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  2. On tags I've used by A Writer

    3Plus - I love this tag!!! It's so much fun to write. I tend to write in first person but I usually have a lot of characters running around in the story, so it's nice to write scenes that don't just revolve around the MC and see how other characters interact with each other. Trying to do more of this in the rewrite. ABDL - This falls under the scat umbrella (which sounds like a useful instrument for when the shit hits the fan ) for me as well as Minor1 in a weird way so it makes me uncomfortable in multiple different ways Abortion - I write this tag to be depressing; I use it as character development (please stop rolling your eyes at me...). Abuse - Oh look, it's child abuse, my favorite tragic backstory! As well as domestic abuse, my second favorite plot device! Lol, I get mileage out of this one. AFFO: I had to take this off recently and it made me sad. You guys are still my faaaaave! <3 Ageplay: That's kind of interesting, I wouldn't mind trying it. Anal: Lol, I write M/M so this is my bread and butter. Angst: I don't write stories with an intent to be angsty. I mean, there are a few angsty moments in there I'm sure, but this seems like unnecessarily typecasting a story (she says as she uses the tag... I did tag one that tends to get more angsty than the others). Anthro - Furry isn't a particular fetish of mine but I still like writing it. I want to do more of this if I get a chance. Actually, I was thinking of humanoid monsters when I used this tag, not furries. BDSM - Yes, yes, sometimes they actually like it - or is it just Stockholm Syndrome? Now there's a tag I need! Beast - I have no issues with this tag, but it pisses me off that I've only done the 'basic' animals like dogs and horses (actually, that's it). I feel like I can probably get more creative with this tag. I'm thinking classic Fisherman's Wife with the octopus? No, a squid! No, an EEL! NO A JELLYFISH! Okay, wait, I do have one problem with this tag: I don't like writing animals as the sub/receiving end, I just don't. Kass, y u have so many weird and hypocritical double standards? Bi - TECHNICALLY almost all the guys in my slashfic are bi but they only have other men to do it with. They do get to do it with android ladies at one point, so I'm using that as evidence. Bigotry - I thought racism or sexism when I read this tag and I don't really do that for whatever reason. Lack of opportunity in the universe, I think. B-Mod - THIS IS A GREAT TAG I'm trying to do more with it. You guys see those freaky-deaky engagement ring finger piercings on Insta? Those would be so hot as a modernized version of a slave brand, fr. Also working on ideating a corset piercing scene. (look that up if you didn't know *whistles*) Bond - One of my all time faves, not going anywhere soon <3 BP - Hadn't done this before (which is weird because there are tons of vamps in The Human Rayce), but I'm starting to like it the more I experiment with it! Kinky serial killers are best serial killers <3 CBT - I wanna say kinda, but I don't think I've done this specifically. Which is a travesty, I should do it. COMPLETE - I bet anyone who's ever read my stuff wishes I'd stfu and finish already. I might just do a oneshot for the sweet, sweet release of finally using this tag T_T Contro - Well gee, I was thinking about politics when I read this tag, but I guess what I write is technically controversial. CR - I used to play Corruption of Champions back when it was cool, so I thought it was that very specific type of corruption. I have some corrupt government officials in my book, but I figured that's not what you mean Ds - Of course! I like switching the roles to spice things up and get different perspectives on the character relationships. Dom - Umm, now that I'm looking at this, I'm not sure how it's different from above. DP - YES. GANGBANGS. ALL THE GANGBANGS. I've done it with the same hole too, and it kind of sounded impossible even as I was writing it, but hell it was fun so who cares? Exhib - Pretty sure my MC enjoys watching his harem go at it so long as he has lube and a box of tissues. Forced Exhibition is also my favorite device for breaking down the really prideful characters. OK WOW this list is longer than I thought, I’ll be back
  3. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Wait I remember, it was a telapathic bug queen
  4. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    And I did add some other monsters, a puppet with replacable sillicon parts and a psychomancing... thing I forgot. It was either an alien or an eldrich girl.
  5. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Actually, now that I think about it, the haunted house one was the furthest because I made character sheets involving each monster and their personality and how they did sex. I remember the demon having a nun outfit, the wherewolf being this ferral beast that used they poor boy like a chew toy, the Mummy did something invloving her bandages as well as rimming, and frankeinstein, with her emminse strength, had no problem beimg a little rough with him just to test and make sure his dick wouldnt break easily... like the others.
  6. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    That’s understandable. This is way we are all told to save our files on multiple files. I need to do that with more of my works.
  7. Billion Dollar Harem

