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    Re: “Wishful” From IttyBittySkitty on April 16, 2021 Thank you! It wasn’t easy finding a way to do something with real-world Angelica that would compare with what happened with Lady Angel, so I’m glad you liked the result. I see real-world Angelica as being even more passionate than her Wishful counterpart. No spoilers! I hope you’ll like it.
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    Re: “Wishful” From IttyBittySkitty on April 15, 2021 Skitty Chapter 8 I guess I do tend to reuse certain themes. Glad to have done that again. I think Angel/Angelica is the character he put the most thought into, so I really tried hard to do justice to her. Thank you! I do love the non-sex parts of this story, too.