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IDK Guys, help me out here


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So I think I have another one for you guys. (Though my past story searches haven’t had much success )

All I remember from this one is it’s a possible partial high school fic. Kouga, Sesshomaru, & Inuyasha all own these big companies in the modern world. Someone is after them, maybe Naraku with a rival company. 

They have to go and rush to pick up their kids from school because they are going into hiding or they are going into heat? They pick up Rin, Shippo and maybe Kohaku in a limo? Then the heat scent gets really strong in the limo?

They are all demons and half demons and all have demon abilities? I believe their kids are biological with some OC changes and everyone has a spouse? Ayame, Sango, Kagura, possibly Kagome? 

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