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Cannot join forums

Guest Dagian

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Keep trying to join the forums but keep getting an error message about not letting in anyone under the age of 18. However, I’m in my 40’s lol. Is the read only situation extending to the forums as well? 

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On 11/29/2022 at 6:07 AM, Guest Buford2 said:

The same problem Dagian had, apparently.

Do you have an archive account? I’m not finding one with any variation of your guest name.

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The Archives are still in read only mode, so it’s not possible for new users to register at this point. But since an Archive profile is a requirement for forum registration, perhaps that’s causing you to be unable to sign up for the forum. But I’m not sure, since Melrick is in charge of forum registrations. 


Willow Darkling, forum moderator. 

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