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  1. 3- I think it’s a crossover or au/ar or something. Iv been looking for it for a long time too. Its about somehow harry goes missing, I forgot, but everyone’s looking for him. But the two elves/fairies I forgot witch come to Hogwarts. They a sibling that are royalty of their kind, one is an older brother other is younger sister. The brother is kind of mean and snoody and the girl is nice. They have body guards that stay cloaked at all times, but harry dose something to get in trouble, I think by somehow reveling himself, and so the boy punishes him by making/giving someone give him lashes and tying him in public in the school/great hall I think. No one can do any thing because there politically trying not to offend there race, so they can’t offend them, by stepping in. Also there this part about how they talk about how guards/slave with magic are valued, I think. That’s all I remember.
  2. 1- i cant fined this one yu yu hakusho fanfic. its the one about the yuyu team losing to the toguro team in the dark tournament and so the oguro teams wish is for the yuyu team to be there slaves and live with them in their mansion thing , and so koenma has to bring kurama back to life(well they tell the story by kuramas point of view then, but i think others died to) and so they do and it turns out the koenma to save yusuke made the other team members immortal, so yusuke can go free, and the toguro brothers are teasing kuzuma sexually , same with kurama and karasu and hieis with bui, but buis niceish, and i think there’s that water sailor guy with sniper, and sensui cant spell write now) with that guy that was all up about him, but ya i cant fined it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *crys* well if any one knows of it could you like give me a title or the author or link or whatever, im like so desperate to fined it!"- thankyous 2-Another yu yu hakusho fan fic im looking for is the gang was at some party with out the girls, and Hiei got drunk, then Kurama and yusukue did it with him. But it says korimes mate for life. I think hiei tried to tell them no because of it (intercourse=mating)but he was drunk. And so like the day after or something, he uses his speed to surprise kurama and yusuke and puts magic earings in there ears that they cant take off. They tried to but they just come bake unharmed, yusukue used his shot gun on his own ear, but it came back. Also hiei uses his speed to do intercourse with them in random places like trees, and I think a roof, while there just going about there day and there like ’dang it’. Yusukue is still in love with kakoe, and some how gets out of the bond, I forgot. But kurama stays with hiei, and it’s a happy ending. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to find this one, hecka bad, and ive been looking for it for forever, like at least a year. Please if any one knows it, please tell me!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Please help me find these!

    Okay I like read these then lost them, i read some of them a really long time ago though, but if you know them please tell me! iv been loking forever! um some of these summarys are dark and/or angsty so i dount wish to offend anyone, im sorry!! 1)SUMMARY: okay what i remember about this fic is that, harry was missing or goes missing, i think, and then the prince and princess of the elves i think, who are sibling with the prince being older, come to hogwarts, threw a form of deplomacy between wizarding society and elven society, come to hogwarts to attend. (im pretty sure they were elves) The prince is meaner and stricter then the princess. but when they come to attend they have (i think) four, bodygaurds, who are dressed in clokes that keep there heads covered so you cant tell who they are. Harry is one of them, and gets reveled when he is protecting one of them(masters) and the wizarding world finds out, i cant egxactly remember the rest but, i know there is a sceen were harry gets punnished because he moves, when hes not alowed to, i think. and another sceen were they explain that harry is a specail slave/bodygaurd for the elves because he can do magic. 2)SUMMARY: vernon/harry/oc i forgot how old harry is in this but, vernun locks him in the cubard with no food or water and then gives him laxativ? laced water, and takes pics when he makes him go in a bucket, he also dresses him in girls cloths, i think a green silk dress? then he brings him to a place were there going to do stuff to him, and make videos of him with a largly humg male. they talk about his green eyes a lot, and how expressive they are. Please help me find them!!
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    I Am...

    I am,... hoping people will start posting soon.hehe.
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    LotF, Jack/Ralph, others challenge?

