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  2. Here’s a good piece of article on how to write character flaws.
  3. im looking for a story in the supernatural verse. something happens idk what but god comes back and sees sam, realizes that sam is his first child. he created angels for sam to have a family while he had sam waiting in a box (or something) but forgot about him. he threw the leviathans in there thinking it was empty then they tried to eat sam. no clue what happened and how he is NOT in the box any longer. not sure what happened after the explanations but i recall god is insistent that dean help him w/s sam and dean wanted pie and his car. any clue?
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  5. Ok… I have a strange short chapter ten with a kind of important (but quite sad Clegane/Tormund scene). I’ll see if I can read through it before I head on up to bed. And I think I’m going to have to let it settle until the morning. The important bit is fine, it’s the rest that’s trouble. I’m off to bed! *yawns*
  6. This just seems very similar to Stop Teasing Us Sensei though, how would the TV reporter theme play into your idea?
  7. And… Chapter Nine – enjoy!
  8. ::dances::
  9. Oh, you have absolutely succeeded! As I read, I’m hearing the voices of the characters, and it’s brilliant how alive they are in your story. They aren’t out of character at all. This is exactly how I would expect them to react, and to behave. It’s perfect, really!
  10. Here, the TOS are quite clear. Of the sins, that’s one I understand as that’s what kindled my writing bug (an unofficial continuation of another fic because I was impatient for what came next), and didn’t really comprehend the infraction at the time. Those fics, though, are not and will not be posted on AFF.
  11. Next chapter should be up in the next couple days. Went a bit longer than I expected (funny since it’s only two large portions) but I’m very close to wrapping it all up!
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  13. Commencing read through of Chapter Nine.
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  15. Looking for this story L'Amour De Vampire by Alla-Aku2
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  18. Thank you so much! Yeah, I think they fulfilled their objective. She won’t be forgetting that night in a hurry. But there’s lots more for them all to do, and lots for her to learn. While all this is going on, I’ll be subtly advancing the plot. You might notice certain little bits here and there. Jon Snow might get a couple of little cameos of his own soon. Maybe even before Tyrion does. I’m afraid those bits might come off as sheer author manipulation on my part, but I’ll try my best to make them seem… plausible. But I want something in particular to happen. First, I want to really annoy Clegane, just because he’s hilarious when he’s fucked off. Then, I want to give him the best present he’s ever had in his entire life, and I don’t mean Brienne. I hope he’ll appreciate it. He’s already expressed a wish for it in canon. Well, tv canon at least. Brienne teasing? Well, I think I had to let her, after the way they were both going on when they woke up. She thought it was hilarious, though somehow I don’t think they’ll fall for the same trick twice, so she’ll have to get quite creative if she wants to keep that up. Thank you… you’ve literally made my day. I am walking on air here! Next chapter: Before the fight scene, Clegane and Brienne eat breakfast to win. Seriously.
  19. Thank you! I really wanted this to work. Tormund wouldn’t let that pass – not at all. I see him as very astute as well. He sees a lot, and says very little about it. When it matters, I think he’s very capable of sorting out a great deal of trouble. And not just by ‘being good at killing people’ though he is quite good at that as well, clearly. It’s not Jon Snow who rescues the wildlings from the white walkers, really… it’s Tormund. He is the one who really convinces them. After that, convincing both Brienne and Clegane that the opinions of a bunch of dickheads are worth precisely nothing… piece of cake. As for Brienne, I watched and rewatched that scene where she confessed what happened at that ball to Pod, when she told him what Renly did, and she’s lived a lot of her life since then. I feel like even though she felt as though Renly saved her from it, he didn’t challenge it enough, and it would have set in her psyche. You can hear it in her when she speaks: “… and I knew then that I was...” *sighs* Poor Brienne. All this time, every snicker, every jeer. Just imagine. She’s hardened herself to it, sure. But only by believing in it and making a conscious decision not to care, if that makes sense. By breaking that belief, she’s being made vulnerable, and that’s frightening for her. It means that not only can they hurt her, but the world outside can too. I’m not sure how this will play out further down the line, if at all. Time will tell, I suppose. It depends how well they build up her confidence in those particulars. For the record, I personally think Brienne is beautiful, and I so would. Although, sadly, I suspect that like Clegane, she’d kill me soon as look at me. Oh, woe... *giggles* I’m really glad you’re still enjoying it, even the massive chapter dump. I’m afraid they are going to slow soon. I’m coming up to another one of those fight scenes. They’re outside right now – practising, with an astonishing relaxed, sexually satisfied Brienne. They’re lucky right now, I suppose. Just wait until they’re out there facing sexually frustrated Brienne. I don’t think they have a clue what’s going to hit them when that arrives. *gulps*
  20. Thank you, again! I know I’m kind of knocking these chapters out, and I’m not poring over them for days at a time, debating word choices, sorting out my sentence fragments and such. I’m a bad writer at times. But I’m happy to writing something at the moment to be honest – anything, really. One of the things I love, though, is character. Go with character, and the story will follow most of the time. I don’t just want to write porn with the names changed. I want to write Clegane, Brienne and Tormund. I want to write the silly bits that apply to them in particular. I want to write the bits that other people don’t usually write, the bits that happen to real people, that happen to rest of the human race. I want these characters to be real, at least for as long as I’m looking at the page with them on. I want them to be human. I want them to exist. And then I want them to have it off with each other while I chronicle it. I hope, however fast and obsessively I crank the chapters out, that comes across. Your reviews always make me feel like I’ve succeeded at that. Thank you.
  21. Thank you! Oh, I shouldn’t worry. I’m gonna be rather cryptic here, and say that the Gods, or the Lord of Light, or whatever... really isn’t interested in whatever they do with their spare time, as it were. Which means that all the dirty shenanigans they get up to will need to be navigated almost entirely without divine guidance. If only Clegane knew, it would probably make him feel a whole lot better. Oh, well. It’s one of those things. I didn’t even know it was going to happen until I’d written it, and then I was like: “Ahh… ! Yes! That’s how it works!” And then I kind of laughed evilly… but, you know, away from the ordinary muses. Lest they suspect anything.
  22. Thank you so much, Bronx! I’m so happy to see this, mostly because I know that it means things have calmed down for you now with Freyja, and everything is well, leaving you time to read, and to write, and all the good stuff life is made of. *hugs tightly* And I’m happy you liked it, and thank you so much for reading through it for me, since I was afraid I had lost my way a bit. Ah, I seem to have picked it up again since… must have got hidden in the snow for a moment *g* I thought, while writing this, if they could meet somewhere they understood each other, however slightly, it might be there. He thought so too. It’s not his fault he gets it all twisted like that. She’ll have to let it pass. I’m sure he’d kill me as soon as look at me for even thinking it, but I think it shows a teeny tiny bit of a romantic soul hidden away in there. I really do.
  23. Thank you! It was a great read. Might try to write my own ending now that Ive familiarized myself with the characters again. I have an idea of where it was heading.
  24. Hi folks, I'm looking for an old fanfiction where harry is visiting the Weasleys. During that stay Harrys poor state is discovered by Charlie. Charlue opts to marry harry to stop dumbledore from taking harry back to his relatives. He marrys charlie before dumbledore arrives. Not nessicarily evil dumbledore, he has reservations about voldemort seeing harry in a different light. In it there is one scene where harry is portkeyed into an egyptian pyramid and voldemort is waiting in hos tom riddle persona trying to whoo him. As I remember it voldemort hears of the wedding and starts to promise harry that he will be his. Anyone remember this or the name? It was a good story where harry wasnt overly weak but enjoyed the caring charlie provided for him and took solace in it.
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