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  1. Congrats on another trip around the sun :D@pittwitch

  2. Comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

    1. BronxWench


      I am both comforted and disturbed by this notion...


  4. In the taxonomy of root systems of flora, where does the root system begin?

  5. InvidiaRed

    what do you call it?

    Homestead could work. But that's more wild west setting. Alas, poor Yorick!
  6. InvidiaRed

    salt water needed for life?

    You have way more liberty then. Depending on which extinction events happened or didn’t. Life’s inevitable evolutions would be beyond the ability to anticipate or imagine cept those who could gaze into the infinite without getting lost. Haha.
  7. InvidiaRed

    salt water needed for life?

    There are hypothetical other elements other than water that could support life. biochemistry does require electrolytes. In a world like that with a small amount of salt water. Life would be concentrated in and near the saltwater areas in natural biozones. Leaving the rest of the planet quite barren, sterile and lifeless. Until, and if life evolved the ability to carry the primordial soup of life with it (blood, sap etc..) Even then. Salt would easily be the most expensive and most precious resource. As without it, life wouldn’t exist.

    The funniest speech of 2019.

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    2. InBrightestDay


      So, first off…


      Or its just your TDS going terminal.

      If that abbreviation means what I think it means, I would recommend not using it.  Progress only gets made when the discourse is civil, and writing off any critics of current policies as “deranged” (again, assuming I’m right about “TDS”) is far too dismissive an approach.  There are completely rational disagreements people can have and there’s no need to accuse someone who thinks differently of having some sort of mental illness.


      1. Socialism certainly isn’t a perfect system; it can implode as we’ve seen in Venezuela, but it can also be a functional socioeconomic model, as we’ve seen in the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula, for instance.  I’m not saying Norway or Sweden are utopias, but they’re not dystopias either.  They’re functional.  Whether or not democratic socialism functions or collapses has to do with how it’s administered and with levels of corruption in the government of the nation in question, which are the same things that determine whether or not a capitalist socioeconomic system functions or collapses.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Soviet socialism was pretty disastrous, but most of what the Soviet Union did was pretty disastrous so that’s par for the course.  I think it’s worth not immediately writing off an idea that comes from a democratic socialist source purely by reflex.  We should consider the idea on its own merits.
      2. While it’s true that China is the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, and that they will have to be dealt with at some point, that doesn’t mean there’s no point in the United States helping out.  We are the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and we are the largest economy on Earth, which means that we are in a unique position to do something about this problem.  Recall that human civilization is currently set to pass a tipping point around 2030, but that’s assuming our emissions don’t change.  If the US were to get to net-zero emissions, or heck, to cut our emissions in half, that would change things in a big way.  It would buy the rest of the world more time to push China to cut its own emissions.  We would be holding the line for the rest of the world, doing something very heroic, actually.
      3. Past generations have absolutely screwed the current one.  That, in my opinion, is all the more reason not to do the same thing to our children by making them solve this problem.  This doesn’t have to mean that the American dream dies.
      4. From what I remember, Brexit was primarily about a chunk of the British populace not wanting to put up with EU laws and not wanting to have to send money (like the other member nations) to help the EU fund its own projects.  I don’t remember any of the Brexit campaigners saying that the EU was going to collapse within ten years (anyone in the UK feel free to weigh in on this).  As for genocide, while there have been surges of far-right nationalism in Europe, including Germany, I wouldn’t start predicting the return of Nazi Germany just yet.
      5. We do have problems within our own borders, but unfortunately I don’t think we can really afford to focus entirely on them.  Large-scale, planetary threats like climate change can’t really be kept out by staying isolated.
    3. InvidiaRed


      1. saikat chakrabarti. You need to look him up. Cause he’s the one pulling the strings and the one I will point as an example of why it wasn’t opening a dialogue. He’s got a puppet politician and its not at all harmless. Everything after that. I will agree on.
      2. I’m not saying throwing up our hands or towels. But you do have to at somepoint concede on some level. That our conservationist and eco friend policies and regulations will help…. On a regional level and the good we’ve managed to achieve is being underscored/offset on the macro scale. You can clean a room and invent new strategies and solutions and all that but. All that effort is for naught if two children who are dirty and refuse to take a bath want to recklessly play and roughhouse in the room you have put so much effort into cleaning. You would absolutely ground them. Yes, more effort is needed but I am also aware that as big emitter as we are. Our emissions are also decreasing as technology improves.
      3. I will concede that point.
      4. We are taking the first baby steps into a global consciousness. So far, it is not going well when the very word of globalism is steadily becoming synonymous with treason and corruption. There has to be a way to bridge that gap. Without undercutting regions and as we are now. Humanity isn’t capable of surviving global governance. Because of all the corruption, inherent bias and plain old grudges some of which are literally millennia old.  I have family there too. I resolutely want Brexit to happen. Britain can survive without the EU. Nay, It can thrive without that superstate’s imperialistic ambitions. The EU, however, won’t survive a free Britain precisely because of its financial acumen.
      5. Superpowers are also monopolies. it complicates things just a tad bit when even if they don’t want they still have to play by the rules of the superpower within reach. Then we have the EU trying to become a superpower. While at the same time stepping on the toes of all current superpowers.
      6. I have extensively read the Roman Empire. History rhymes but never exactly repeats… Until a Reincarnated Caesar drives his sports car across the Rubicon. I think we’ll be fine. That is if the barbarian hordes we just open our borders to and pretend we have no crisis with have no intention to acclimate or assimilate into our culture… Oh.
    4. InvidiaRed


