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  1. Back history

    Sometimes there doesn’t need to be one. In my experience. You can hint, throw comments and other snippets to create a bigger back story. How do they react? How do things affect the characters. Do certain things remind them? You can create an effective character purely on how does the character react to the world around them.
  2. Yep. Some people just jump right off that slippery slope rather than slide off.
  3. When you lose interest...

    I've posted and pulled but generally only when writer’s block strikes hard. eventually, someone will comment and those people I adore the most.
  4. spite and malice have their place to be sure. But its much more satisfying when one of the biggest problems for the protagonists is just normal people going about their lives
  5. Antagonists are in many ways the easier to create than protagonists. They laugh,cry and generally do everything the protagonists do. The who what when and why generally take care of the rest.
  6. <3 Essentially yes. When you got long lived races with millenia+ lifespans in a world with peoples with normal life spans It might seem insane but a little war here and there is just good neighborly manners.
  7. Oh good, I’m in good company. Oceania I can write about forever. There’s alot of history there. As is expected when characters have incredible longevity. Character conflicts can last for millennia. Since one of the main characters is 102,50 year old.
  8. A To Z Dictionary Of Body Parts And Sexual Acts

    Found this gems
  9. Why do you write?

    indeed it is. For muses are fickle things
  10. when to use them?

    Such a thing exists?
  11. when to use them?

    Depends on how vocal the people are in flagrante delicto. Cooing is more comforting baby talk/pet talk
  12. Throw your ideas in here!

    Fresh is best. Even if its 160 pounds of talking beef, bread, lettuce, tomato, and cheese
  13. Writing A simple nude scene

    Well, start with a logical approach. Why are they nude? Hawaii can get very humid. Enough to make wearing any clothing uncomfortable.
  14. Throw your ideas in here!

  15. Throw your ideas in here!

    Well I mean a cheeseburger is a cheeseburger even if it talks. Turns it into straight horror but its technically your fault for dressing as food.