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Okay, putting up a schedule for the next time.

I'll be setting the archive portion of the site to read only access at approximately 5 pm on Wednesday, February 10. I'll have it set back to normal access by 10 pm of the same day. Times are EST.

The table sets and associated subcategories I'll be working in:








When I get to the final phase, where the conversion has been checked and I'm ready to switch tables, I do delete the old table and rename the new converted ones. This takes approximately 3 to 5 minutes altogether, where you won't see any data AT ALL in the subdomain where I'm doing this. In other words, all blank pages, not the white page of doom, but there is no data to draw FROM while I do this last part. If you do see that, be patient, it'll be back up within a few minutes. Each table set takes a minimum of 45 minutes to convert and then check, so I might not get all the ones listed above done.

Of course, the 45 minutes is based on the last set of tables I did, where I ran in to issues and had to come up with fixes. So, it could very well take less time this time around. I won't know until I actually do it. Now that I know for certain the oddball side effects that this conversion causes, I also know what to do to fix it all before I even make the tables live. That will certainly speed it up. :)

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I've revised my schedule, because my RL work schedule is amping up. To ensure I get this done as quickly as possible, I'll be putting the archive in to READ ONLY mode every day for approximately 4 hours at a time.

For today: 3 pm EST to 7 pm EST

2-14 - 3 pm EST to 7 pm EST

2-15 - 6 pm EST to 9 pm EST

2-16 - 6 pm EST to 9 pm EST

Because I ran so much of the clean up queries yesterday, I expect for the character set conversions themselves to go more smoothly than they have been, as well as more quickly.

The Monday through Friday times will start at 6 pm as I've stated above. I honestly do NOT expect this to take longer than tomorrow, but we'll see. I will do this every day until I am finished.

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I think you need to upload the screenshot to a photosharing site, like PhotoBucket, or something like that, and then use the image sharing option in the editor window to post it in the forum.

But I am not at all tech savvy, so I might be wrong. I can crash computers by looking at them funny :)

The archive mods who can help you better are usually on a little later in the afternoon, EST-time.

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You probably need to log in again. The Read-only period logs everyone out, and if you haven't logged back in, you might be having trouble seeing anything.

Just remember to use the upper right hand fields only, NOT the center fields.

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Ok I have I'm able to post screen shots now. My first issue is that it's still in read from only and second issue is that I'm already logged in and I have to go to the home pagein order to see other parts of the site

First issue: issue:

I have no idea if it on my end that's has the problem or yours but please let me know whats wrong

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Okay. The first images are the new format. You should be able to click on a story title in blue and it will open. Or you can click on a subcategory link on the left for a more refined story listing, but that's not in read only form. It's the archive.

The second picture is the archive home page. DG was giving the schedule so people would know what was happening. It doesn't mean that the archive is in perpetual read-only mode. It was an alert. As a matter of fact, DG finished the conversions last night, and there's no need to put the archive in read-only mode anymore.

Try clicking a story.

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