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What's Your Fav Pairing?

Guest Twinstar

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Guest The Lurker

I actually like Sesshoumaru and Kagome, if it is well written be it in AU or not.

Others would have to be Kagome and Kouga

My fav slash pairings are Sesshoumaru and Kouga and maybe sometimes Sesshoumaru and InuYasha.

There is only one InuYasha and Kouga fic I like called Broken, I think thats the name. It is written great.

I sorta go for the odd pairings, can't you tell? tongue.gif

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Guest lilpsychoticpriestess

I started out liking Inuyasha/Kagome but got sick of the love triangle between Inuyasha, Kagome and Kikyou. I somehow stumbled upon Sesshoumaru/Kagome and the rest is history.

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hmm, I'd have to say Kag with either InuYasha, Sesshomaru, or Kouga (if it is written right) and maybe (and don't kill me) Bankotsu. Then I love Sango/Miroku...and... lets see Rin/Shippo, Shippo and Souten (thunderbrothers younger sister) uhm... Can't think of anymore at the moment... ><

I have to wonder though... Why are Sesshomaru and Kags soooo good together ^^.

Its a puzzle to me but one I thoroughly enjoy exploring again and again.

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Guest Shelley Netzer-Edgerton

Sesshomaru come on Inuyasha Kegome is the only one for either one I get nauseous when I read one with inu and someone else or kegs and someone else but I like sess and songo I want a rin shippo story but I can't find one I have looked for a few new stories on this site that army on others I haven't found to much yet

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