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  1. Writer Question

    How would you best convey that the story you’re writing is a dark fantasy geared towards adults and as such contains adult themes. I’m a little anxious as I approach the finish line.

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    2. InvidiaRed


      True, But the fact remains evil exists. I would probably put at least a watch team on those who do evil for evil’s sake. Always a few who confuse mystery with the banality of what they espouse. Which I will always profess to be one of the great tragedies.

      The true threats have always been those willing and able to ignore all moral and ethical boundaries to get what they want no matter the cost.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      There are psychopaths with no remorse or sense of guilt, always trying to get away.  Some become harden criminals, others become CEOs and/or politicians.  Still, even they’re not doing evil for the sake of evil, they’re doing it for some reason.  Anyways, your story, write them as serving evil gods if you want :)

    4. InvidiaRed


      Here’s a secret I know from RPing Evil characters.

      There’s always a reason to serve outright evil demons and or gods. Not a good reason, but a reason be it vengence, spite. Its even possible to serve an evil god out of nothing but genuine thanks because when you were at rock bottom, they were the only ones that listened.

      You have to get something out of it. influence, power, wealth and or a fully stocked harem of your choice. All of the above etc… Even if it is nothing more than a reprieve from the eternal torture they promise.

      The evil deities know very well how duplicitous and self-serving you are. They’re using you just as you are using them. They know very well well the moment you get a chance to taste great power. You’ll try to usurp them, and they’re counting on it. But in the mean time you poor dupe, there’s a nunnery in need of pillaging,that orphanage is oppressing you and the goody two shoes high priest isn’t going to ritually sacrifice himself in a rhapsody of torturous ecstasy.

      Since the deal is a form of spiritual bribery. The more horrid and evil you are the less your assuredly damned afterlife is going to be. Because you got a I did big bad sticker and the evil spirits aren’t going to torment you as much.