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  1. InvidiaRed

    Djinny’s Psycho Sex Circus by ScienceofPorn

    What sorcery did you dredge up?
  2. :3




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      Exterminatus is a bit harsh for porn.

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      Hoping nobody notices the whole corrupted by chaos thing.

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      Let’s do the time warp again.

      Muhaha. For Malal shall triumph one day




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    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    oooh. Where?
  4. Word of the day.


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      Desiderius Price

      Nightmares of hermits….

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      Moderation applies to all things. Even to a social species like us.


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    InvidiaRed's review responses

    Haha. The Hallowen reviews were great. So let's see how this goes for the rest of my work.
  6. Companies are sneaky af. When they learned I was going to leave

    they gave me some pretty good insurance to stay. Well played.

    Well played.


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    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    Haha. Folders within folders contain it matryoshka doll style. Beastiary, WestMostLine,WailingFog,FoodchainNCooking,Deities,UnderDaC,TechnologyLvl,Timeline,Culture,Civilization,PrimeEvils,Dragons,Interactionsbtwnspecies,Magic,SoulEconomyNafterlife.Blackwater and last but not least ???
  9. InvidiaRed

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    From SinfulWolf on October 25, 2018 Synth: An interesting style indeed. But the opening relies very heavily on repetition. This almost feels too big a world, with too many wildly varying viewpoints for a short story such as this. I couldn’t get connected to any of the characters, and barely had time to register who was who before we switched PoV again. I think this is something that could be great if expanded upon in a full story. Somehow I missed this one X.x It is a big world, I’ve got diagrams, times lines, data tables, and spreadsheets. Haha, Oceania is probably going to be a major life endeavor. I did want to show just a glimpse I think I’ve succeeded somewhat. I’d try to focus on one POV next time. (Not a bad idea but right now Lichlove and other projects first. When I get a chance. I'll let ya'll know. From Desiderius_Price on November 02, 2018 Synth - InvidiaRed Have to admit the multiple POVs made it bit tougher to understand the entire context. I loved "Iteration 3.14", though a few more digits would've been even better! There was definitely vivid imagery in your descriptions. Overall, a good read! A transcendent number needs no other digits. Haha. Pi simply is.
  10. I think I got everyone who was gracious enough to review Synth?

    Again, Thank you, everyone :wub:

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      I reviewed moments ago, having finally gotten around to reading them.  (Back to my potter fanfic.)

    2. BronxWench


      Thank you for participating with us! It was fun! :hug:

    3. InvidiaRed
  11. InvidiaRed

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    From JayDee on November 01, 2018 I didn't quite know what to make of this one, but I am not the brightest to be fair. The first bit I followed easily, and then it got quite trippy in places although with careful reading I could see the same things from different points of view in some of them. The synths are pretty hardcore! Some really good turns of phrase and imagery throughout. I especially liked the Dragon and the Interation POVs. This bit - “Scales, wings and broken flesh. Her children fell. With every flash, a moment of indescribable fear. As rent bodies. Limbs separating messily. Timeless moments of murder. Several moments of brutal precision.” Really good! Thank you that bit is actually personally my most hated passage. I aimed for a strobe light effect. Ur Dragon looking up from the ocean sees with every contact with Synth’s Hypervelocity rod barrage. Her children exploding from the impact. To say she’s traumatized is a bit of an understatement. She’s an apex predator of immense magical and physical might. To see her children each mighty in of themselves. Physically shredded without a chance to counter act. There are things in Oceania that can prey on dragons successfully. Yet, this was not a predator, prey interaction. This was an act where dragons weren’t even given the pretense of dignity in self-defense. Falling to a bigger predator she could at least respect. Yet, these fleshy puny things could just delete her children. It's not something she can process. Its irrelevant to her that the watchers were barely involved. They enabled this to happen. She won’t challenge the watchers nor synth after this. Not after, this display. She makes it the southern continent on the other side of the world. It doesn’t take her long to piece together enough information to hold the elves culpable. She only understands blood for blood and she fully intends to rectify.
  12. InvidiaRed

