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  1. well personally, i'm enjoying the hell out of the fic. i love mind control, mind break, and corruption. you are taking this deliciously slow, and we watch rin fall further and further, unaware that she is falling.
  2. dragonman

    Cross over that no one seems to be touching...

    there was Genocide Heart who was writing an AU novellization of MGQ, but writing seems to have stopped in 2012..... The reason I brought up Huniepop was due to it being recent and fairly widely covered even outside the usual adult games crowd.
  3. Considering that Naruto has had a cross over with almost everything, I was wondering why someone hasn't made use of a rather recently popular adult game's storyline and made a fic with it? I'm talking about Huniepop. Say what you will about the game, but the idea of a love fairy teaching Naruto how to score with various women seems to write itself.
  4. supposedly all the removals are done by people reporting them. odd that at least half of the fics removed during the purge of 2012 were het or harem fics with lemons. and the purge was apparently initiated because one of the admin's got his girlfriend to be an admin, and they cracked down on rules that no one had been enforcing. i can understand the issue of the stories breaking rules, but they gave no warning. they deleted stories and accounts. so some stories don't even exist anymore.
  5. i really can't stand how anal and draconian ff.net can be when it wants to, and after several years of not giving a single fuck. oddly enough they ignore yaoi fics to a massive degree. but they will purge hetero fics with no remorse. i want the damned ma rating back.
  6. Digimon Adventure 01. Literally the first arc of the show. Devimon decides to nip the Digidestined prophecy in the bud now, and kidnaps Sora, Mimi, and maybe Takeru (not sure on that one, consider it optional.) Using his dark powers, he corrupts them, and in turn their Digimon. So now they turn into sluts, eager to serve the Digimon under Devimons command. In Takeru's case, he would be made into a sissy/trap.
  7. dragonman

    Hinata the Kumo breeding mare

    i'll start work sometime tonight or over the weekend. i'm coming off a long writing slump, so don't hold me to that.
  8. dragonman

    Hinata the Kumo breeding mare

    you didn't. relax.
  9. dragonman

    Hinata the Kumo breeding mare

    no, naruto will not be captured. the way this is shaping up, kumo is interested in BREEDING, so any use naruto would have limited. at best, he would be impregnating other females, maybe hinata at a later date. but i doubt that they would ever get close in this setting.
  10. dragonman

    Hinata the Kumo breeding mare

    as this would be well before naruto and hinata even likely meeting, i don't think this would qualify as netorare. i think most people don't quite understand what netorare is.
  11. dragonman

    Hinata the Kumo breeding mare

    if i go that route, then likely.
  12. dragonman

    Hinata the Kumo breeding mare

    hence my statement on medical jutsu. i'm going with the often used statistic that kumo has the highest number of forces. i'm going to base this on their medical jutsu. hell, if i went full-out with my idea, kumo would be hella debauched. two types of women: kunoichi and breeders. kunoichi still have to bear one child, but breeders.....well, obvious outcome. i'm making a lot of their medical jutsu focused on breeding quickly, safely, and with a massive focus on fertility. at least, their unique medical jutsu. as for the ages, that's as young as is believable, the youngest pregnancy on record was at 5, so i'm upping it to a year before she would have graduated the academy. and as for naruko, we'l see. that's if i make this more than a one/multi-shot focused on hinata's story.
  13. dragonman

    Hinata the Kumo breeding mare

    started writing out notes already. i'm taking into account medical jutsu as well. this is just a rough idea that i'll polish shortly. hinata captured at 3 years old, 3 years after the kyuubi attack begin the process of training her almost immediately. genjutsu perhaps? by 10 she's a sexual deviant. still a virgin, but willing to suck dicks and get fingered. maybe include more extreme sexual act (watersports, scat, etc.) [this is still under consideration, possible, not near a guarantee. probability is 50% at best.] loses virginities at 11 pregnant with first child by 12. medically induced to have twins, one boy, one girl. after birth, the children are taken away. the boy will be a kumo nin, and will breed more hyuuga normally. the girl will be another breeding mare. hinata gives birth to more children, always making sure they ar girls. she assists in training her daughters. she is kept fit medically. her son impregnates her when he turns 13, and is a kumo genin. (may turn into a series, having kumo kidnap kunoichi for breeding purposes, then break them)
  14. dragonman

    Hinata the Kumo breeding mare

    i'm probably taking this up myself considering i keep coming back to it. what age do you guys think i should start 'training' hinata?
  15. dragonman

    Sarutobi Asuma- way too much stud for one woman

    http://biblioteca-de-reit.blogspot.com/p/ask-whatever-you-wish.html?zx=ae4e06a3659dd566 there's his listed prices