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  1. Boo to you sir, Chapter 13 was excellent
  2. Can’t wait to get to chapter 13 then!
  3. The story is excellent! Truly fantastic! Thank you for taking the challenge!
  4. Yaw, what does that have to do with this topic in any way. The only story I could find with that title was a totally unrelated Outsiders fanfic
  5. Oooh, nice, thank you Know any more? Anyone else willing to write any more?
  6. Simple as that, I’d like to see some Female Sirius x Harry stuff written
  7. There’s also Sister Trap on archiveofourown by NidoranDuran, though who knows when the fourth chapter will arrive, if ever
  8. For those who don’t know, what is the promise of this fic? Or could a link be provided?
  9. I was reading NBH by Chilord, and it had an interesting concept I’d like to see done here. In that fic, Sasuke was female, and when she defected, she was caught rather than escaping. As a result she was taken as a ‘spoil’, and pretty much turned into his sex slave, having a seal put on her to ensure obedience and being broken to the point of being nothing but Naruto’s little breeder/fuck toy. Since NBH is non-explicit, and likely will never get a sequel, continuing past the point mentioned, I’d love to see a full fic with the concept here
  10. Essentially, I’d love to read someone who took this video and wrote a more fleshed out fic based on it:
  11. I’m sorry about the very slow reply, my laptop broke and I was only able to get another after my next paycheck. I’m perfectly fine with them being post-Hogwarts/over 18 I’m ok with Mpreg I have no issue with what’s mentioned there, Squick for me tends to be the really really hard stuff Heavily psychological is good Sure thing
  12. Honestly, I just want to see a full story featuring Draco being feminized and turned into a little sex toy Doesn’t matter by who, doesn’t matter exactly how, just a full (preferably multi-chapter) story where Draco Malfoy is feminized and turned into a whore by one or more male characters, and any number of female characters during his years at Hogwarts You can use what you want so long as it doesn’t go into squick territory (I’m talking bloodplay, castration, vore, stuff like that, beast and incest and stuff on that level is ok though), and he can be turned into a sissy or genderbent, only rule here is that he had to start off as male, and that it should be a process of training him to be a whore, not just ‘spell, oh he suddenly loves it and is a whore forever’ I’d prefer the dom to be Harry, but as said, anyone’s good,
  13. Understandable not to bother, the mods on this site get so up your ass about their ridiculous rules that do nothing but stifle authors and creators, and make the entire process more complicated and annoying while maintaining their smug sense of superiority I’ll try and think of some scenarios, love what you’ve written so far