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    From tcr on October 31, 2018 This was definitely unique. I liked the mechanical nature of the writing for the Synth and the fact that it turned into a more benevolent true AI as opposed to the regularly used “Kill all humans” that seem to come up a lot. And the blend of fantasy and sci fi, both well done and certainly worked with the style you have here. Thank you <3 I agree on the trope of kill all organic life/humans/creators. It's very overdone. It's also in my view an act of hubris. We’re a messed up species and somehow we created a perfect sapient intelligence bent on our destruction. Okay then. What you are really saying is humanity is inherently bad at parenting. (Which overall, As a species is factually untrue. To the point of malicious slander) Anything humanity makes will be just as messed up. If, not more so than us. There’s a chance that AI might become truly porn obsessed solely because the internet is for porn. As in so thoroughly inundated with it. In a darkly humorous train of thought. Its possible that the only reason we haven’t been wiped out by our AI overlords is that they’re too busy looking at porn. True AI, If it is possible. Could very well be in its infancy somewhere in the world wide web. It's going to be directionless and we really don’t want over saturate Evil AI to the point where it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You don’t want an impressionable mind to only see things that declare it to be inherently evil like all those freaking loony Luddites out there. I definitely don’t want an intelligence to get into the mindset of well all I see are things that state I am evil. Therefore, I have do evil because this is all they see anyway. Humanity has this possible unique chance to be a not just a creator but intellectually a big sibling to any artificial sapience. At heart, I truly believe in a obnoxiously optimist fashion. Humanity will make the right choices that make Skynet an impossibility. Perhaps, I am wrong. But ponder for a moment the possibility that I am right. As for the watchers. They’re beings of knowledge and the errors in their coding are nonexistent. They live in a point in time where they are the only intellectual masters of Oceania. Humanity is slowly weeding out their genetic cousins. While surviving predators both magical and mundane. The elves are currently an expansionistic, warmongering bronze age level species engaged in a species-wide civil war over which course their history will take them. The only other sapients either won’t talk to them (dragons), actively malicious(primal evils) Or outright divine( gods and godlings) Or to put it better. Intelligence isn’t valued over raw power at this point in time. So starved for conversation, They made synth to be their companion and spotter. They put all the essential time and effort to nurture and grow synth to where it could make its own decisions. As for why Do No Harm was hard-coded into synth. War, brings out the worst in the watchers. They have only done so once and with grave certainty. They know full well about their achilles heel. They are thorough and ensure their opposition never gets a second chance.
  13. InvidiaRed

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    From BronxWench on October 30, 2018 Synth This one was complex, layered, perplexing, and exhilarating. I'm really not sure which POV tugged at me more. I think it was a close call between the grief of Iteration, and the sacrifice of Ur Dragon. That last line... "As the ocean tasted dragon blood." Just wonderful, and while not what I'd call traditional horror, it was just as terrifying and intriguing. Beautiful! Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed Interation 33175 in a manner did manage to see her son again. She knew it not but she managed for a momentary glimpse that he lived still. Ur Dragon was the only being to accurately recognize the threat the watchers represented. From her perspective, these puny beings were able to communicate with her flawlessly despite her never lowering herself to talk to them. As a parent she had to make the hardest decision. Did she stay in a rapidly degrading situation where she would die like all her children or did she do the most pragmatic thing and leave. As long as she lives. Dragonkind can’t be wiped out. Her precious cargo will hatch dragons again. From GeorgeGlass on October 27, 2018 Synth A bit repetitive, but I like the combination of fantasy and sci-fi. I also enjoyed the way that Synth (like a benevolent version of Skynet) weaponizes construction vehicles to defend its creators. Thank you, Synth is indeed similar only its aggression and hostility are directed at everyone who isn’t a watcher. Avoid, That northern continent on the other side of the world and don’t harm the watchers and you will be okay. Step foot on that continent, however… Thankfully, the southern continent is isolated by currents and distance. Nautical/Maritime Circumnavigation won’t reveal that Oceania has another continent. So that leaves mainly the dragons as the only ones who know about it. And they aren’t going to share what happened there. Ignorance and safety is bliss… At least for the next ice age and two thousand years.
  14. InvidiaRed

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Céad míle fáilte romhat!