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    Paul just turned 16 in June. His friend, Kevin, who's 10 years older than him, just married Tracy, in September. Tracy and Kevin know Paul is 'interested' but they shrug it off as a teen crush. Over the next three years, Paul’s obsession goes from a simple fuck fantasy to a brutal, dark and sadistic. Tracy suspects and tries to tell Kevin, but he insists it’s a teenage crush and he’ll grow out of it. When Paul is about to turn 19, he decides kidnapping and torturing Tracy to death would be a good birthday present for himself. Paul is 5'10" dark red hair, green eyes, fairly good looking, manipulative, martial arts trained. Tracy is 5'7" dark blonde blue eyes, beautiful smile,(Paul thinks Tracy is gorgeous) mother of twins say 3 year old.
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    Naruko x Older Men

    Definitely gonna check you out and hopefully you get the stories up quick
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    Naruko x Older Men

    Hello people, I had just stumbled upon this little session, and after reading some of it, thought it may be nice to say this. I have two stories in the works, one based around Sarutobi Hiruzen, and the other based around Jiraiya, and both are basically them making the beautiful girls within the Naruto series, into their lovely little pets, I am also working on a story titled Yuuki Uzumaki, which are the sexual adventures of the daughter of Jiraiya and his wonderful little pet Kushina. If you wish to see my writing style, I suggest checking me out on ff.net, as I have yet to post any on here, the pen name is DogOfChullain.
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    For Raison D’être Thanks! I’m glad you appreciated the story, even though I realised too late that I didn’t even come close to meeting the 1000 word limit of the challenge. i guess I a little got carried away! I’m quite pleased with how the story turned out. I guess I would call it semi-autobiographical, except I’m not looking after someone with Alzheimers, and some other details are changed. And thanks for reading! Thank you for reading and reviewing. I’m glad the story touched you in some way. Hopefully not too painfully, though. And you’re welcome.