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    Morning Snow 7/14/13 Lol, Hermione was livid. Thank god she's the member of the trio that has the best self-control! But yes Ron is a fool haha. He'll regret it later though:) Hermione would have settled with him had he been a bit more patient. The best way i can explain my idea for the Wizards Oath, is that when wizards get married it ties them together just the same way. In fact a wizards marriage bond is for life and is pretty much the equivalent of a wizards oath to love and to cherish and all that. So in the event that Harry had no one, Draco's bond with him especially one that makes him loyal to harry allows him to act in his best interest. It's almost as if the magic can recognize that Draco is Harry's guardian angel in his time of need. But forget all that!!! You are the only one who got one of the most important moments that i included! Draco has been ashamed of his involvement in the wizarding war. He hates the dark mark and the portion of his life it represents. So when he showed Hermione without a second thought, it was a really telling moment. Draco feels strongly toward her and he trusts her. In the beginning Harry noted that Malfoy unconsciously shifted his left arm out of the way whenever someone reminded him of the darker times. There are tons of little clues and moments that people miss when reading, I am continuously tying them into the story as we go along! But i'll keep this ball rolling! Smut coming soon!
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    HG4eva, Some of your comments lead me to spoilers! Ch. 3 will answer some of your questions! I will tell you that canon Draco (post-Hogwarts) is out the window. Primrose mentions in Ch. 1 that he turned to the light, 'everyone knows that'. But Hermione didn't, since she stayed away from the papers as much as possible. She was dealing with some avoidance issues. Is she in danger? Well, how much fun would the story be if I told you that? You mention Draco playing of the 'tragically misunderstood' persona and I'm not quite sure that's what he's doing yet. I do want to point out that even Hermione says to herself that she has only heard Primrose's opinion of him. In Ch. 3, Hermione will be talking to him for a few minutes for the first time- and alone- so his personality is going to be analyzed by our beloved heroine. Thanks for your reviews! I like your comments! Anin- I do know that Lincoln wasn't the first US president. Hermione got her wars mixed up and she was corrected. Civil war was the war Lincoln had to deal with, I've double checked. Thanks for pointing it out though! Eris!! - Oh, you have such a surprise coming when it comes to Anthony hehehe Just gonna have to wait for Ch. 3! Rose is becoming a very fun character in my mind, and Luis is a lot of fun. Yep, I like my OC's quite a lot in the short time I've known them lol. I wish this place existed too, You've told me you have never been to Texas, so let me tell you, that random building in the middle of nowhere from before the War for Independence between the Mexican and Texan armies is common. They're all historical landmarks and owned by the state. But they are so weird to see! Imagine the Alamo (Which is all anyone really knows about Texas) in the middle of a field, but with white paint instead of bare limestone and you get the picture for what I imagine the school to look like. Yes in the story I have both Lucius and Narcissa sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss. She will probably not come up, but in my head she did so much other stuff before she saved Harry in the forest that she deserved no less. But, maybe I'll have Draco explain it for you... in a set of Healers robes lmao!
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    I read this and laughed. As a writer, this is my formula. No, not the 'get-straight-to-the-sex' part, but the focusing on plot and characterization as opposed to rushing into the good stuff, which in my opinion is typically overrated. It's a bonus, but not the goal I am striving for. And I have to admit that it irks me when folks pass up a story simply because it's not riddled with grammar and spelling errors, missing punctuation or the use of too many. Or lacking that immediate gratification with the use of fluff, cuteness, straight-up sex. But who am I to tell those people what they should or shouldn't like? *shrug* In any case, I don't think I can add much to the definition of what 'good writing' is. Everything BronxWench wrote is what I feel good writing should be. Aside from the technical stuff, it becomes very a individual matter, straight down to the genre, setting, time period, sexual orientation, so on and so forth. Good writing is much too detailed to fit into a general description, but you're always going to have a critic or two. Not everyone is going to like what you write, and as long as you have a firm grasp on how to properly use the English language (or whatever language you're writing in), what you like to write is not necessarily going to be the issue.