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Requesting sections for anime

Guest Tabris666

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Guest Tabris666

Well i have made some stories and was willing to post them but sadly there is no section for them.


This is the list of anime and sections i couldn’t found


>GS mikami


>SSSS Gridman


>SSSS Dynazenon


>Dragon Ball




>Kuro meikyuu Black company


>Mushoku tensei


Well those would be the first ones to be requested.

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Dragon Ball is in a separate subdomain: http://anime2.adult-fanfiction.org/index.php

As far as the other categories requested, if you will only have one story for each of these categories, I would quite honestly prefer to have them placed in the Misc Anime category, with the appropriate fandom noted in the disclaimer. If you have multiple stories for each anime, then I’d be happy to create categories.

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