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    Makai (region unknown)
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    Yaoi, Anime, Drawing, Writing, Videogames, Food, daydreaming, dreaming, sleeping, making money by filling out those surveys i get in the mail, customising personal profiles, cosplaying

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  1. Happy 22, Kurai!!!

  2. prison (T_T ok wrong version of sentences)
  3. ^ is level one like < ! has zero kills. yay ^ is not a killer!
  4. XD Tony the tiger! Geo (from ugly betty) and when i was younger I had a crush on Randy from Home improvement (Jonathan taylor thomas!)
  5. ^ is a little scary < has toys and dosen't need tensions released. XD
  6. does dating while your totally crushing on someone who dosent like you count? G/NG had reserved a videogame and missed the call to pick it up.
  7. guilty three times mom wants to put all of my valuables on ebay. G/NG has ridden through a car wash when you were high and got totally freaked out.
  8. OMFG LASSIE!?!? O.o;; your fricking kidding me!I myself like Shawn...that psycho seisure thing he does when he fakes a vision just tikles me.
  9. True...story not worth telling i swear T_T;;; G/NG has ever had sex at an anime convention...either in cosplay or not. (XD redo of my last one i dun think neone got my backroom action termination)
  10. ^needs to check their snail mail. < thinks ^ has been online too long.