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  1. InvidiaRed

    The Sidhe's Apprentice (Teacher's Pet 2 anthology)

    redro ni si snoitalutargnoc erecnis A
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    2. InvidiaRed




      loot lufrednow a si erol

    3. BronxWench


      My brother and I used to leave each other messages in mirror writing, because I fell in love with Leonardo’s notes. :lol:

    4. InvidiaRed




      redisnoc flesruoy a retsis


    dloheb eht ytied fo slabinnac


    Etemu- The Everfeast Eunuch


    1. BronxWench


      Now that’s intimidating!

    2. CloverReef


      I looove that, you have no fucking idea! Awesome stuff

  3. So what kind of dragon? Or is that not pertinent?
  4. good thing they decided to wear blue that day then xD
  5. Never count heroes out unless you have seen the bodies, Have access to said bodies and have their souls corked in a wine basement somewhere in a hidden location on another continent in a different dimension.
  6. InvidiaRed

    Am I a Mary Sue?

    The only thing that makes sense with Rey. Is that she is likely a wound in the force. Like the Exile in KOTOR2 but much more badly written. She doesn’t display force powers until after she encounters other force users. The funniest theory regarding her is that she might be Aboleth. The most OP character in the extended universe.
  7. InvidiaRed

    Am I a Mary Sue?

    Mary Sue’s are one thing but don’t go overboard and off the cliff on the otherside. I think first, You should write a mary sue and then just use it as a reference of what not to do. There is nothing wrong with characters who all happen to have sad backgrounds. Tragedy is everywhere. Why are they clingy do they have a reason to be clingy is it just there without reason. The best way to avoid mary sue is let things happen to your characters. Let them live. They shouldn't get their way all the times. Things happen. Items. How do the clingy don’t want to be alone characters react when circumstances force them to be alone?
  8. So decided to make my own bestiary



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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @BronxWench  Just picked up a propane meat smoker…. seems like it’d be useful.

    3. InvidiaRed


      Wow, You got quite a lot from that one spoiler.

      I’ll have to get more clever.

      There are more than one, But I don’t think I'd let them do my taxes 


    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @InvidiaRed  Have a few on hand to deal with the tax man.

  9. I’d have to say this would have to be a must if you got two parties going. From what I’m seeing the smaller hidden party is playing hard for the endgame. The cusp of victory is that sweet spot where everyone isn’t at their best guard after all. Victory is in your grasp the goal is practically touching. Focusing too much on the impending victory. Main party should have some distrust. As in why are certain things happening that only the party planned together unfolding? I think the hardest part would be the hints that the smaller party isn’t as dead as everyone thinks. I mean did people actually see the bodies? The smaller party would be going off the plans the party made before they got separated.
  10. InvidiaRed

    Rape in Literature: Thoughts?

    I fully agree. Rape is a distinct turn off. At the basest level Rape is about forcing another’s flesh to sate an appetite that went off the rails wrong. That sense of power over another. To take what should be only given willingly. reading the accounts of rapists is rather disturbing to read as they try to justify it. The victim was simply asking for it . Was too beautiful/sexy they couldn’t help themselves. I think the most chilling one I’ve read was a female rapist who had the urge and she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. And she didn’t understand why the man called 911 after she released him.
  11. InvidiaRed

    The Harem Lima Stockholm Syndrome Story Idea

    It’ll take some time but in a confined space away from the rest of the world would allow the characters to interact over a period of time. Both syndromes can and have happened at the same time. Humanity’s ability to bond with anything and our innate empathy ensures given enough time. The captor will have as much emotional capital invested in their captives as the captives have in their captor. Both will react violently if outsiders try to harm either. Particularly if both parties aren’t complete and total monsters without a shred of empathy. Bonus points if this forced relationship is more stable and healthy than their normal relationships.
  12. InvidiaRed

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    I’m gonna have to try that main characters who are nudists.
  13. InvidiaRed

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    That’s why death by hand blender is so surprising.
  14. InvidiaRed

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    So content yourself with the humilation of making him wearing clothes and not chained to the bed Hahaha.