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    Getting near the end, been writing this story since 2007! Be-warned needs a beta bad, because I am a horrible editor. I had two or three beta's. but they fled long ago, so all mistakes are mine. I decided to write the story just for me, experimenting with content, humor, and sex as it pleased me. Only Chapter 75 and the Hot slashy afterwards to go. Title: Darkness Author: Gslinger Rating: Adult+++ Pairings: Darkness and just about everyone who moves! Summary: A Demon warrior is sent to kidnap a young half-elf boy, for his Dark Wizard Master, who has special plans for this particular boy. Feedback: Oh yes please, just have mercy on my poor spelling and grammar! Fandom: Original story with D&D influence, depending on a heavy slash content, because a beautiful evil wizard can't keep his hands and his perverse appetites under control... because he's a dedicated full time bastard... oh but he is pretty, but he tries to disguise his good side. Url: http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600094883 Thanks for reading, Calanthee aka the Gslinger Guess what guys I actually got a volunteer to beta for me... Yippy-ki-ya... Hooray, and I thought nobody liked me. I just hope everything works out all right...because I had several beta's that fled after only a short time. I look forward to see how it all works out??? Stay tuned for further updates.