    I would greatly be pleased if someone were to do a fic, where there is Jack/Ralph and Roger/SamnEric, but then they get resqued of the island and they have to see sykiatrist for years, but then jack wants to make amends, and somehow they get onto a plane/boat, and go back to the island, or an island that looks like the last one that jack and Roger have control of and get stuck there, and its like last time, were Jack is chief, and there more slash and stuff again. If you want you can make it a happy ending were Ralph falls in love with Jack, the same with the others, and they all live happy every after, because they can't fit into regular society anymore and don't want to. Or you can make it a dark ending and just leave it there, or something like that. Mostly because i love LotF, and Jack/Ralph-ness. If you want to post or contact me, as always would love to help and I thanks you very much!! Much Loves!! Woot!!!
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    The Add The Next Sentence Game

    "Umm, so i threw a can out my window and it touched its neighboring can, because in the far away land that i live in, we make our houses out of empty cans."
  7. umm, thats like saying something like Albus shouldn't have relationships either, or Lucius wouldn't want to dom Remus. If theres demand there shall be stories that part your imaginations walls, dear. Its just how it is.
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    oh god, lol! Your right, so bad it has to be smut. Has someone chosen to do this? if so let me know, id love to read it. Ill spread the word too, to people who may be interested, woot!! Good luck!!
  9. FoxJaFire

    Weasley incest challenge topics

    umm, though i'm slightly disturbed by some of these, id like to know if any one decides to do some! Keep me in touch and ill try to keep in touch, i hope someone dose some of these. Good luck and keep up the awesome courage and ideas!! Totally cool, woot!!!
  10. I don't know if theres already a story out there like this, if there is i would love for some one to point me out into the right direction, but.. A angst /incest/non con/ romance? challenge.. Okay you know how in the books it explains how Ron got scared of spiders by the prank with the twins and his teddy bear, well what if we could know there real motivations behind it, besides a harmless prank. Involving brotherly love, and wanting to make there fiery little brother to submit to them. Revealing Ron, Fred, and Gorges real secrets. Id love this to be a to two part thing were you have the story chapters about where, why and how it happened, and so on. then have a sequel to it on having harry, mione, and people finding out and excepting it. you can add some Harry/other weasley or other characters in there too. Or preferably to me, but you can do it your way, that harry was secretly in a relationship with a/or some slytherins, but was waiting for the right time to tell Ronald. preferably a relationship with Draco and Sev. Also secretly Charlie, Bill, and Percy are in a relationship, and at the end when they find out about Ron and the twins, you find out about them. You don't have to tell about there relationship to the other characters, but at the end you know, you ca have a scene were they go huh, who would have thought, and then start shagging like silly. you don't have to but I'm just saying, yep weaslys all around. As with all any challenges/requests that i will ever put out there, i would love to help out if you need it. I'm not necessarily a good writer, but I'm great at sentence structure, looking at the big and small pictures of all structure flow, and evaluating stories. If you decide you want to, just post or contact me. Thankys, and Much Loves!!!
  11. A angst/darky/romancy/non con, Challenge, just telling you now. Umm, well how about some thing along the lines of, starting back when James and everyone are at Hogwarts and James Saves Severus life, and claims a life debt one him, but doesn't activate it yet. Sev and Lucius are friends, and threw circumstances James saves Lucius too. A series of life debt instances go on, were James saves people,(basically he saved a large group of slytherins and a few others, but only claims property on most of them, because of some reason or other) - he only really cares about the ones he has with Sev and Lucius,(maybe some one else too) and makes them his in some way but lets them still live there lives somewhat, and years go by-marries Lily and every thing like that. Then Harry comes into his inheritance, and gains Lucius and Sev, but also saves Draco (savior complex) and there is a scene were Lucius is angry and scared for Draco in some way or form, because he thought it would only be him having to threw that. Also while all this is going on the war can be done or going on, up to whoever, but id like there to be scene were Sev, Lucius and harry are in one room, looking at an album, when they first become Harry's and they say something about Sirius and Albus and harry chucks a wine glass or something at some one and yells at them to leave the room, latter Harry goes to them and fixes all there injuries and pulls out the embedded glass and stuff. You can make Harry a creature that cant figure out who his mates are, or who he wants them to be, for some reason, or that his senses are blocked somehow, voluntarily, and he doesn't realize who they are till after he beets Voldie, or something like that. You can change it around if you want and stuff, all i ask is that it be a long story, like an epic- it should have some time put into it. you know not just like one of those two or three chapter things and then never finished... id like cry. If you decide to do it, and you'd like any help just contact me, is love to read a story like this and most certainly make time for you! Thankys, and much love!!
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Nail in the Coffin, By Eminem
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    Five words

    Made out of a very (I had a hard time thinking of what to say after that, lol.)
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    wow, huh, ive never read that one before, ill keep an eye out for it.
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    yeah i was all like i know ive read this before, but it hasnt been updated in a while.