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Blackbird (Original M/M)


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**Update** I have removed this story from the archive.

  • Pen Name in Archive: CloverReef
  • Story Title: Blackbird
  • Genre: Drama
  • Pairing: Original M/M
  • Summary: Blackbird will do anything to snuff out the criminals that raped his brother. Problem is, his best opportunity involves the notorious Malti Arvika. The one man he can neither resist nor trust. 
  • Warnings: 3Plus Anal DP M/M MiCD Oral Rape S&M Violence
  • How many chapters posted/written: 16 written. 
  • Basic plot:
    There’s a gang who target straight guys and minorities for their snuff porn websites and human trafficking. One of their victims is Blackbird’s brother. He’s raped by seven men, and Blackbird intends to kill every one of them. In his first attempt, he meets a man named Malti, who is a major player in a rival gang, and the two of them develop a tenuous relationship. Blackbird is a very flawed character. He’s pretty jaded about the world in general because it’s treated him like shit. He’s masochistic, self-destructive, and vulgar, but incredibly cocky, relentless, and when he loves, he loves hard. 
  • How you would like to be contacted: Here or in a private message. 
Edited by CloverReef
Pulled the story
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If there are any mods hanging around, I have a question. Since the archive has changed to allow co-authors, should I just add whoever takes over my story as a co-author, or do we do this the original way: putting our links up here so DG can transfer the story from one account to the other?

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That’s a very good question, actually. For now, I think adding a co-author will let you get started on the transition faster, and DG can let us know what the proper method to remove you would be. :)

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Story is still up for adoption, but I’m going to take it down sometime this week just because it makes me feel all squirrelly to have incomplete stories on my profile. I will update the link and info in the original post when I do. 

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