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Archive Server Upgrade


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As you might have seen in an earlier post, we are going to be moving the archive to new server hardware, scheduled at the moment for July 1. Because this is a physical change, there will likely be some unavoidable downtime for the archive. So please, if the archive does become inaccessible, bear with us and we promise, we'll be right back!

One of the advantages of our new server will be stronger security measures, and we expect the recent spate of missing validation emails to go away once we've completed the transition. Right now, the registration problem is confined to anyone using a gmail address to register. (Our wonderful coder, manta2g, managed to fix the issues we were having with Microsoft email clients.) For the moment, new registrations are being manually updated, to bypass the need for the validation link. It can take 24 hours or so to process the manual updates, and we thank you for your continued patience.

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