    Hope the next chapter is released this week!
  8. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    The two farthest ones I believe was the one involving the haunted house and Robin the boy wonder. I had them all in a NSFW file in my jump drive, but the whole file got corrupted and Ive been struggling to get back into it ever since. For the haunted house, I was at the point where the boy met Elizebeth Whansinn and was about to unvail her monster to test the boy's new endowments. For Robin, it was just passed the part where him, Batman, and Batgirl were off to fight the Joker who had an auction house under his control. Robin then noticed he was getting unnaturally hot and his bottom tights started to chafe
  9. On tags I've used by A Writer

    Oooh, I missed one! Yeah, so, I have used this so I can answer. Although the site is called Adultfanfiction it doesn’t just mean adult for sex. There are lots of other adult stories folks can tell, which’re welcome here, and the site admins are also okay about adult-writing authors also sticking their PG-13 stories on here. So, I’ve done a few pieces that don’t have any sex in them, some inspired by forum prompts here. Now, some readers are here at the site for just one thing: Manual stimulation of their genitals until they achieve climax. Those users, barring specfic sex free fetishes, generally don’t want to waste time reading JayDee making meta-jokes about Mary Sue or second person writing form, or writing about one dimensional stereotype characters having a sex free slumber party. Or a cat woman being friendzoned by an Orc, although that’s a great fic and everyone should totally read and review. No, those people want to masturbate furiously to sex scenes. The NoSex tag is therefore a great way to let folks know that a story doesn’t have sex in it and hey can scroll on looking for all the good tags that will get them closer to the kind of post orgasmic shame that comes free with every JayDee fuckfic. @KassX It’s a sad sick world.
  10. She is the One

    This is a bit of spoilers for the people that haven't read the chapter. But what do we think, did Heather hear/notice or just Jack's imagination? And to Jashley is that question going to be answered in a later chapter?
  11. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    I meant I’m just as curious about the ones he’s tried as you are. As far as the ones I’ve been trying to write, I’m sticking to just that Ben 10/ATLA crossover challenge that RexFan12345 put up while mixing in some of my own ideas into it.
  12. Yugioh

    I am looking for q yugioh story where yugi ryou malik and joey end up being found in the demons palace and are thought to be human. When they go to escape yugi finds out the others wings are black and they cannot return to heaven.
  13. When Lois learns that Bonnie went to Paris to have an affair she convinces her not to sleep with any men by convincing Bonnie to have an affair with her
  14. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Damn. How far did you go with the ones you did try writing before getting distracted? And which ones you tried to write Snake?
  15. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    It’s easier to list the challenge I haven’t tried, of which there are only 2: The hung Mountain Man Jurassic Park
  16. Count To Infinity

  17. Count To Infinity

  18. Count To Infinity

  19. Count To Infinity

  20. Request for a Naruto x raikage

    Yeah but I would prefer that Naruto's wife is unaware
  21. Count To Infinity

  22. Request for a Naruto x raikage

    Alternatively you could have a Kumo Kunoichi that is not only in on the but would relish in seeing seeing Naruto get fucked. People like: Mabui Karui Samui Or even Yugito somehow.
  23. Request for a Naruto x raikage

    Tattoos are OK but it must stay a secret for konoha
  24. On tags I've used by A Writer

    OMG, NOOOOOO that’s not okay
  25. Request for a Naruto x raikage

    No mpreg but bestiality is OK spanking is good too if you want you can have Naruto marry a kunoichi but during the wedding night the raikage is here with anbu and he fuck Naruto while he is fucking his wife because Naruto cant get turned on otherwise of course the kunoichi cant see the raikage and after Naruto fucks her and she is asleep Naruto gets fucked by the raikage and his anbu all over the house
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