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PLEASE help me find them, been lookin for ever.


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1- i cant fined this one yu yu hakusho fanfic. its the one about the yuyu team losing to the toguro team in the dark tournament and so the oguro teams wish is for the yuyu team to be there slaves and live with them in their mansion thing , and so koenma has to bring kurama back to life(well they tell the story by kuramas point of view then, but i think others died to) and so they do and it turns out the koenma to save yusuke made the other team members immortal, so yusuke can go free, and the toguro brothers are teasing kuzuma sexually , same with kurama and karasu and hieis with bui, but buis niceish, and i think there’s that water sailor guy with sniper, and sensui cant spell write now) with that guy that was all up about him, but ya i cant fined it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *crys* well if any one knows of it could you like give me a title or the author or link or whatever, im like so desperate to fined it!"- thankyous

2-Another yu yu hakusho fan fic im looking for is the gang was at some party with out the girls, and Hiei got drunk, then Kurama and yusukue did it with him. But it says korimes mate for life. I think hiei tried to tell them no because of it (intercourse=mating)but he was drunk. And so like the day after or something, he uses his speed to surprise kurama and yusuke and puts magic earings in there ears that they cant take off. They tried to but they just come bake unharmed, yusukue used his shot gun on his own ear, but it came back. Also hiei uses his speed to do intercourse with them in random places like trees, and I think a roof, while there just going about there day and there like ’dang it’. Yusukue is still in love with kakoe, and some how gets out of the bond, I forgot. But kurama stays with hiei, and it’s a happy ending. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to find this one, hecka bad, and ive been looking for it for forever, like at least a year. Please if any one knows it, please tell me!!

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest Remember This Fanfic?
On 12/13/2010 at 6:26 PM, sekah said:

You're looking for Forced Bondage, by Natalya, for the first one. The title's a link. The second one I'm not sure about, so good luck finding it!

It was a two chapter unfinished fic where it took place years in the future where Yusuke holds a political position in Makai while Kuwabara was granted extended life. Team Toguro’s on probation while Genaki died but refuses to move on untill Team Urameshi are paired up. 


Team Toguro are in love with Team Urameshi but only Hiei returns Bui’s affection; Kurama is reculant to be with Karasu, Kuwabara doesn’t think he deserves to be with Elder Toguro, and Elder Toguro was aggressivly fucked with Yusuke; he still refuses him.

It ended with Genaki becoming alive and younger looking; they devise to be together to make Yusuke jealous.

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