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Rejection letters

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Ahem. *Gets on soap box*

What the fuck? I mean seriously what the fuck? How the shit can an agent reject a query letter with material within three hours of receiving it and then have the audacity to say “I’d give you feed back but it’d be overwhelming” in your form letter with links that have nothing at all to do with the material sent. The shit? Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me? As someone who is college educated you can’t analyze dick in three hours to come up with “overwhelming” anything—assuming you read it the instant I sent the fucking thing. Why don’t they just say the truth, “I glanced at it and don’t feel like reading it sorry.” I’d rather have that than some flat out blatant impossible lie. I’m fine with the rejection, I’m not fine with the glaringly obvious bullshit response. That is all. *Huffs and climbs off soap box*


What the fuck form letters.

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I’ve heard agents can be incredibly rude unless you’re a “name.” 

I’ve also heard that increasingly, authors are managing to get published without an agent, and can also publicize their books, and go on blog tours, and reach out to readers all without that pesky agent, and the hand in the pocket. Just sayin’…;)

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