Safe in His Arms-Replies to reviews

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Summary: It is the end of the war and Harry has lost everything and everyone he loves. He feels he has no one to turn to he has fallen to pieces. Little does he know someone is there to pick him up and put him back together. All Harry wants to be is safe in his arms.

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MoonlightVampiress-Ginny is a crazy *insert explicatives here* Seriously, Harry doesn't want her and he likes men. If she wants a rich man then she should have stayed with Blaise. I hope there aren't too many problems or that her brothers straighten her out. Ugh. Otherwise I love the story. Lucius and Harry are fantastic together and I love Draco with the twins. :)

Ginny is not wrapped too tight and yea she should have stayed with Blaise but Harry is way richer than Blaise in my story anyway. I love Lucius and Harry together they are one of my favorite couples. Thanks for readingJ

fortheloveofDrizzt- I am fascinated by this fic. I have read it twice in the past two days. I like the fact that Ginny and Molly are trying to break up Harry's marriage. The poor lad never seems to get a break when it comes to the Weasleys. Still on good terms with Gred and Forge, but the two women make it next to impossible for him to be happy. Will we be seeing an intervention of the two woman by some of the remaining Weasleys? Namely Arthur, Bill, and Charlie? Or will they just be aloof when it comes to the women? Will they contact everyone's favorite gossip columnist to "help Harry after his rape"?

Me, Myself, and I want to know.


I am so glad you like this story so much that you read it twice. I am in the process of writing the next chapter I bounce back and for between it and You Can’t Run From Love. I am a big Fred & George fan they will be on Harry’s side in all of my fics no matter how good or bad he is. Ginny and Molly will get some help in tormenting Luc & Harry. Thanks for readingJ

Thank you Staar & Autumgold for reading and reviewing my stories.

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