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  2.  got a title for a story called “it started as a joke” now do i make it an original or raj/howard from the big bang theory?

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  9. Billion Dollar Harem

    Welcome back, Mal! Now I can’t wait for the next chapter haha.
  10. Hamburger has met the grill….

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    2. Wilde_Guess


      There are days where I ignore a high of 33 degrees and fire up the grill.  Today wasn’t one of them, and tomorrow doesn’t look so hot, either.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      We’re at 34 F now, so yeah, about the same.  Just decided to go for it :)


    4. Wilde_Guess


      I’ve done the same thing more than a time or two.  Just not today, and maybe not tomorrow.

  11. Phantom Affair

    How powerful should Danny be? I have it in my head that since he could copy the powers of other ghosts, he could be so powerful that hes seen as their version of Superman (in a similar way Anikin is seen as Captain America). He could copy people like Ember giving him a syrin's voice that can heal and bewitch foes, Technus could give him technopathy and electrokenisis, Johnny 13 can give him shadowmancy and luck manipulation and so on.
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  15. Percy Jackson and the hunt

    Bump any stories were Percy is treated like this if he is some how forced to join the hunt? Cfnm with the hunter not trusting him to do anything : no cooking because he might poison there food . no washing there clothes because he might do something perverted with them. No weapons maintenance because he is a boy and therefore incompetent. mabye have it that Annabeth and Thalia joined the hunt so that grover could take Luke safely to camp so Thalia didn't Become a tree. have the Hunt torment Percy takeing there hatred of all men out on him until they brake him only for it to not make them feel good the way they thought it would. Haveing the hunt make Percy do things like masturbait Infront of all of them while under a type of orgasm denial magic that makes it so he need permission from one of them to Orgasm and the hunt makeing him beg and degraded himself so they will let him cum. not giveing him weapons incase he decides to attack them only for it go wrong and him get badly injured when saving one of them from a monster. no shoes so his feet get hurt trying to keep up with the hunt. no tent makeing him sleep in the common area even when in the winter leading to him getting sick. not feeding him enough because he doesn't do anything to help around camp even though they are the ones that don't let him do anything to help because they don't trust him. mabye have the newer hunter start to realise what they are doing to Percy is wrong just because he is a boy dosn't mean he is like the boys that hurt them and then have them slowly start to treat him better only for him to not trust them because he thinks they are playing another trick on him. mabye have nemesis be behinde it. Because Artemis and the hunt caused the death of one of her sons. So she manipulates it so Percy is given to the hunt knowing that they would treat Percy the way do only to hold up a metaphorical mirror to the hunt showing that by treating Percy they have they have become like the men they hate leading to the hunt haveing an emotional breakdown.Because Percy was just an innocent victim that Nemesis used as a tool to get her revenge on Artemis.
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  17. Billion Dollar Harem

    Friends, Readers, Celebrity Fanfictioners, lend me your ear, I don’t know, that sounded cool in my head…. Hey everyone, I’m back...again...I know I said it would be the end of the month, but I got so excited about writing and posting again that I just couldn’t put the ‘ol quill and ink down. (Yes, that’s right, I draft my stories on parchment paper using old school ink and quill) I’m not sure what’s wrong with me right now, I’m in a quirky mood, maybe its cause I’m about to post my first new chapter in over two months! That’s right, you weren’t mistaken, Chapter 26 of BDH is now live! I really had a blast writing this chapter. It picks up literally right where chapter 25 left off, with Margot in Emma’s quarters. (If you don’t remember just where we left off, I’d recommend reading that last section of 25, its not too long). This chapter focuses a lot on Margot and the continuation of her indoctrination into the harem. She’s still trying to learn her place, and find someone to take that journey with her. We get to see a lot of her internal thoughts about what she wants from her life down in Alex’s world. There is also of course some pretty hot sex. I don’t want to give anything away, but I think there’s at least a couple of unexpected moments, including my first real attempt at writing voyeurism. This scene was very fun and different for me, and I’m really excited to see what you all thought about it, and whether or not you all would like to see more scenes like it. If so, I might try to include this fetish a little more. Twenty-six also promises to reveal an entirely new area of Alex’s compound coming up right away in chapter 27. I think that should be a very fun scene as well, as I’m sure you’ll all see. Coming up, I plan to get to work on 27 right away. Given my highly varied writing times, I can’t really promise when it’ll be out, but I can tell you I’m super excited about writing it. With that said, its my hope to have it out by mid-February or so. Emma’s exile will continue through 27 with only a few snippets of interaction. As the next few chapters unfold, I hope to slip in a short fast forward, so that she will be back in the harem by chapter 29 or so. So the next few chapters will mostly revolve around Margot trying to hold the harem together in her absence, and dealing with the aftermath of one of my favorite scenes in 26 (no spoilers =) I think over all the next few chapters will be very fun. Because, also in an upcoming chapter (I haven’t decided if it’ll be in 27 or 28) but I plan to announce the next two entries into Alex’s harem. One of these will be the fan selected celeb, Ariana Grande, the other should be a surprise to everyone, (hopefully a pleasant one). With the next two entries soon to be announced, I plan in the next week or so, (after you guys have had a chance to read and hopefully post some comments about 26), to post a new poll. This poll will be about the final two entries into the harem. This poll will be a long running poll and I haven’t yet decided if it will be something I’ll use to help me decide who I’ll pick, or if the winners of the poll will be the ladies I select. As it won’t go up for at least a week, I’ll think about it. But I can promise you a decent list of ladies whom I’m considering to fill out the last two spots as well as my reasons for selecting those particular babes. Anyway, I hope you guys all like chapter 26. I put a lot of work into it. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you all again, and reading your comments on my work. Thanks as always for being there for me, even when I was gone, I’m Back to the Black, Mal
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  19. Billion Dollar Harem

