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  1. delia cerrano-The way you left the chapter...Lucius kissing Harry ...was a lovely way to end the chapter. The way they were yelling and accusing each other would have disturbed me till the next chapter...might even given me nightmeres. Delia-I am so glad that I can leave this chapter on a good note for you. Harry is going to be a bit stubborn for a little longer. staar well that was an eye opener for Harry !!!!!! hope Harry settle's down a bit and all goes ok...but Lucis needs to clam a bit too cause he is going to scare the shit out of Harry !!!!!! man thanks for the update I really thought you had forgotten this one !!!!!! Staar- Harry has a lot of guilt and jealousy going on. He really need to calm down. As for Lucius he is a tricky one he is not what Harry expected. And, I will never forget about a story I have to write them when the plot bunny give me the words to write them, some come quickly and other take time.
  2. With the war now over Harry wants to start a new life. Instead of doing what is expected of him, he runs away from everyone and everything he has ever known. Worst of all he ran away from the only man he has ever loved. What will happen when the love of his life finally finds him and their daughter?
  3. Gia

    A Matter of Time Reviews

    Chapter 1- Belladona thanks for taking the time to read this story. Luarax-We are so glad you like the story so far especially the hot man on man loving. My writing partner has a knack for those scenes Chapter 2 Slythindor - We hope to keep your interest in the next chapters and more Anon-We are so happy you like the flow of this story one of our goal is to ensure that it is perfect when we post so glad you like it. Thanks guys for reading the next chapter is in editing along with my other stories please be patient.
  4. Hi guys, This is where I will do the responses to your reviews, feel free to chat or even leave a message on here or for any of my other stories. Thanks Gia
  5. Summary: Harry comes into his magical inheritance on his birthday. He finds out that those thought were his most trusted are the ones that that will hurt him the most. And, the ones that he thought he could never trust are the ones that will stand with him through the fire. This is where I will do the reviews for this story. Let me say for the first review thank you for all that took the time to read and review my story I really appreciate it.
  6. Gia

    You Complete Me-Replies

    Maytia_TheSorceress- I love your fic.......i love a dark harry especially when he's dark but not evil I love a neutral harry with a dark side he's always awesome that way can't wait to see where you go from here please please please please please update soon......the lemon was awesome. I am so glad you are enjoying this story. More lemons to come. Thanks for readingJ SlythindorMalfoy- I'm a little 'meh' about the transformations, does that make Bill the Potter heir now? And I thought it was a bit much but it's your story and I am still in love with it despite that. Can't wait for more Tom/Harry interactions. Btw Arthur is a b****. lol! Hope you show his reactions when he finally sees Molly's betrayal. There is a very good reason why I had Harry blood adopt them. It will come up in chapter 10. Arthur is a bit of a punk I agree. BAFan-Ch. 4 "He smiled as if the answer was so simple even a child could figure it out. He stood up walked over to me brazenly and sat in my lap, running his hands through my hair. He leaned in and whispered ever so seductively in my ear 'I am going to kill Albus Dumbledore.'” You suddenly switched to a first person narrative here: "me" and "my" instead of "him" and "his, " although even better would be to use Tom's name in the second sentence: "He stood up[,] walked over to Tom brazenly and sat in his lap . . . He leaned in and whispered in his ear[,] 'I am going to kill Albus Dumbledore.'" There are other errors, but this is the one that struck me, probably because it's at the very end. Aside from that I'm finding this to be quite interesting. On to the next chapter! Thank you for the corrections I will look them over as soon as possible. snape_lust- Quite enjoyable. I'm especially glad that you have included the notion of boundaries and equality within Tom and Harry's relationship. It makes it so much more interesting to read. I laughed when harry took him to task for treating him like a DE and informing Tom he will punish DE's that don't listen to him. Lastly, I think this is the only story I've read that is adult enough to acknowledge that people have different roles in and out of the bedroom. Just because someone might like to assume a sub role while fucking doesn't mean they'll tolerate it once the clothes are back on. I know I certainly don't :-) I can't tell you how many times I've had to educate my partner(s) to that fact. Well done!! I can't wait for more! I am so happy that you are enjoying this story. Harry has to show the Jr DE’s who is in charge and yes to show his equality in his relationship with Tom. I am big of differentiate roles in life. Yes there is equality outside of the bedroom but inside there cannot be two alphas and no beta. Or in Harry and Tom’s case Dom/Sub. Thanks for readingJ
  7. MoonlightVampiress-Ginny is a crazy *insert explicatives here* Seriously, Harry doesn't want her and he likes men. If she wants a rich man then she should have stayed with Blaise. I hope there aren't too many problems or that her brothers straighten her out. Ugh. Otherwise I love the story. Lucius and Harry are fantastic together and I love Draco with the twins. Ginny is not wrapped too tight and yea she should have stayed with Blaise but Harry is way richer than Blaise in my story anyway. I love Lucius and Harry together they are one of my favorite couples. Thanks for readingJ fortheloveofDrizzt- I am fascinated by this fic. I have read it twice in the past two days. I like the fact that Ginny and Molly are trying to break up Harry's marriage. The poor lad never seems to get a break when it comes to the Weasleys. Still on good terms with Gred and Forge, but the two women make it next to impossible for him to be happy. Will we be seeing an intervention of the two woman by some of the remaining Weasleys? Namely Arthur, Bill, and Charlie? Or will they just be aloof when it comes to the women? Will they contact everyone's favorite gossip columnist to "help Harry after his rape"? Me, Myself, and I want to know. -Drizzt I am so glad you like this story so much that you read it twice. I am in the process of writing the next chapter I bounce back and for between it and You Can’t Run From Love. I am a big Fred & George fan they will be on Harry’s side in all of my fics no matter how good or bad he is. Ginny and Molly will get some help in tormenting Luc & Harry. Thanks for readingJ Thank you Staar & Autumgold for reading and reviewing my stories.
  8. Gia

