The Spellbook (Beast Boy/Harem fic challenge)

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Beast Boy buys a spellbook from a pawn shop, believing that having his own magical abilities will help him get Raven's attention. He goes into her room to show to her what he can do now that he has the book, but when he reads one of the spells in it, the spell causes Raven's breasts and ass to grow to huge proportions. Raven angrily shouts at him to change her back, but in the panic Beast Boy reads a spell that causes his dick to also grow into huge proportions, which rips off his pants and exposes him to Raven. He tries to find the spell to change them back, but he notices that Raven has stopped shouting at him and it's now looking at his dick with a lustful gaze. He tries to use the opportunity to leave the room but Raven starts caressing his dick until it get hard and starts giving him a blowjob, which leads to them having sex, during which they confess their feeling for one another, with Raven admiting that she always had a crush on Beast Boy.

After that, Raven convinces Beast Boy to use the spellbook to form his own harem of women, feeling that it's selfish for her to keep him all to herself. With her and the spellbook's help, Beast Boy seduces the following women (can be in any order the person that takes this challenge wants):

  1. Starfire
  2. Terra
  3. Jinx
  4. Bumblebee
  5. Argent
  6. Pantha
  7. Kole
  8. Elasti-Girl
  9. Sarasim
  10. Blackfire
  11. Madame Rouge
  12. Kitten
  13. Cheshire
  14. Angel


  1. With the spellbook, Beast Boy's average 6 inches dick grows until it's 19/20 inches long.
  2. The spellbook causes the women in harem to gain breasts the same size as the following adult models:

NO pegging, no watersports, no scat, no heavy bdsm, no futa, no pregnant sex

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Looks pretty good, it's very refreshing to someone other than Ben or Hiccup getting a harem. Nothing against the characters but he features a lot in these challenges. I would like to take it but am overbooked now for now and the near future. Hopefully someone else gets inspired and picks it up.

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Guest Grey_the_Man

I’m surprised you never made any challenges with Billy Batson AKA Shazam. You could have him be born with an enormous dong as a child, and when he’s Shazam, it would shrink to a standard 12”. Or have Aphrodite be a 7th god to grant her powers to Shazam so he could win the hearts and minds of friend and foe with his looks and charisma as well as his sexual prowess (Or whatever IDK.)

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     Never read it.  Wow, those are unerringly alike.  My prose isn’t as nuanced though and more heavy handed in the description.  The spell is portrayed more permanently in my work though and  has a harem goal.  If anything, I am ripping off myself by echoing previous fics.

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