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    The Stepfordization Of Sarada Uchiha

    Hinata being the one to take in Sarada during the time of her training and treats her as her own child turning her into a proper stepford girl is a route we could go
  3. Sarada will be pretty involved so no need to worry. Hopefully someone picks it up soon
  4. I really like this! Hope some picks it up. Love the Sarada ideas the more of Sarada training him the better!
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    Nurse Naruto sissyfication idea

    Naruto awakes after the final fight, stunned that he has an arm when he remembered it being blown off, he soon finds that said arm is chained to the bedpost above him and he can’t call on his chakra at all. Karin walks in and explains that they are on the other side of the world in a city dedicated to healing before mentioning her plans for Naruto. Her reasoning is that the Uzumaki clan was destroyed because too many of them were too strong and so some must learn to be demure and submissive for the clan to prosper. As the last living Uzumaki pureblood she has named herself clan head, giving her control over Naruto( a half-blood) Enacting the Jutsu to change his body into that of a girl. Getting rid of his whiskers and giving him silky long red hair and change his eye color. looking like a pure Uzumaki. working off of a reward/punishment system he slowly gains parts of clothing and “rights” to travel to the rest of the house and eventually outside. At one point Naruto tries to escape but is quickly caught and punished severely. While recovering from the punishment, Karin says that he needs an anchor to tie him down to his new way of life, she introduces the head of the hospital in the village who is perverted and has agreed to help Karin so long as he can take samples of Uzumaki blood to work out its healing properties. He develops a drug that Karin uses on Naruto, not only making him weak but if he doesn't take one every few days his body will slowly shut down, meaning he cant run away. Naruto is inducted as a nurse at the hospital starting with low level work but learning every day until he becomes part of a ward to do with either men or women(haven’t thought of which yet) The settlement believes in a social cast system broken up into “ruling” and “servant” with various levels to each, Naruto is marked as “working female property” by the tattoo on his back that Karin puts there. All the fellow nurses and doctors are aloud to punish Naruto if he either breaks from his female persona or fails to complete a task.  All this time Karin is training him when not at work with physical and psychiatric means to ensure he is becoming the woman that she wants him to be. At some point as a “reward” Karin has Naruto’s eyes degraded so he has to rely on super feminine glasses to see. He would be forced to spend time in salons and other places learning the arts of taking care of the female body(painting nails, doing makeup, how to wear his new hair.) also time with a seamstress who teaches Naruto what it is that men like to see women wear and finally renewed training time with Karin to teach jewelry, female sex, cooking, house tending etc. When Naruto has reached a sufficient rank as a nurse(indicated by the more decorative and covering yet tighter nurse outfit) Karin has Naruto interact with the son of the doctor to put all the new skills to the test. Eventually the doctor and Karin arrange a marriage between Naruto and the son who move into the shared compound of Karin and the doctor. The Son is a hyper believer in women being feminine and submissive, taking offence to Karin being in a position of power causing him to take his frustrations out on Naruto sexually with Naruto being distressed at first but growing to be so indoctrinated that he just comes to see it as his husband showing his love, endgame of the story should be Naruto with six children of various ages and his husband impregnating him again.
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  7. Hi everyone, Miles here. Been quite sometime since I uploaded a chapter. Figured I would finally start this thread to keep people who follow my story updated on whats going on. I’m currently writing two new chapters, as well as re-writing the first one. Every time I look at it, I see more and more I can do. So feel free to leave a message, I’ll be sure to check periodically and respond when I can.
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    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    I need to start editing earlier in the day. It is simply the circumference of the hips. The circumference of the hips is supposed to be measured under the bony protrusions and around the thickest part of the butt. Seriously, that’s how it’s prescribed. So it’s essentially an ass measurement. It’s useful for determining height/weight ratios and is the third number you see on a female model’s measurements, the first two being bust (chest) and waist (thinnest part of the abdoman). I.e. actress Scarlet Johansson apparently is measured at 35-26-36. A lot of Japanese video games like to include this information for some reason, along with blood type and deserts. Kasumi from Dead or Alive is 35-21-33 and type A in case you ever wondered. 44 inches is the supposed, or at least marketed, measurement of Alexis Texas hips/ass back in the day. In conclusion, fairly bubbly.
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    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Yeah you might need to edit it sometime. Also, what would a 45 inch circumference ass look like?
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    Root Uzumaki Naruko

    woof, cruel but sweet.
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    Count To Infinity

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    Count To Infinity

  13. Desiderius Price

    Count To Infinity

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    BBW Uzumaki

    Title kind of says the general theme of the challenge/ request so here is the details of anyone is interested. Basically Kushina Uzumaki survives the Kyuubi incident and raises her new daughter, yes this fem naruto fic as well, Naruko. Along the way she either begins to gain weight or is already a bbw and raises Naruko to be a proud BBW, to embrace and enjoy her soft, curvy body like Kushina does. Main Fetishes: Weight Gain (if not already a BBW in Kushina's case),BBW , MILF, and/ Lactation Not Included (please): vore, a scat, pedophilia, and torture/ abuse Pairings: Really any ,preferably Akimichi, that you choose. Please someone try this, I haven't seen anyone try this and would love to see someone give this idea/challenge a chance.
  15. Second time now I’ve spent a whole day with sensitive nipples.  Weird.  Is it normal for a guy to have periodic sensitive nipples?  Is it normal for women, come to think of it.  Can’t say its very pleasant.

    1. BronxWench


      For a lot of us women, it’s tied to menstrual cycles and/or pregnancy. But it can also be a symptom of a mild reaction to something—a new detergent. a new soap or lotion, something you don’t use routinely—if it’s an infrequent thing. That would apply to men as well, I should think.

    2. Melrick


      Hmm interesting.  I’ll have to take closer note next time it happens.  At least if a woman complains of that in the future, I’ll be able to sympathise properly, because it’s not a terribly nice feeling.

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  17. Hi, it's me, I just wanted to say hi and say thank you for replying and saying all those nice things about my review of 'Hot Yoga ', anyway, hope you're doing well and hope to hear from you again soon, good luck with your stories, bye and have a good night.
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    Firenze Harry

    I think the herd leaves the forest for some reason with Harry during the summer
  19. Chester57

    She is the One

    The driveway conversation between Jack and Chester combined with Kayla crying after calling home on Thanksgiving leads me to believe that the Hannigans are considering divorce. I don’t think they can go on without their daughter in their lives. Any thoughts on this?
  20. Golly Gee Wiz Batman! Someone used the Forum! Lolz. Welkin will certainly get more loving before the end, and the next chapter to be posted – if not, the following – will definitely have one or two sequences with him and a partner. As for your preferences all I can do is apologize. I do realize that I got a little bit more experimental this chapter and that was intentional. It was my attempt at trying to prevent a certain degree of repetitiveness in the erotic scenes within the composition, but if more of the same old isn’t a problem I can keep a little more vanilla in the future. Though I appreciate your understanding of others’ tastes in this matter. Maximilian does indeed have his sights on Cordelia mainly to have that reveal. Once the secret is out though I’m sure his mind will be changing very quickly. Perhaps you’re right in regards to Maximilian giving up on Selvaria too quickly, but I guess I had meant to make it sound like she never had that chance to begin with. That he was just using her for her abilities to find things out out about the Valkyria and of course her wielding the power of one. I suppose since the last parts of this most recent chapter are short I could see to revising it some and clearing it up a bit. I’m sure I was just in a rush to finish the chapter once hitting the “final stretch” and didn’t think as much as I should have about the last parts with Selvaria and Maximilian. If not that; in this very next chapter I can make Maximilian realize why he put so much faith in her abilities to begin with….Or something like that. As for Maximilian he does end up going a little mad with power by the end and I guess in this composition I wanted that madness to sort of stem from him having some obsession with becoming the godlike figure that the Valkyria are in the past and present, but if that is too much to bite for you and other readers I’ll change that around. Especially since I do really like your interpretation of Maximilian’s character. Also finish the game! It’s fun! Lolz. Faldio is trying to improve himself as a commander, but as life has taught some of us, no matter how much you strive to improve yourself you can still fail to meet the goal. If you fail to improve as a leader in war people die. Morbid cynicism, but history teaches this time and again. So don’t expect Faldio to be reversing anything with Selvaria swinging a lance around. As for the upcoming Cordelia plot: I don’t think I thought to change the kidnapper to Maximilian, but I could brainstorm it if that seems like a better option. Also, the anime didn’t even really try to make Selvaria ‘undercover’. There are a lot of things a woman can do to change her appearance such as dying hair, applying makeup, switching from an eye-grabbing dress to a more modest one, etc. Even Jaeger could’ve shaved, worn contacts, changed his haircolor or style and worn a monocle. I’m sure you’ve seen a man with a beard shave all trace of it, even if it’s someone close to you you still need to double check sometimes. Lolz. So I might still make them undercover. Are you saying my erotic story is good? Because that’s awesome! Thanks! Now if I can just get the ero stuff down….Because that’s not going anywhere even if I lower the frequency of it. And yeah the more promiscuous characters make it easier for me, but I’ll also try not to overdo it still. You know, to the point where the character is completely lost. Call me out if I do accidentally do that. Or if I’m already doing that…. Let me laugh a little before I answer this…………….Lolz The short answer is no, and it isn’t my preference either. My preference is more akin to women like Varrot or maybe even Freesia. Probably why she gets a lot of screen time, though to be fair I had meant to make Freesia a bit more of the dominant one in bed, but things change too much while I write. Like I mentioned before, no outlines or character sheets. Welkin sees women through omnivorous eyes (assuming I’ve used that word correctly) so he has no preference. Or at least no known preference. The blonde thing came from a trend I noticed while writing the story. Susie was the first girl he was with and that got known by outsiders at some point, There was Juno who he was good friends with and was obviously in some sort of relationship with. Ellet and him disappeared for a while at Vasel, and probably looked a little disheveled after. so…. Bingo! Dino DNA! Just like high school if you remember those years. It’s not his preference and Varrot was no exception. It’s just, to the outside observer, this seems to be the case and thus the consensus throughout the Squad. I just decided to make it somewhat of a running gag was all, and it’s mentioned a few times since Vasel, but perhaps most often in this chapter. When I had first gotten the idea to write this it was mostly to flesh out that military stuff like you mentioned. So I too very much enjoyed Aisha’s journal entry. These military scenes are the most enjoyable part of my writing experience and I’m happy that shows through my writing, so expect more of it. I never really take the erotic stuff TOO seriously, it’s just an added bonus to have a different type of fun every now and then. That’s why I really see no problem anymore with just experimenting with it or letting some characters seem a little bit more “slutty” or “horny” than the average individual at these points. I don’t know about a Harem ending yet, we’ll see how the story evolves since I’m freestyling it, but ideas are always welcome. I just hope I get them right enough to entertain you and every other reader further. As always; thank you for reading, and I’ll be working to get you the next one. -JPR
  21. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Next chapter of Spellbound is up. Came out a little shorter than I had hoped but I do kind of overdo it usually. About halfway through, I realized that I was writing from 3rd person limited from Raven’s perspective instead of omniscient or limited from Beast Boy’s. Then decided to be lazy and just finish it that way instead editing. May even be more consistent that way. Not to sure what I’ll focus on next. I need to figure out a poll system or something.
  22. GeorgeGlass