    Let Me Love You-Replies

    Marron-Severus is so cute. In a dark way, of course. I like the Story so far and hope to read more soon. Thank you I want Severus to have a dark yet humanistic personality. He will go will take Harry through some emotional up and down. Thanks for readingJ Staar-so nice I do love Harry /Snape match.... I am glad I can make you happy with another couple. Thanks for readingJ SnowyIce- Hi, I really love this story and I'm excited to see how it will develop Thanks for readingJ I will post the next chapter as soon as it has been edited. delia cerrano-Terrific couple of chapters! Loving jealous Severus but want to see what happens when Harry finds out they are mated. I'm afraid Sev will make a mess of it...being very harsh, no affection, demanding. I bet Harry gets his back up at the way Severus acts...all demanding, stiff, noy lovingly. He's going to wonder if they are really mates why didn't Sev say something or do something until Harry showed an interest elsewhere. Or was this all a trick to get Sev to do something? In which case he will probably teasre him foer awhile...not too long I hope because I can't stand it! The next few chapters might have you a bit frustrated with Sev. Then again I have one thing in mind and the plot bunny will have another. Thanks for readingJ
  9. Summary: Harry is in love with his potions professor and has tried everything in the book to get the man's attention all his attempts failed to catch the potions master's attention. Little does he know Severus is always watching him and waiting for the right moment, because since the day he met Harry as a baby he knew he found his mate. Thanks for reading this and my other stories.
  10. Summary: It is the end of the war and Harry has lost everything and everyone he loves. He feels he has no one to turn to he has fallen to pieces. Little does he know someone is there to pick him up and put him back together. All Harry wants to be is safe in his arms. Please leave your reviews on this forum. Gia
  11. Summary: Harry has had enough, no longer can he pretend to be the good little Gryffindor or the Savior of the Wizarding World. Those he counted has friends and family stabbed him in the back. Harry decides it is time to take his revenge on those that hurt him with his new found family and possibly his soulmate. I will try and use this forum to answer your reviews on this story. Thanks Gia
  12. Gia

    Through the Fire

    Slash M/M Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy Summary: Harry comes into his magical inheritance on his birthday. He finds out that those thought were his most trusted are the ones that that will hurt him the most. And, the ones that he thought he could never trust are the ones that will stand with him through the fire. Weasley Bashing/Dumbledore Bashing/Hermione Bashing/Alternate Universe/Magical inheritance/Mpreg/Veela Harry/Sub Harry/Veela Draco/Dom Draco/Magically Strong Harry/Male Slash/Fluff/Romance/Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence.