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Author's Notes for my story "New Life, New Hope"

Guest kenobi1985

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Guest kenobi1985

Story Link: http://cartoon.adult...hp?no=600093446


Terms & Explanations:

Gravid: carrying eggs or young (used of reptiles and birds).

A Breeder knows whether he is gravid or not about two months after mating. If so, at this point, he is called a Carrier, at least until the next mating season, at which point he may become gravid again. This does not happen every year (it is very uncommon, in fact, due to the strain the whole process puts on a Breeder/Carrier’s body). Average time between Clutches: 6-10 years, if not more. It may take over a hundred years for a young Breeder to become gravid for the first time and/or to successfully hatch their first Clutch.

He will carry the eggs for one month before laying anywhere from 1-6 (the average is 3-4). The eggs will hatch after two months. Breeders will often crèche their Hatchlings, Younglings, and the younger Juveniles* (5-20-year-olds) together in times of danger or when they go off to hunt. Total gestation period (from mating to hatching): five months.

Hatchlings/Younglings: almost interchangeable in certain contexts, though Youngling can also be seen as the next stage following Hatchling.

Life stages: Hatchling (birth-2 years old) –> Youngling (2-5 years old) –> Juvenile* (5-50 years old) –> Adult (50-3,000 + years old). A dragon is considered an Elder at 2,000 + years old.

Young dragons are collectively called Younglings until they reach maturity unless one is talking about a very young Clutch, at which point they are collectively called Hatchlings*.

Clutch: a group of eggs laid by a Carrier at one time. The eggs may or may not have been fertilized by a Stud (think of chicken eggs). Clutch is also a collective term for Hatchlings* born at the same time to the same Carrier. They have the same Sire (unlike kittens, who may or may not have the same father as their other siblings, depending on how many different males the mother mated with while in heat). Any number of different Clutches/Hatchlings, Younglings, and Juveniles would then grow up together, depending on how many of the Breeders end up being gravid with fertilized eggs after a given heat cycle. Examples given: Optimus and Jazz and Bumblebee and Bulkhead. Not siblings, but as close as because of their close or identical proximity in age.

Breeders –> Carriers: the latter is used when a Breeder becomes gravid and while caring for young; also used in reference to a dragon’s caregiver, regardless of age of said dragon, e.g.: “who is/was your Carrier?” or “my Carrier is/was…”.

Studs –> Sires: the latter is used while caring for young (uncommon); also used in reference to a dragon’s caregiver (when the Sire is involved), regardless of age of said dragon, e.g.: “who is/was your Sire?” or “my Sire is/was…”.

When rearing their young together, they are collectively called Creators. Otherwise, the Breeder-turned-Carrier raises them on his own (with a lot of help from the rest of the clan, but without the Sire's direct assistance). The former scenario is the exception rather than the rule. There are many more Studs than there are Breeders, making the competition between Studs very fierce (much to Jazz’s dismay). Partnerships tend not to be permanent because of this disparity in numbers. The lack of monogamy thus increases the size and strength of the clan's gene pool.

Ages of the Characters at the Beginning of the Story (from youngest to oldest): Bumblebee = 1; Bulkhead = 4; Jazz and Optimus = 270; Wasp = 310; Prowl = 520; Ratchet = 923.

Background Info: Prowl was 220 when he was exiled; Jazz and Optimus were born 30 years into Prowl’s exile; Prowl had been in exile for 300 years already by the time he meets Jazz; Ratchet was a healer in Prowl’s former clan; he leaves after Prowl is exiled and after a year spent traveling, he joins the clan Jazz and Optimus are later born into.


I submitted the first version of this story for a dragonformers fanart/fanfiction contest put on by JazzTheTiger over at DeviantArt.com. The contest is closed but my original entry is still on my DA profile @: http://kenobi1985.deviantart.com.

Inspired by: ruinedbloodshed’s own Dragonformers contest entry @: http://ruinedbloodshed.deviantart.com/art/Mating-Season-contest-entry-282109080 and by renegadewriter8’s "Draconta" series @: http://renegadewriter8.livejournal.com/tag/%27verse%3A%20draconta.

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