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Pokemon: Red's Sex-venture


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  • Red’s Sex-venture
  • Pokemon
  • Red/harem
  • Red sets on his Pokemon journey, not to completely the Pokedex, but turn the women of Kanto into his personal sex slaves.
  • 5 Characters have be introduce so far. Red, Red’s mom, Daisy Oak, Blue Oak (female), and Leaf Oak.
  • The summary basically is the plot.
    • Red’s mom, Daisy, Blue, and Leaf are all pregnant.
    • Leaf and Blue travel with Red to serve his needs, as their bodies slowly change
    • Other women that Red knock up, female gym leaders, Nurse Joys, Officer Jennies, and female Rocket members.
    • New writer can Red fucking random female trainers as well.
    • As for Pokemon, Red will us Charmander, Buldasuar (Given to him by Leaf), Squirtal (Given to him by Blue), and the three legendary birds.
  • You can contact me through Fanfiction.net under the name “Ieatyoursoul”
    • There is also my tumblr, J1P2K. If you PM me on Fanfction.
    • Or just reply to this is nothing else works.

Chapter 1.docx

Chapter 2 Red Oak.docx

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