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  1. Fresh is best. Even if its 160 pounds of talking beef, bread, lettuce, tomato, and cheese
  2. Well, start with a logical approach. Why are they nude? Hawaii can get very humid. Enough to make wearing any clothing uncomfortable.
  3. Well I mean a cheeseburger is a cheeseburger even if it talks. Turns it into straight horror but its technically your fault for dressing as food.
  4. In honor of Halloween For one night you get the powers of the character you are dressed as. Props aren’t props in your hands. ;3
  5. Possibly if Bob Prime and Anti-Bob meet it could usher in a World Without Bob.
  6. Huzzah! Behold Infernal Bob of Twincest – Anti Bob
  7. Hahaha. He shall be named Bob 676 Aka Infernal Bob
  8. I write because its fun. In a weird sorta way. Its like I’m putting symbols together and those symbols enable communication to other minds. Other intelligences with different perspectives and different thoughts. Its frightening and exhilarating. These sigils of mine are communing with others that I may never get to met and if I’m lucky will do so long after I’m gone. So I guess in a sense. When I write I’m praying. I mean hell Grand Inquistion started on here and somehow became a blend of sci-fi and high fantasy with a male couple. The world maybe isn’t ready for such a thing. But ya know what? I’m going to try anyway.
  9. Sounds delightful. The Bargaining stage sounds like it’ll be an interesting phase for him.
  10. This is my Achille's heel. I’m not alone <3
  11. Sounds like he’s being corrupted.
  12. Yes. Truly a test of skill to see which Bob is capable of Bobbing for apples the best. Usually around Boboween. Or All Bob’s eve.Many casualties can result as many Bobs try to out bob one another. Same for Bobmas. Santa Bob typically unleashes Krampus Bob on foolish Bobs bobsledding around this time. Survivors get gifts. -Other Bob
  13. And how do you become established?
  14. Word choice as in are you disguising things. Are events transpiring openly or is there more going on that what’s readily being presented on the surface. Context can paint a very different picture of whats going on. A single well placed clue can do more than a ton of less subtle hints. How are you disgusing things if things are not as they appear. Ex: It seemed as though a trick of light but the ruby seemed to have an inner fire all its own for an instant. (A set up that the ruby isn't normal) Ex: Is it really the ticking of a clock or is it a timer steadily ticking down? What kind of tick is it? Is it a tick tock. or is it a steady tick tick tick… BOOM Ex: Molly felt uneasy being locked in this room. The grand father clock’s ominous ticking didn’t seem quite right it was as if the ticking wasn’t perfectly synched. The obviousness of the sudden lack of sound brought attention to its sudden absence. “Oh shi-” Molly didn’t have time to finish as the room upended in a sudden conflagration. Bringing attention to certain details or lack of details. Etc..