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  1. If anyone interested, I finally found my own answer. It was a Kag/Inu story called Inevitable Impluses.
  2. So I think I have another one for you guys. (Though my past story searches haven’t had much success ) All I remember from this one is it’s a possible partial high school fic. Kouga, Sesshomaru, & Inuyasha all own these big companies in the modern world. Someone is after them, maybe Naraku with a rival company. They have to go and rush to pick up their kids from school because they are going into hiding or they are going into heat? They pick up Rin, Shippo and maybe Kohaku in a limo? Then the heat scent gets really strong in the limo? They are all demons and half demons and all have demon abilities? I believe their kids are biological with some OC changes and everyone has a spouse? Ayame, Sango, Kagura, possibly Kagome?
  3. Need help finding another one guys, though none of my stories have come up so far. The main pairing is Sesshomaru x Naraku. Sesshomaru has Rin as his little sister or adopted daughter and he's raising her on his own. He's very OOC, shy, quiet, reserved, and feminine. Clear bottom. I remember one particular scene where he does Rin’s hair while she's eating breakfast. He dates Naraku and he's abusive? It's kind of like a domestic violence situation but Naraku doesn't live with them. So yeah, an abusive dating relationship. I believe someone tries to sweep Sesshomaru off his feet and saves him from this relationship, but don't remember which character.
  4. Not sure if I read it here but as far as I can remember, the plot was pretty generic. Kagome has to make a baby (possibly an heir?) with a new husband. It was difficult at first but they grow to understand each other. They make love for the first tine in what I believe is their honeymoon? It was some luxurious vacation, and something the fic was building up to and they characters looked forward too. I don’t remember if she is a virgin or not or even if that was their first time having sex but it was in a cabana like bedroom in a hot climate. Possibly Hawaii, maybe a beach house? I think she was wearing a sundress and a Jean jacket? Anyway, when she orgasms she passes out and her partner tells her the French call it “la petite mort”-the little death when she awakes and comes back around a few minutes later. They end up finding out their pregnant when they come back from vacation a few weeks later. That’s all I can remember right now. Most likely a Sess/Kag story but it could have been Mir/Kag or Inu/Kag. It could have even been YYH characters crossover, though I highly doubt it.
  5. Annie- Rin Sandy- Kilala Daddy Warbucks- Sesshomaru Grace- Kagome Ms. Hannagin- Kikyo Rooster- Kouga Finch -Ayame Warbucks Body Guard/ Driver/ Gardner and Right Hand- Inuyasha Real Father- Miroku Real Mother- Sango President Roosevelt- Touga Kids in the Orphanage Shiori, Shippo, Kohaku, Kanna, Kagura Creative license is allowed of course. The songs I do not think need to be added but I think lines from the songs, creatively incorporated would be nice. Will accept cross posting on another site of course as it’s rated G-ish.
  6. Sounds familiar. I have to check my old records. Might take a while.