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    Naruto Manga Poll

    well i read another topic asking about the filler episodes and this question popped up in my head.
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    Count To Infinity

  3. dest

    Title Share

    Aint no fun (waiting around to be a millionaire) (Song-AC/DC)
  4. dest

    The Why Game

    because all things stay the same unless an outside force does work. why?
  5. dest

    The People Above And Below You

    ^ Couldn't be more wrong < Responds to everything with humor. v Feels that people use humor to mask pain
  6. dest

    I Have Never....

    I have learned Mexican, different then Spanish because of the slang. I have never been able to learn a language on my own.
  7. dest

    Title Share

    Who Wants to be a Millionaire (TV Show)
  8. dest

    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    right daz?
  9. dest

    Famous Name Game

    Fred Astaire
  10. dest

    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    Anyone want to talk about german philosophists?
  11. dest

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Not guilty. I believe in regretting almost everything G/NG: Has a problem with overanalyzing mistakes.
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    Count To Infinity

    5974. (mine was missed)
  13. dest

    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    correct Daz?
  14. dest

    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    Nope, sneaked in Daz?
  15. dest

    Count To Infinity

  16. dest

    I Am...

    i am feeling daz's pain. because i am suffering from the same problem. i am not going to sign in again tonight in hopes this will let me sleep.
  17. dest

    Famous Name Game

    Michael J. Fox. Nothing wrong with it. but the same names keep coming up because of the harry potter theme. plus i have trouble remembering the names off the top of my head. and yes i know you will just restart this so go ahead.
  18. dest

    Title Share

    3 Ninjas Trilogy (Movie)
  19. dest

    Count To Infinity