      1A. Its a little too close to socialism has never been tried ad nasuem.It's been tried extensively. Its a failure. The Scandinavian countries have some socialist flavors but are predominately free market.(take a listen its interesting). An idea should be able to stand by its merits. However, socialism apologists. will make up any excuse and blame everything but the idea that failed itself. Democratic socialism is little different other than we’re all equally guilty in voting for and encouraging human misery.  Maybe a hive-minded sapient species could make it work. Maybe. But for our species. Its time to just pull the plug and let the bad idea go. Without someone reanimating its corpse.

      1. B.I agree. We can do something and we are. Its easy to forget in all the gloom and doom. Our emissions have been decreasing. That right now we are living in a wonderous, nay miraculous age. Capitalism is pulling billions out of poverty. We have never been closer to eradicating a second disease from the world and so many wonderous good things. We should always strive to do better. This era of reckless rapid industrialization is ending and that's a good thing. More sustainable for one thing. And one of the best news in a long time is that the hole in the ozone layer is repairing itself :D Humanity managed to do something truly wonderous.
      2. Absolutely agree on three.
      3. Dx. I have to provide a lot of context so I don’t sound insane on 4.  So when greece went bankrupt I started reading up on financial stuff and information like the budget of that aristocratic nightmare with delusions of empire. One of those major projects no one wants to comment on is the creation of the EU army and its a major project Britain absolutely refuses to fund with good reason. If and when Britian manages to leave. Its almost assured the EU army is coming regardless but Britain leaving effectivly silences one of the biggest voices against its creation. Now if you back to my comment of the EU is gunning for a cold war with US. There is one country in the EU that has the most to gain from it.(Germany) Since that nation hasn’t honored its financial obligations and has been freeloading its NATO obligations which is a mere 2% of GDP and they’re not even doing 1.5% of it.) This goes all back to my decade hypothesis. Because I’m assuming the EU will manage to create this military in that time. Macron and Merkel have spent alot of time talking about it after all. And since the EU has designated the US as its enemy. Germany will more than likely be where the EU army is for one reason. US has 20ish bases there.  Now if I’m an insane illegitimate power hungry superstate.(Which the EU is) Those military bases look like a threat to its imperial ambitions and with a flase flag or manufactured outrage pretext… Or to put it another way. A big shiny red button to press wink wink with a sign of don’t push. Maybe, I am completely wrong. But, I'd keep a much closer eye on Germany and what it is doing.
      4. Addendum. The EU with its absolute irresponsible unfettered open borders. Have managed to not only import “children” (who happen to be grown men facts be damned and they’ll censor you for bringing this up)  of completely incompatible cultures who show no sign of assimilation. Or to be more frank. Civil unrest is assured for the next few decades if not century.
      5. “Europeans” who are not European, don’t speak European languages, have no European ideals or historical context have little to no justification to be into Europe. Be considered as full-fledged natives(cause fuck history). in a surprise that surprised absolutely no one but the propagandists in the BBC. Nationalism is back and even with the propaganda mill constantly praising diversity. The cracks in the EU only grow.
  9. Desperation is the mother of tyranny. Dark days incoming.

    Article 11 and Article 13 have passed.

    1. InBrightestDay


      I believe I speak for everyone who’s ever watched Let’s Plays on Youtube when I say: Fuck.

  10. InvidiaRed

    I need a poison

    So avoid the salad then. gotcha
  11. The False Mother. Aka

    Parental Horror


    1. JayDee


      Well that’s awesome. And creepy. Creepy awesome.

    2. InvidiaRed


      Sorta spoliery for the Halloween prompt this year xD 

  12. InvidiaRed

    I need a poison

    Any substance that causes harm? Well, if they’re ambushers. Fecal matter smeared on weapons will induce nasty infected wounds. Rust works too. Depending on environs. Wild mushrooms run the gamut of harmless to everyone who tasted the stew is already dead. Depending on the intellect. Arsenic. the frankly horrifying effects of generally everything in the nightshade family. Aconitine The Queen of Poisons if you’re going more underground. Radioactivity is always a nasty surprise. Considerably so if it's been ingested. Quicksilver. Etc...
  13. Watched this with my little niece then this happened. When Disney goes dark they don’t kid around.

    1. InBrightestDay


      Well...holy shit.

    2. Sinfulwolf


      Daymn. Love it.

  14. InvidiaRed

    I need a poison

    Define poison. Cause filthy substances technically count on a count of guerilla warfare.