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  2. Chapter 18 is available!
  3. nah, they dont have the drive for that. she’s the key. resistance isnt rly her goal thou. she just wants bank.
  4. Looking forward to it. How this for the next chapter:
  5. nah, I have a different idea that’s a little more hotter lol. if i get to it, u’ll c.
  6. hm, I do have a plan for that, but its a bit different then what ur thinking. whoa that’s pretty twisted of her. How this idea come about?
  7. such as?
  8. nah it is funny.
  9. hahaha hm, futa-tsume is always hot, but not into NTR rly. now that’s a summon. wha?
  10. Currently wrestling with Tormund. He’s winning. Good job it’s not literally.

    For a character who seems pretty simple on the surface, even in his own thoughts, this one is ridiculously deep. In fact, out of the three, he’s probably got a whole lot more going on than the other two once you dig down a bit.

    I think it’s time for that last resort in getting right into a character: the fictional interview.

    I kind of hate writing these, but in the absence of anyone to discuss it with, it’s the next best thing. :(

    At least when this is done, I can drag them off to war. That should make for an interesting journey. All that sharing a tent business, the imperative need to stay absolutely silent no matter what… that will be fun for someone, I’m sure. Ok, that’s my reward! If I can just get over this little hurdle now…

    Come on, Tormund, you obstinate sod!


    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Silent in a tent…. oh, the fun you can have with that!  :sex: 

    2. pippychick


      I know, right? *rubs hands together* I know how that all works. I don’t need to talk about it at all.

      But first… gah… I have lots of normal character stuff to know about Tormund. Lots of wondering to do. somewhere, I’m certain he’s still a bit annoyed at how everything’s gone. I mean, he had a fairly simple gig before. Climb the wall, steal things, do what you want. Have fun! Now he’s got all this responsibility, and he’s part of this other world that he never wanted to join, where everything’s a bloody great complicated mess and everyone is all fucked up. I’m certain that somewhere, deep down, he’s still pissed off at Snow for kind of being the catalyst for all of that.

      I can’t talk out loud. I’m getting: “Please, stfu about Game of Thrones.” looks. :/

  11. Oh fuck yes! This story’s written to the end but those plot bunnies need a real kick in the ass! They’re being assholes about the next fic.
  12. Lets give your plot bunnies some aphrodisiacs, see if we can up that count
  13. Chapter 17 is up! Only 4 more chapters to go!
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  17. hm, the gloryhole thing is fun when u dont kno who it is ur sucking. lolz
  18. How about a Legends of Tomorrow category for the comic section? Specifically in the DC TV section? There's already a couple of stories written for it in the Arrow section, and I have one more or less ready to be posted.
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