circumstantial evidence there. But what’s this darkness hanging about? Is Argus hiding something devious? Well, gotta have some conflict for stories. Foreshadowing DUN DUN DUH!!! Nice descriptions around the Patronus too!
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    InvidiaRed's review responses

    From DeathLingers on October 14, 2020 i thought this would be alpha harry guess not. concidering he somehow lost control over voldemort on the first ch ive lost interest, refuse to read a possible uke harry. well i can try again later when im not tired and annoyed Thank you for the review. This particular story will probably not be your cup of tea then. This particular dark lord Harry is Versatile/ Leaning towards Powerbottom. He’s slowly coming into his power and all but he’s definitely the one in charge.
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    Halloween Party 2020!

    You tease you.
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    The Woman in the Statue

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    Halloween Party 2020!

    Just a preview at the moment takes place right after Temporary and the Winter Holiday short Powdered Sugar <3

    I dont know what a fluffy is but this translator is funny.

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    Halloween Party 2020!

    Tricked Lucifer thought there would be no consequences for his casino fun. TBA

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      My second favorite scene.

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      I adore Ivanova. She remains one of my all-time favorite characters, and I totally agree about the casting for Delenn.

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      I liked Ivanova, but not the actress who played her. I heard her speak at a convention once, and she was really full of herself. 

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    Halloween Party 2020!

  21. Random question ruined my writing groove :cry:

    I don’t know when zippers were invented. :bash::behead:

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      That’s when you just type “[LOOK UP]” and keep writing. Then look it up later.

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      I’ll try it Haha

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    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    As when would the new thread be posted?