    Hey everyone, I know its been forever. As followers of my BDH thread know, I’ve had some problems finding time to write cause of a new job. But, I’m hoping that, moving forward I’ll have enough time to get back to more regular updates. I guess there’s no guarantee of anything, but I should be able to produce one new chapter a month. Because of this, at least for the time being I’m going to be focusing on BDH to the exclusion of my other works. But, enough about that. Chapter 26 is here after more than two months. It picks up right where 25 left off, so you might want to go and read the last section of 25 just to remind yourself where things stopped. In this chapter, we get a lot of build up story, and I think some pretty hot action. Basically, we get a continuation of the Emma / Margot confrontation. We also get to see some much needed interaction between Margot and Alex. Alex makes a big announcement, and then we get a nice, (I think surprising), sex scene. I won’t give away who all is involved, but I’m happy to announce my first real attempt at a voyeuristic scene. This chapter was interesting for me to write, for a number of reasons. First, I had about the first third of it done before I was forced to go on hiatus, so it was difficult to transition back into writing a chapter mid scene. Then, in a much more fun way with my first attempt at real voyeurism. I had a lot of fun with that scene, and I really hope everyone enjoys it. The next chapter, will be BDH chapter 27. I have big things planned for this chapter. First, will be the introduction of a previously unseen area of Alex’s compound that I’m very excited about writing. Emma’s exile will continue through this chapter, but it is still my plan to do at least one short fast forward so that I don’t have to write several chapters with her only having minor interactions. Its my current plan that her exile will continue for two more chapters, 27 and 28, and that she will return sometime in 29. Obviously because of my writing style this could change, but I doubt it will take too much more than that. But, having said that, as you all will see, there will be a lot going on by the time she returns. The next few chapters should be very exciting as I have a lot of ideas (comes from not writing for 2 months =) As always, if you’d like to offer up some feedback on the current chapter, ask a question or just comment on what you like / dislike, please feel free to do so. You can do so in my thread on this site’s forum. It is located int eh Het-Male/Female section of the Celebrity Fiction heading in the All Other Suubdomains group. Or you can just put in a review in the review section of the story itself. Thanks as always for your continued support, especially in my absence. And thanks for reading along, I really appreciate it! I’m Back to the Black, Mal
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  21. I think it’s called Be Little, but I’m not sure who it’s written by
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  23. When you lose interest...

    I also believe a story should not be removed for almost any reason. I have revised, and replaced a chapter at a time as I revised. I don’t think block is enough of a reason, even for blocked stories, because usually I just need one interested person to ask a question to help break the block. (why betas and writing buddies are invaluable) Murphy’s law says I’d pull it down exactly when someone is excited and partway through. One of the best reasons to leave it up is because it is a high when someone comments on a very old story.
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  25. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    How things coming along
  26. Depressed harry takes a potion to turn into a baby,leaves everything including himself to Hermione. Snaps figures it out after people notice Harry is missing.
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