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  1. InvidiaRed

    non villain bad guy

    Yes, Exactly a bad person with a bad special ability.
  2. InvidiaRed

    non villain bad guy

    So bad powers, bad person?
  3. InvidiaRed

    non villain bad guy

    Ah. So more of a harem protagonist then.
  4. InvidiaRed

    non villain bad guy

    A)One of the darkest aspects of Harry Potter’s world is that love potions are readily abundant and heavily used to the point there had to be several wizards/witches who had to develop cures or other tricks to circumvent. D&D/ Pathfinder/ D20 systems have charm magic which forces the afflicted to view you, your words and actions in the most favorable ways barring blatantly suicidal orders or outright harmful ones. Aka. Best friend forevers at least until the effect wears off. The Bigger Badder version with a prison record Is Dominate Person/ Monster in which the effect is outright mindcontrol. Both of these completely compromise a victim’s free will and belong to Coercion. The former implies a widespread date rape culture in which witches are the targeted demographic if by the sheer variety young witches are given access to is any indication. The latter is one of the reasons why the horny bard trope is so abundant. There’s no way to mince words, Any method of enforcing your desires on others is a moral event horizon. They’re a villain.
  5. InvidiaRed

    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    So when is Halloween Party 2020 going up?

  7. InvidiaRed

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    From JayDee on August 25, 2020 New Part! More insight into what Harry's feeling - so is his inability to hate a sign that he's been kind of desensitised by it all? Possibly just me, but when Argus was described as having a fetching face I thought there might be a pun of getting him to fetch something. I mean, there was that well volunteered line... ok,yeah, just me. Haha. Alot of fics focus on Harry being the Master Of Death as what makes him special. But what really makes Harry Potter OP is his great capacity for love. That which Voldermort has no knowledge of. Canon wise Harry doesn’t hate Voldermort but rather views him in this light of pity(For being unable to love) and he showed great compassion by even offering Voldy himself a last chance. Harry is actually pussiant and adept with this very unknown branch of magic. As in taking one for the team and taking the killing curse granted his allies sacrificial protection to the point that at the very end of the battle of hogwarts Voldmort wasn’t able to affect any of his allies for very long. In his last moments Voldy gone Moldy was practically powerless in that final battle. Voldermort was for lack of a better term was Harry’s love born Horcrux from the very moment wormtail took his blood. Since by doing so he took Lily’s sacrifice into his body. Essentially. Unless, Harry was consumed by fiendfyre, bitten by a basilisk without a phoenix nearby or possibly even kissed by a dementor.(Which likely would have taken Voldy’s soul fragment instead) Voldermort was the only one able to kill Harry. (Nothing says stupid quite like as giving your enemy protection that only you can break.) Each was truly the other’s source of immortality however inadvertent. Harry is so far the only one in relative safety in this story everyone else is fair game. Harry may be seventeen in this story but he’s still learning about sexuality and he really doesn’t know how to feel about Argus’s sexual advances and whether or not they’re wanted. But one could definitely say Argus’s wandpolishing skills are indeed Outstanding.
  8. New chapter for

    Muggletum Finivi

  9. InvidiaRed

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    From DreamWorlds on August 22, 2020 Wow 10 whole years ago That is crazy think about, that means if you were 15 when you wrote this that means your 25 now. Wow Time continues ever onwards. I’ll admit I forgot that brief story existed but I’m always glad for a review. Thank you <3
  10. Here’s to all those morrowind lovers out there <3

  11. Rationis update should be out by tomorrow night or the day after :D

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      The Weight of Eternity is up