    Review responses for "Hot Yoga" [Phineas and Ferb]

    Reply to Star wars player 1’s review: Thank you! On the show, Melanie is generally portrayed as a bored office drone, and I thought it would be fun to write about what might lie beneath that blasé exterior. Then I decided that in her heart of hearts, she's into young boys (and, to a lesser extent, teenage girls), and that Jenny's special incense was going to set those impulses loose in a big way. I hadn't used shifting perspectives much before then, so I thought that would be fun to try. Also, it would enable me to better describe what the characters were experiencing. Thanks! Part of why I chose Dr. Hirano to include in the story was because of my "mother's duty" fetish (ie, I'm into moms who teach their kids first-hand about sex). She has a sultry voice (courtesy of Ming-Na Wen, who voices her), and I could easily imagine her using that voice to instruct her daughters and Coltrane in the finer points of lovemaking. And I wanted Coltrane to have a role because we don't see much of him on the show even though he is ostensibly Stacy's boyfriend. Yeah, I'm into that too. I don't have plans to continue with that, but there's a forthcoming scene in "Auntie's Home" that that brief scene with Dr. Hirano and Baljeet inspired. Yes, we'll get a good look at the evolution of that four-way relationship in this story. I figured, this is the girl who went on a "Save the pigeons" campaign, so she's got to be an animal lover. Plus, she's a total granola with lots of far-out ideas, so it's pretty easy to take her in crazy directions sexually. You too! And thanks for the review.
  23. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    SWP1, because this is a review of “Hot Yoga,” I’m going to respond to it in my review-reply thread for that story here.
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    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Hi, it's me, I just wanted to say hi and I'm pretty excited about what Adyson and Gretchen are going to do in chapter two of 'The more, the Merrier ', oh and by the way, in your reviews responses original fiction page, I left a comment and I left my full review of ' Hot Yoga ' since I've been wanting to review this story for quite a while, so I hope you'll check it out soon, and let me know what you think of my review, anyway bye and have a good night.
  25. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    My streak of productivity continues: I just posted chapter 4 of “Auntie’s Home.” What is more, I’m making good progress tonight on the next chapter of “The Miss Cutie Patootie Pageant,” so I expect to have that off to beta in the next few days. Made a bit of progress on “The More, the Merrier,” too. I’m having a lot of fun with Adyson and Gretchen in this story; in chapter 2, they’re going to do something that may or may not be physically possible. But, you know, they’re cartoons, so physiological correctness be damned.
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    Searching for Naruto fic

    It's where Naruto is dying and Sasuke is with his team Taka. Naruto goes up to some mountain where Sasuke an his team are hiding. They hear Naruto and he is there for a while and Sasuke is asked if he is going out there. If I remember correctly Sasuke and his team are waiting for a specific seal and Naruto hasn't really told anybody that his time is almost up. Sasuke goes looking for an old man that can help him complete the seal that Itachi left or showed him. He wants to complete it so he can use it to destroy the village.
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